The begining of the future

"We will honor Mata Nui, and all those who fought for him, in our memories. But the time has come to move on. His destiny is fulfilled, and for many of us, it has yet to be written. My friends, it is time to go."
when I read this, I came to the realisation that bionicle was never was merely begining..we are the matoran that power the great bionicle, it is us who kept it alive, we became toa through our realisation that it ended, and we shall be turaga and teach the next matoran and toa of the way of the bionicle

if you didnt catch what I meant

I am saying that we were what powered bionicle as a whole
when we came to the realisation that bionicle ended we grew up..became toa sort of, and bionicle is coming back what is our destiny has been fulfilled
but for others it is yet to be written, and we can teach the next people who enjoyed bionicle of the what it used to be, like the turaga telling the mata of the past

it came to my realisation not long after the leaked pics that..this bionicle will be different, it wont be the same, you cant make something thats amazing even better take avatar the last airbender for example korra isnt worse or better, I like it, but nothing can live up to the original
you can sit and mope about it being a reboot or a continuation or get up and be happy for the next generation of bionicle fans, teach them of the old bionicle let them learn! teach them the ways of the bionicle

PS: Sorry for grammar issues its 10pm where I am and I am tired while writing this
PPS: Sorry for rambling I get this way when I am tired


This is a cool comparison. Although, I still want a continuation... <.< smiley

The lack of 8s here is both surprising and welcome. And I agree completely with your assessment.


So weird, Cacola gave a speech almost exactly like this the other day. It really does hold truth. You could almost say we are the Bionicle!

That's an awesome comparison, great thought.

"Let us gather once again, for a legend, of the Bionicle."
-Turaga Vakama

"New legends await... But old lessons must not be forgotten.... This is the way.... Of the Bionicle"~Turaga Vakama


glad to see everyone likes it, and lol to the no 8s but when I want to be serious I am, trust me dont get on my bad side either
you wont like me when I am angry