The Beast: Titan JMP 2.0(temporary upgrade/Armor Upgrade, may return to original body)


Due to his out-dated Exo-Toa Armor, JMP, with the help of his new 2nd form armor, was able to upgrade his old form: Adding new feet and leg supports and a new backpack and shoulder pads(more like shoulder wheels), his titan body is now more heavier, but more balanced, more fearsome, and more deadly. However, due to it's new appearance and some weight issues, it's only able to weild the battle blades and battle axe, due to it's size and some lack of mobility. Now able to tear more protodermis and crush more enemies, JMP's ready to unleash this body on any who would harm his team, or the matoran, toa and other peaceful and good beings in the Nui island chain...

Yes, big, bulky functional upgrade that detracts from the leg aesthetics in place of a new Hero-factory-ish support system and new feet to accompany them. But basicly the same. Here's a picture of the offending upgrade

I know you must be wondering, "whats with the Hero factory 1.0 torsos!?" Well they seemed more stable while adding more heel to the feet, and the "butt flap" torso is merely to allow outward motion. The large, offending "limb supports" Just behind the legs are there not only to support the weight, but sorta make the leg's profile abit larger(if not ridiculously bulky)

That aside, I merely replaced the Av-Matoran limbs on his shoulders for the bigger, broader type and added nuva shoulders, along with adding more to his backpack. I also removed his Pohatu claws on his arms and placed them on the back-Pack. Also this was made barely today, and is fairly experimental. His new shoulder wheels are just there for aesthetics and similarity to circle sheilds on shoulders.Here's the original Moc for comparison:




-Movie Optimus prime

-Fall of Cybertron Grimlock(or grimlock in general)

-Movie Megatron (RotF and DotM)

Doomsday(DC comics)

Generic Mechs

360 turn-around:

Using the battle blades

Now then, I'd appreciate comments and critique, but I don't know if I should return to my original version(less bulky and ugly but more weaker) or this version. Please tell me when ya'll comment


Pretty well armored, but something I always think is that making something huge doesn't always make it good. I'd say return to the original if you can make it less gappy and get rid of ALL THOSE UNUSED BALLJOINTS ON THE FEET. I DO NOT LIKE THEM. Always cover up unused balljoints. They don't look good.

I do like what you did with the upper body and head though.

To be honest, I liked the feet.

This MOC is good.
Perhaps, covering up the ball joints would be a good thing, but keep the shape, I like it smiley

Its Ekorjay! Kill me now!

Well built regardless.

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I agree with the consensus here, in that all those exposed Balljoints are an issue.

Otherwise, a bit messy, but good looking overall

The Balljoint issue was on the original feet, but I'll try getting parts. since it was barely made yesterday night, it is abit rushed. I'm surprised noone ever mentioned the leg supports. Anyway I'm thinking of re-vamping the lower arms. My upgrade is basicly like Onua to Onua Nuva, except I just made my titan form bigger and I didn't add the nuva mask.