The Best of Bionicle 2015 (what to buy of the new wave)

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In my opinion, these are the sets you should not miss buying. Though I recommend getting all if possible, if you can only get a few, these are what I think you should buy:
The Toa
DO NOT get the Protectors if it means not getting the Toa. They're not worth missing, unless you're truly uninterested in the Toa but want the Protectors, the Toa should take priority on your to-buy list. I believe that Kopaka, Tahu, and Gali are the three best new Toa, in that order. The others aren't bad in any way, but are lacking compared to these three (some may disagree).
The Lord of Skull Spiders is not a bad set. However, as with the Protectors, I don't think it should take the place of a Toa in your collection, though as it is the only villain that isn't a tiny mask with legs, you may want to get this ahead of the Protectors or even certain Toa if you desperately want a villain. I think this set gets a bit more hate than it deserves, and while it is far from perfect, it is at least worth checking out.
The Protectors are pretty good small sets. I personally believe that the Earth protector is the best looking with as good playability as a protector can have, however, I know many people prefer the others. I was disappointed by the Ice protector, which I consider to be the worst out of all six, though, once again, it is not a bad set. Another thing to keep in mind is their ability to kind of combine with their respective Toa, so if you have a Toa that you really like, you may want to prioritize his or her corresponding Protector if you wish to power-up the Toa.

Overall, I think the Toa are must-buys, with the Protectors and LoSS acting more like accessories to complement the Toa. If you wish to buy all thirteen sets in bulk, that's fine too.
Let me know your opinions. I am curious about what everyone else thinks should take priority on the shopping list.


I have three sets so far (Pohatu Kopaka and Tahu) and for some reason I think Pohatu is the best. I don't know why I like him the most. Maybe because the others seem too big...


Those were the first three I got, and I did prefer Pohatu over the others. However, preference aside, I believe that the three I listed are objectively better, similar to how I don't really like Pink Floyd but can acknowledge that they are a very talented band.

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Of all the Toa, I am in the Kopaka bandwagon, with Gali and then Onua being my second and third favs respectively.

I'd highly recommend them.

Of the Protectors, I'd say Earth, Stone, and Air are the best.

The others can mostly easily be improved with a few mods.

In all tho, if you have minimal or no CCBS parts, and cannot mod the sets easily, maybe keep that in mind. Because IMO, Kopaka and Gali really benefit from their upper arm bones being replaced by the lower arm style bones, like Pohatu has.

If you can do that, it's guaranteed to improve almost any set except Lewa, who needs his arms as they are for his other mode.


I'll tell you right now, I absolutely adore the Protectors. They feature such nice simple-yet-still-innovative builds and each one packs some unique characteristics despite being so small. Their weapons are super awesome (In the case of Jungle and Stone I'd say they downright cooler than their Toa counterparts), and the masks are gorgeous.

At a 10 dollar price tag (meaning you could get all six for the price of a single video game) I feel they encapsulate everything that BIONICLE 2001 had to offer and are easily some of the best 'matoran' sets we've ever gotten. To me, the Toa are display sets. I got them because they're nostalgic and look cool, I'm going to pose them on my shelf and probably won't touch them, whereas the Protectors are the sets I really want to sit down and play with.

As such, I'd highly recommend the Protectors. I love them.


I said to be discovered because future sets maybe a lot better than this ones. They are good, but they wont be the only ones so I cant say which is my favorite of the new series as of yet.

Of the Toa, I see Kopaka and Onua as the best parts packs. For the design itself, I'd go with Gali.

LOSS I think is a good parts pack. Not a good set in itself.

Of the protectors, I'd also say the Earth protector, he has a solid color scheme and his proportions are better than the other Toa.

Best parts pack for their respected price ranges: Gali and Onua.
Worst in that: Pohatu and Tahu (sorta, but they are all awesome).


I dunno, Tahu's got some pretty good parts as well. My preference for Kopaka is more because of his white add ons.

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Yes, Pohatu is my favorite of the toa as well for some odd reason. (I actually hated most of his Mataverse sets)
But my favotire is tied between the PoS, LoSS, and PoI. Once again, I'm not sure why...for LoSS it must be my instinct to like those things which are almost universally hated (especially movies)

Yep. I'm actually planning on making my Okotoverse main characters be villagers, not masters (I like the builds better and it makes sense storywise in the context of Okoto. I might make them sort of like a new chronicler's company style team)


My top three Toa are as follows: Kopaka, Pohatu, and Tahu. Kopaka is pretty darn awesome, with little to no flaws in set design IMHO, and that mask is fantastic OMG. Pohatu is there because A) I really do like the colors, they look good on him, B) He is the first BIONICLE 2015 set I got and C) him and Kopaka stayed with me in the hospital for a week, so I'm just really fond of them both. D) That mask tho.

Tahu is also pretty darn awesome I have to say. We finally got a REAL lava board. a REAL lava board!

The protectors, I personally like Ice, Earth and Jungle just slightly more than the rest. I like them all very very much though. Their masks are just simply gorgeous, the colors are very well done, and I'll just let var take over from here:


my top three Toa are Kopaka, Onua, and Lewa. I dislike Tahu, and I'm indifferent about Pohatu and Gali

For this wave i've bought Kopaka,Tahu,Gali,Lewa,Onua and the Protector of Jungle....i think i'll buy the bad guys in the summer wave (I don't like that much LoSS honestly...)

P.S - Of course my best toa are Kopaka and Tahu,like in the first gen wink

@TeslaEffect @Hawkflight Oh, I don't look at them as part packs, as I tend to keep my sets together stuck_out_tongue
This is a different perspective that others should take note of.

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Yeah, I tend to look at them from the play (even though, I don't really "play" with them anymore), collecting, and MOCing perspectives.

I currently have Pohatu, Tahu, and Kopaka. They are all really fun to build, even Pohatu with his bare minimum of parts. I would say all of them are worth getting if you want to display, play, or use them for parts. Every piece counts!

Next on my list is the three protectors to go with my Toa. Then get Gali, Onua, and Lewa (in that order)

I think the best set this wave would have to be Pohatu (of course) seeing how he is able to have the least amount of parts of the Toa and still look cool, be extremely fun, and comes with a good amount of trans, burnt orange, and silver parts!

My favorite Toa set is Pohatu. If you plan to take the sets apart to MOC, the Ice Protector is probably your set. I'm not to much a fan of the water protector, though. playability-wise, my favorite protector is PoS.

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Personally: Im torn between Tahu with Gali or just Lewa.

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I currently have Onua, and the Protectors of Earth and Water. I wholeheartedly recommend the Earth set, and the Protector of Water is a nice figure to mess around with.

Really? The Protector of Ice is my favorite and the protector of earth is my least favorite (of the protectors)!