The Bahrag's current doings

What are the Bahrag up to these days? With so much of the Bohrok bests dismantled and the Bohrok probably being decommissioned, what do the Bahrag plan on doing at the moment?


It’s a cool question. Their purpose was to cleanse the Mata Nui Robot’s camouflage system. Now that the Mata Nui Robot is damaged beyond repair, they don’t really have a purpose anymore. I suppose they’re in a similar position to the Toa Nuva in that regard, having to decide their own destinies. Given what little we know of their characters, that would probably involve doing stuff that helps what remains of Matoran Universe.

Personally I’d guess they’d try and hibernate somewhere, and help with whatever they deem the “greater good” for the beings of the Matoran Universe to be, maybe even help dismantle it. They’d probably be most allied with the Order of Mata Nui. Would be awesome to have Greg answer this.