The Big Bang Theory will be a LEGO set!

The results of the latest LEGO Ideas review are in. The next two sets will be based upon the “Birds” project and (more interestingly IMO) the The Big Bang Theory submission! Are you guys ecstatic? Appalled? Confused? Hoping for some great new minifig parts? Discuss away!


This got approved, but Space a Marines didn’t?


It was probably too close to LEGO’s existing Space themes.


LEGO Birds project is more interesting to me than this

I feel like they rejected some far better ideas though


My thoughts exactly. I also helped inspire the final gun design for that. (he designed it but took some inspiration from my brick built version of his custom one). I hope he finishes that game in the near future.

As to this project, I feel it appeals to a good amount of the afol community but the show seems not to fit with LEGO’s tone. (but then again, they made simsons :frowning: )


I’m less than pleased with this becoming a thing. To put it lightly. -_-

We better get some darn good exclusive new parts from this.

Otherwise, I will be inclined to ignore it entirely


Sums up my thoughts. Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of the show, but from what I know of it it doesn’t seem like something appropriate for children.


Ugh, this got approved & Doctor Who didn’t? Really? They could’ve made so much more money off a Doctor Who set than a BBT set. -_-


Also they said they would accept a doctor who project earlier which caused the surge of doctor who projects.

Hm, I’ll have to have a word with them about this. :wink:

(Seriously, that stinks. I’ve been hoping for a Doctor Who set for a few years now.)


(checks ideas page) doctor who is still in the “review” stage. It has not been rejected.



Yes a chance for another IP based Ideas project.

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What I am excited is about is Birds.

I love birds.

@kamen_rider_kiva @John_Smith,

Considering how popular the Who projects have been, I don’t think LEGO wants to waste the IP on an Ideas set. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an entire theme in development.

I REALLY hope we can get some neat geek-related parts and prints. Some new minifig faces and torsos would be super cool too. However, I’m pretty sure Ideas designers aren’t allowed to request new molds. :frowning:


Interesting…I hope you’re right! I’d snap those sets up so fast it’s not funny.

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Please… no… let it not be true!

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Dear god, no. Don’t make this an actual thing LEGO, just don’t…

@MaximumWarp @A_Sectoid,
It’s happening. There’s nothing we can do to stop it.

That’s disappointing, Sherlock would have been a better choice due to what it represents in the culture. The Big Bang Theory doesn’t really represent an element of culture in general given its fairly recent and already very dated due to the jokes representing the specific time it airs. It just feels like this was a set that only got voted on because of the idea of it being related to The Big Bang Theory.