The Best LEGO Main Villains of the 2010s

I liked Chen from Ninjago a good bit

he was funny at times, but he also had an intimidating presence when needed

The Overlord was cool I guess

his voice was genuinely spooky


Interesting choice.

While I’ll always prefer Sir Fangar, I must admit that I did kinda find his(Scorm’s) dynamic with Spinlyn rather interesting.

On second thought, I have trouble picking a favorite Ninjago villain. I mean, they all have different versions of evil:

Garmadon: Grew up fueled by pure corruption, but returned to the light with his son.

Serpentine: Tried to warn the people of a threat, now they face another.

Overlord: The literal embodiment of evil, shows no weakness, corrupts and steals to get his way.

Chen: Evil, knows it, loves it. Like the snakes he worships, he slithers through opposing sides to come out on top.

Morro: Spent a life trying to prove himself, but killed himself to pay for his crimes.

Nadakhan: Motivated by the death of his people and his love, he uses his powers to use one’s weakness against them.

Clouse: Teams with the strongest power to get his way.


What are you talking about he totally has elbows, see?


Some of us have only so much time (and money) to invest in Lego, thus HF Bonkle was what we stuck with…

Fire Lord is my personal favourite HF villain mainly because of his monologue about power and corruption, and how he nearly beat the heroes twice (also his portrayal in the comics was pretty threatening).


I actually did think Garmadon was pretty cool when he was bad, Overlord wasn’t too shabby either

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A tell you say?

I regret nothing.

Now regarding the topic, I really liked The Great Devourer in terms of concept. A giant snake that destroys everything in its path with essentially godlike strength? That’s cool. That’s very cool.
In terms of actual personality, I sorta fell out of ninjago around 2013, but I remember liking the interactions between Garmadon and The Overlord a lot. Hero factory had some cool villain designs as well, namely Core Hunter, Witch Doctor and Von Nebula. But those were just designs.


I think in general, Ninjago is the only Lego theme (beside Bionicle, and sadly hero factory) I have invested in. So it’s only natural that I find the overlord to be one of the best villain since 2010.

Best villain is obviously Loss.

Well if I’m being serious probably the overlord from Ninjago.


Nadakhan is one of the best villains I have ever seen from Lego. He’s my new favorite for Ninjago followed by Clouse.

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He also has an incredischway accent.

Ya know what? All of these “good” villains are terribad compared to the real LEGO villains.

Who could forget Lord Vampyre, with his 2Scary4Me Eclipse Magik?