The Beginning- A G3 Short Story

Below the majestic Mangai on the Island of Mata Rui and the Ta-Koro Province, slept a great evil. One may wonder for what he was doing there. If you were to ask the great evil he would tell you one word.


Revenge was all that was on this being’s mind, and it had been his entire focus-revenge on insolent, foolish villagers who were content to happily worship their so-called “creator”, and yet give no attention to the real creator, the one who created their entire ecosystem, from the mighty Tahtorahk to the smallest Lightfish. And they would attribute this great gift to the wrong person, the one who left the work to his underlings.

But no more. Makuta would have his way.

-End of story-

I just saw the Brickonicle category and I just wrote this thing down. It’s an idea I’ve had for a while, and this was a great opportunity to get this out. I actually really want to write a bit more of this, so I might continue it.


Nice! Short but sweet.

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Also, shouldn’t this be in the Literature category? @Political_Slime

I know this but the rest seriously suggest a need for this to be in the literature category as there really is not a mention of system bionicle other than that.

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Considering that a couple other concept stories are already here without moderator attention, I don’t think it’s required.

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