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Absolutely, everyones got to get a start in sometime! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and definitely check out that topic Ghid linked, its very helpful for new and experienced writers and RPers.



perhaps it might work better to be a Sivas naitive, or even not from any of the listed factions. Alternatively, you could be from the Colonies, just not in the proper military.

I like the idea of having flamethrowers present in this battle, but I am going to go back to this from the signup page:



your going to have to rework that part entirely Im afraid, theres not going to be anything like that in here.


@wild_toa , here is my updated character sheet. I made several changes that should meet the requests. Let me know if I need to make some more.

Name: Samual “Rad” Adams

Sex: Male

Age: 36

Height: 6’4

Weight: 230lbs (at last weigh in)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Blood Type: O Neg


Blackvine United Colonial Military -Sergeant - 101ST Pathfinder Regiment (Death Stalkers)

The typical Pathfinder is a beast of their own and not to be trifled with.

  • Special operations raids
    Designed to capture, destroy, or seize enemy locations and goods.
  • Forcible entry operations
    This includes taking over airfields and is a traditional part of Pathfinder operations.
  • Asset Denial (Destruction of enemy assets ranging from small targeted items [computer severs] up to airfields, spaceports, and naval capitol ships and/or asset sabotage – allowing for assets to become useless over a period of time.
  • Priority One Assassination missions of High Value Targets (HVTs)
  • Intel gathering and handling
  • Gorilla warfare
  • Knowledgeable of the inner workings of starship reactors, generators and most power sources

A Stepaniak Arms M51 battle rifle chambered in 7.62, outfitted with a modified muzzle brake that looks like a meat tenderizer and acts as a suppressor. He has 4 30 round magazines (one in the weapon, 3 in the pouches on his plate carrier).
NOTE The M51 is modeled after a modern AR platform in a bullpup form.

A Platinum plated Lane Industries 3011 chambered in 9mm (a gift from his late wife) - he was surprised to find that the Blackvine government wasn’t as strict with depleted uranium ammunition being available to government contractors.
NOTE The 3011 is modeled after the modern Colt 1911 but with a higher capacity magazine,
typically ranging from 15 rounds in a double stack up to 50 rounds in a drum
configuration – 3 World Wars and 2 Invasions later, why reinvent the wheel?

A survival knife - the same knife his friend from the Martian 101ST Death Stalkers gave him when he earned his scroll.
NOTE Based on the Modern K-BAR field knives used by many militaries world wide


Rad chose to combine elements from both Medium and Heavy hard suits. Utilizing the thicker plates from the heavy suit to add protection to his vital organs (chest, back, neck and head), while using the medium components to improve mobility.

Other modifications include strength enhancing servos, ablative plates and air tight seals to protect against environmental hazards. The suit has been rated for vacuum, and can keep the wearer alive for up to 5 hours in hard vacuum.

The helmet (or as he calls it, his bucket) was modified to have no visible visor - instead it utilizes multiple high resolution cameras to provide information to a HUD inside the bucket. This adds another layer of protection from incoming fire and environmental hazards.

Not trusting the hard suit’s magnetic holsters to function under indeterminate environmental conditions; Rad modified his weapons and webbing to fit over the plates for better retention.

Aside from his standard compliment of pouches allowing him to carry up to 3 spare rifle mags (6 on his chest rig, and 6 on the punches on his leg) he can carry 2 side arms magazines on his main belt.

His kit includes 2 drop pouches - one for spent magazines and a secondary for collecting intel.

He had several tourniquets for use in the event his or his team’s hard-suits fail to provide medical treatment.

There are several other pouches that can be used for various needs ranging from electronic warfare, breaching and other mission specific equipment.

He also has a pair of specialized sunglasses. He had to pop out the old lenses when arriving here (… wherever “Here” is) and replace the lenses with the shield from a welding hood. He has taken the time to slowly modify them so that they don’t look like garbage, but they get the job done.

Rad is a Caucasian man with short blonde hair kept within military standards, with piercing dark brown eyes. His 6’4” frame towers over most, and with a physique riveling Greek statues; he has been known to intimidate many people, intentionally or otherwise. During his last evaluation he weighed in at 230lbs.

Rad has a confident and outgoing personality that comes from years of training and his personal experiences throughout his life. He is a critical thinker that is in tune with his surroundings, helping him to be quick witted and able to adapt to social interactions quickly. Due to this, his first impressions are typically unfavorable as he comes across as egotistical and curt.
Once people get to know him, that perspective tends to resolve itself.


“Those alien Kelhorns are gonna pay for shooting down my ride!”

“Rangers may ‘lead the way’, but it’s the Pathfinders that get em’ there!”

–Insert Impolite Insult Here–

“Gotta want it!”


Rad is a native of Earth, and began his training with the Earth Sphere Defense Forces. It was here that he earned his Pathfinder Tab in the Earth Sphere Defense Forces; earned his scroll when he was assigned to the Martian 101ST Pathfinder Regiment. He was Stationed on Mars and served alongside the Free Mars Colonies where he met his wife (Laruen Kraft)

He served as a Pathfinder ESDF for five (5) years before suffering an injury while on mission that damaged his cornea and optic nerves. After undergoing several reconstructive surgeries to restore his eyesight. The end results brought him back to full 20/20 capability.
However the process used to repair his eyes caused him to be sensitive to light, making him no longer eligible for Active-Duty Status.

After his medical Discharge, Rad and his family left the Sol system and moved to Sivas is search of better opportunities for him and his family. He was able to make a living, first as a First Responder (Fire/Rescue) in the suburbs 30 minutes outside of Sivas’s capitol city.

He was on duty the day the Argon forces invaded Sivas, and was one of the first to respond to the call that his neighborhood had be attacked.
Rad’s wife and children died that day …

When Rad arrived at his home after the initial attacks, he found his home ransacked. It took him days to find the people responsible, only doing so once he recognized the platinum plated Lane Industries 3011 his wife had given him for an anniversary gift that one of the ground pounders was proudly showing off their buddies at the bar.

Rad walked out of the bar with the pistol and four (4) sets of dog tags.

Rad did what he could to survive; and once Blackvine arrived he joined up with them. Despite his eyesight, he was assigned to one of their planetary battalions where his skills and knowledge of local areas quickly raised him through the ranks where he now serves as a Sergeant with the 101ST Pathfinder Regiment (Death Stalkers).

Rad had an app on his comm device that allows him to listen to audio books – mostly Sci-Fi books.

Since the invasion, food rations have been in place and there is a rumor that Rad has been eating more than his fair share in order to maintain his physique – this isn’t the case though. Rad was born with Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. Basically, he naturally has decreased body fat and his skeletal muscles grow at twice the rate of others.

No … he does NOT use steroids – despite the rumors.


That’s an impressive character sheet.

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Thanks! Work has been slow today, lol

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This made my day to read, the slow realization ha ha. I mean, I really only had the character idea of old vampire in science fiction world hates technology and lobs EMPs at anyone they don’t like.

It’d be really funny.


Yeah, that definitely sounds fun, but, to be fair, a sixty to seventy year old grandma who is in good shape would fit this role just as well. After all, since we have hardsuits in this setting, the characters wearing them don’t necessarily need to be very athletic


Well, I mean, not reallllllly, I was going to play with all the vampire tropes in the sci fi setting, not something one often gets to do.


Just be Walt Disney finally unfrozen after all these centuries.


Well, I think Wild’s primary concern here is that the idea of vampires is kind of shoehorned into a setting where that doesn’t make any sense and raises a lot of questions. Everyone else has fairly grounded realistic humans dealing with realistic problems, trying to survive a fire war in the hopes of evading a massive blast which will level their entire civilization.

…and then there’s a vampire.

It’s just not really a setting that’s meant to handle vampires. It’s like if the Jurassic Park universe had to actually accomodate Barney the Dinosaur into the world. Sure, he’s a dinosaur, so he technically relates, but not really, y’know? The setting would need to bend until it breaks to explain how in the world he could exist within it.

I’ve got thoughts on Sam Adams but I think I had better let our glorious GM respond first :eye: :eye:

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Well I mean, I was going for a science fiction vampire, so think more science and less fantasy, I seeeee your point, but also it would be super funny. I can source some good instances of the sci fi vampire, like two of them in recent years.

The way I see fiction is that you have a planet, and yes on that planet we’re in America, time of Abe Lincoln, but also on the other side of the planet Samurai exist. So it’s not that it’s out of setting, it’s just she shouldn’t be here and no one knows why she is.

Not trying to be belligerent I just think it would be really funny to write. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well both of those things are different human beings whereas vampires are men turned supernatural monsters, and there’s lore grounding vampires to this earth in a fairly realistic manner - the devil, crosses and stakes, garlic and holy water, immortality and weird slavic/spanish/german accents, and Robert Patterson.

Now I don’t know how Wild’s world is developed exactly, but let’s say for instance there was no catholic church ever in existence. The development of the typical vampire mythos would be pretty stunted, wouldn’t it? People might not even know what to call her outside of a freaky cannibal. Then, perhaps, the earth itself never existed, and humans arrived from elsewhere. How would a vampire come into being, then, with absolutely no connection to the concept of a vampire having ever existed?

Safron’s signup answers none of these questions or tries to posit any kind of solution. She simply is a vampire, despite that having basically no effect on anything she says or does outside of how long she’s been alive. She could very easily not be a vampire and next to nothing would change, because the rest of her character isn’t built around her being a vampire pretty much at all.

Of course Wild’s the GM, and he may agree that by nature of the concept of space vampire being particularly funny, it has sufficiently won him over to the idea. But if you’ve got those examples of space vampires handy, I at least would be curious to see them.


@Ghid I’m all ears. I’ll take whatever advice you have.

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Oh yea no, I’m not doing the supernatural catholic angle. I’m doing more of a “this is a virus” angle with a science explanation and subversion of tropes.

I’ve only seen the first one of these but I’ve heard reviews on the second.

Vampire in the Garden is a close one, and the one I haven’t watched is Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut. Which is probably a better test of the idea of “Vampire in space.”


This is just ridiculous.
That’s like putting Star Wars into cyberpunk 2077.
They are completely different concepts.


@keiththelegokid I do agree with what seems like a general consensus that vampire is too out of place for this setting, though I like your take on it. I also do like your “we dont neeeed the fancy tech” character concept, if youd lkke to rework the character to join, thats totally a good point to jump from instead of starting from scratch.

@BynariDistress Ill get a post out on your entry hopefully on my lunch today, worstcase youll have one tonight

Also tempest post tonight




Hm, I can’t say I had much else. Just thought it would be fun to go with something out of the ordinary with a fleshed out list of motives and character behind her.

I could rework the idea true, but I don’t have much else to build off of at the moment.


You have a decent start though. There shouldn’t too much of a ■■■■■ to make the character work in these settings.