The Beast Deity Kononoke

Kononoke is the guardian deity of the forests, born from the ashes of burning woods.
Hope you enjoy it, I tried something a bit different this time from my comfort zone (though I often use these colours, as I really like them) :smiley:


That head really stands out. In a good way

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The MOC as a whole looks awesome, but the head really stands out.

That looks like a pretty cool head design!


That was the intention. It’s jarring, but I wanted to feel a sense of discomfort when seeing this MOC, so I went for the weirdest choices possible, while still giving it a somewhat organic look.
If this MOC makes you feel weird in a good way, then I accomplished my goal :smile:

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Ooh, I love the contrast in colors… Super unique.

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That’s quite the runny nose in the first picture.

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