The Ben 10 Topic

now that i think about it… Wampire was F tier that’s just superhuman abilities, flight and hypnotism.

I mean, you could make the same argument for heatblast and pyrokinesis. It’s not the power that’s the issue, if anything I applaud actually trying to branch out into the way of things like mind control rather than making yet another electric alien, I’m just asking for a half-decent design to go with it.

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Started binging the series during waurenteen and I have to admit it still holds up. Maybe the lego theme would have lasted longer had they got with brick builds instead of figures.

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if you haven’t watched all of gen 1 ben 10

ah yes, the perfect indicator that the OG canon is a complete and utter mess by now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I originally stopped at ultimate alien. Only recently watched omniverse and it was pretty good Despite all the confusing additions and time / universe shenanigans.

Eh. There was definitely a lot potential with the ideas being thrown around, but I feel like the show had a serious problem when it came to… well… serious. When it wasn’t the nonstop comedy joyride it tended to be kinda boring in its delivery of things. Even the comedy was a bit naff sometimes.

I noticed that. In omniverse There was kinda a lack of emotional / serious moments compared to G1 to alien force.