The Biological Chronicle - A Fictional Video Game

Mata Nui.

The Great Spirit himself rules us. Rules everything we can ever touch and see. We are bound by the three ancient values: Unity, Duty and Destiny.

The ancient elders of each village have told us this, in hope that one day, we, the Matoran, will craft a new and better world for our God and our siblings.

The stars tell a story; a prophesy of six heroes that will land on our shores to save us from the hordes of evil creatures Makuta commands. They are becoming stronger. There is little time left.

The Toa will save us.

This is a fictional video game which documents the first year of BIONICLE and I hope to create the layout for what could be a successful AAA game. Why? Mata Nui knows. Hobbies like this are always good at keeping me active. The text below is the opening of the game.

Text appears on the screen - In the beginning, Man created God. *We see a single bullet shoot from the sky and plummet to a limitless ocean. Title rolls, THE BIOLOGICAL CHRONICLE.

We see a blizzard now and a lone figure wades through the snow. He grunts and says I must find Takua . . . as he treds through the terrain. It is Matoro. You take control of him and follow the red flags placed down through the snow and find a clearing; you see Kini-Nui and a bright light emits from the top of it, into the sky. Matoro runs down the clearing to try and find Takua. Mission end.

That is the first “mission” of many. I hope this game, or at least the plan of it is similar to that of Destiny, Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 3. It is an Open World adventure which takes the original story of the Toa Mata and spins it slightly, creating an exciting experience for the player. Most of the missions consist of you and your Toa Team, which stick by you for most of the time. Instead of the way Bionicle Heroes did it, you are not one character but six that you can switch between in a GTA V style. Each Toa serves a different purpose.

Tahu which is the most rounded of the Toa. His primary weapon, a Fire Rifle, fires a burst of fire which can be effective at long and medium range, while his Flamethrower can scorch many enemies at close range. His damage output and health is less than the other Toa since he is so rounded. His main skill is overall damage at all ranges and his damage over time. His fire ability can set fire to most surrounding and destroy environments, ice, water and trees.

Onua who has the highest health of all the Toa. His primary weapon, his Earth Machine Gun has a high amount of ammo but his damage output is still quite low. His claws are his most effective weapon, but he must get close to do any damage. His main value is tanking damage and healing his allies. His elemental ability, Earth, can rip the ground apart and cause landslides. He is the main terrain changer.

Lewa who has the lowest health of all the Toa. His primary weapon, his Jungle Scattergun, is a shotgun-esque weapon that does massive amounts of damage at close ranger but is weak at long range. Lewa, however, is the fastest of the Toa and he can double jump. The Toa of Air is similar to that of the Scout from TF2. Lewa’s main ability can draw players closer or push them away with his powerful wind. This is helpful against camping enemies.

Pohatu has the second highest health of all the Toa. His primary weapon, his Boulder Launcher, acts a grenade launcher which does massive amounts of damage. However, thanks to its low ammo and low accuracy, it is most effective when there are more enemies around, or if a single enemy is standing still. Pohatu is the second fastest Toa (that is without the Kakama). His elemental ability can raise the ground with massive pillars of stone, the opposite of what Onua does.

Gali has less health than Tahu, but more than Kopaka. Her primary weapon, dual Claw Drills, are similar to SMGs as they have an incredibly high rate of fire but Gali cannot melee. She does less damage than the rest of the Toa, but she is the best climber and can use her claws to scale surfaces none of the Toa can. Her elemental ability can be used to put out fires or cause enemies to trip and fall. Slippery surfaces have a similar affect that icy surfaces do, except they are quicker to put down, but can be countered easily.

Kopaka has the second lowest health of all the Toa. His primary weapon, the Ice Spiker, is a Sniper Rifle and does high amounts of damage from far away while can’t do much damage at close range. Kopaka gets bonuses by being far away from his Toa, as he is a lonesome warrior. His ability, which causes ice crystals to form, can be good at rudimentary defenses and can cause terrains to change drastically to the advantage of his team. It can also slow enemies, similar to that of water, except Kopaka’s ability is a lot slower to use.

Toa can fuse their elemental ability in a Marvel Alliance 2-esque way to cause new and devastating ways to destroy the enemy. If Tahu and Onua fuse their abilities they can cause lava pools which can be deadly. If Tahu and Pohatu fuse their abilities they can create mini volcanoes which spout magma and can stop enemies dead in their tracks, etc.
Tahu + Lewa = Glass (see-through and incredibly tough)
Tahu + Gali = Scalding Water (burns the enemy as well as causing them to trip and fall)
Tahu + Kopaka = Ice Shards (ice shards that can cut straight through stone with heat)
Lewa + Onua = Tornado Alley (a crevice which launches other players into the air)
Lewa + Pohatu = Rocky Wind (a tornado with rock shards spiralling in it, it goes in a random direction and destroys everything in its way)
Lewa + Gali = Thunderstorm (extreme amounts of rain that put out all fires and lightning which can set things on fire)
Lewa + Kopaka = Blizzard (ice particles which chip away stone form and sight becomes blocked)
Pohatu + Gali = Waterfall (massive pillars of stone cause galloons of water to spill over and form a waterfall which can be handy for seperating enemies)
Pohatu + Onua = Earthquake (the entire map is shook by seismic activity which topples trees, buildings and everything else)
Pohatu + Kopaka = Ice Barrier (a stone pillar but laced with ice that increases its durability a lot more)
Onua + Gali = Mudslide (a tremendous amount of rock and water that cascades down the side of a surface that traps most players)
Onua + Kopaka = Avalance (a tremendous amount of rock and ice that cascades down the side of a surface that covers and suffocates most players)
Kopaka + Gali = Ice Lake (causes an increasing amount of ice to form in an area at one time, causing some form of frozen over lake)

Of course, the mask powers have their own purpose.
HUNA - Mask of Concealment - The user still casts a shadow and makes sounds but can become invisible
MAHIKI - Mask of Illusion - After targeting a player, the user can take their form but still takes damage as usual
HAU - Mask of Shielding - The user has a permanent shield which is the same resistance as their health, but recharges a lot faster.
KAUKAU - Mask of Water Breathing - Speed, damage and health are increased while in water; plus being able to breath in it
AKAKU - Mask of X-Ray Vision - Sight in Blizzards, Thunderstorms and through walls is increased dramatically
KAKAMA - Mask of Speed - Allows a burst of incredible speed that is hard to control
PAKARI - Mask of Strength - All damage is increased by 25%
RAU - Mask of Translation - Allows the taming of multiple docile Rahi
KOMAU - Mask of Mind Control - Allows the taming of one aggressive Rahi
RURU - Mask of Night Vision - Allows sight in darkness and can stun close-by enemies
MATATU - Mask of Telepathy - Allows the user to pick up certain objects and use them as projectiles

Throughout Mata Nui there are nests full of Rahi, which you can destroy and the nearest Koro gets a benefit from that. By helping the Koros you can unlock upgrades for your Toa and the village becomes better at defending it self from attacks by Makuta. You must also find the different Kanohi Masks scattered around the island, each protected by Makuta’s warriors. The Biological Chronicle is a free-roam adventure with competitive multiplayer where two teams of 6 are pitched against each other in different maps; the aim being to get the most kills or to hold on to a Kanohi Mask for as long as possible. Players have the oppurtunity to pick one of the classes: Air, Earth, Stone, Fire, Water and Ice, customize their own Toa, add their own Mask and weapons, and see how well they do against other people.

The story can be a 6-player co-op or could be played alone. The story is similar to that of the first year of BIONICLE; Infected Rahi are roaming the land, ruled by Makuta, etc. The first act is Pohatu, Kopaka and Tahu fighting the Rahi and defeating Makuta for a short while. When they arrive the Koros as heroes, they accidentally unearth an even darker evil, which will stop at nothing to destroy everything the Toa hold dear. The Bohrok.

The three Toa are trapped in an Onu-Koro tunnel system after the Bohrok swarm awakened. They find the Bohrok Queens and flee immediately, finding them too strong. Surfacing new Le-Wahi, they are attacked by a Bohrok Swarm, but are saved by Gali, Onua and Lewa.

The Six of them decide to travel to Kini-Nui and see if anyone has escaped there as well. Travelling past deadly Bohrok, they find many of the Koros in ruins. They decide to split up into two groups to rescue survivors from the wreckage.
Onua, Lewa and Gali go to Le-Koro and find the entire Koro has been taken over by the Bohrok and Lewa is later infected. Onua and Gali escape with a few Matoran.
Kopaka, Pohatu and Tahu travel to Ta-Koro and find a similar thing has happened to them. However, they also find Bohrok-Va and capture one. Rescuing as many Matoran as they can, they flood Ta-Koro with lava, it is destroyed.

Later, the Toa meet at Onu-Koro where the Turaga and they talk. Nuparu speaks of using dead Bohrok as machines to fight them, and the idea works. They also figure out that the Bohrok are controlled by 100% organic Krana, which by collecting, can teach the Matoran how to fight them better. And thus Act 2 begins for the Free-Roam, where you collect the Krana from the Bohrok swarms and protect the remaining Koros. Later, the Toa stumble upon the infected Lewa, and they remove his infected mask finally. He tells them about what he saw, and how Makuta’s lair is underneath the Volcano. Preparing, they descend into the Mangai, with their Golden Masks, ready to face the Makuta.
The Turaga and Matoran also follow them unknowingly, and Takua, the Chronicler, is killed by one of the Bohrok Queens. The Toa don the Exo-Suits and fight the Queens, but fail.
Things are looking bleak, but Vakama, the Turaga, reveals one last thing to the Toa. He tells them that the Three Virtues must be fulfilled if the Toa are to defeat the Queens. Shedding the Exo-Toa skins and just using their elemental powers, they push back the Queens to their nest. Matoro follows them and by putting the Bohrok Queens in a seal, the true mastermind reveals himself. Makuta throws Matoro to the floor, knocking him out.
The Toa find their Unity and fuse to form the Toa Kaita. The Toa try to bring the building on themselves, killing everyone inside. Instead, as the building collapses, the floor gives way and Matoro, the Makuta and the Toa fall into solid Protodermis. The Bohrok swarms are defeated. The Matoran and Turaga escape to Po-Koro where they are safe once more.

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of this fictional project, tell me what you think of it in the comments.

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I personally think that giving the Toa and others guns and such defeats the mystery purpose of the original story, but I like the concept of this game.

If you must give them a ranged attack, give them elemental energy strikes, like in the original Bionicle game.
Beyond that, make it a more melee-oriented thing and try and make the environment the most effective weapon to beat foes like Rahi.

You have to sacrifice some portions of the story for gameplay. I think it would add even more to the mystery, to have characters and a society similar to that of ancient Maori Tribes but have heroes that resemble something out of a sci-fi movie.
While I could leave all of their ranged attacks melee, I would personally see a system more similar to Bionicle Heroes since that had weapons in. Although it shouldn’t feel like any modern FPS, it should still have those elements in that make the game a more competitive feel.

A hybrid hack-and-slash\third person shooter like Space Marine combat-wise, but with the platformer elements of Jak or Ratchet and Clank maybe?
Add in the open-world\story of say, MNOG2, and you might have something.

I imagine this being a third person shooter, but more like Skyrim than Space Marines, with the option to change the Toa as you play. You can change between first person and third person.
I do plan to include puzzles and jumping segments, but nothing too hardcore as I think only 2D versions work well with platforming.
The openworld will be like Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed.

I always imagined a BIONICLE game being a Devil May Cry style action game with a Banjo Kazooie style overworld, where you could switch between characters instantaneously.

Although I guess a TPS in a world that has limited amount of ranged weapons works too.

TPS or FPS, I think you should be allowed to switch like Skyrim. I’ve never played DMC but I think a Bionicle game like that would not have the player’s emotion fully invested in the world they’re playing in. The thing with Bionicle is that you got tied to these characters and you wanted to know what was going to happen to them; the entire line was driven by story. I feel like close-TPS and FPS make you a hell of lot more attached to the story and the characters than a DmC type game.

Oh, then if hat’s the case, an RPG would be the best genre.

What would you define an RPG as?

If it’s creating your own Toa, that comes into the Competitive Multiplayer aspect, but not the main free roam story.

I would say an RPG would be more similar to Mass Effect.

Also, how would a shooter be any more emotional than an action game? I mean DMC isn’t necessarily high art, but the only shooters I could think of that got me emotionally invested were not really emotional in the same way BIONICLE is. DMC, and others similar to it, were at least charming, even if the story wasn’t always amazing.

And just to be clear I’m mainly talking about DMC 3 and 4. Not the first two or the reboot.

Oh, Mass Effect. Yeah, that’s not the feel I’m going for this.

I got incredibly emotionally invested into Halo and Assassin’s Creed, and those were games that weren’t RPGs and there was a set story I was going to follow. It’s that feel I’m going for.
Scratch that, Last of Us would also be a good example of what kind of game I would like. Just more free roam aspects, I guess.
It would be more emotional because, as we all know, the story of Bionicle, the mystery of the island, the mystery of the villains and the Toa kept us on the edge of our seats. The TPS or FPS or Platformer aspects aren’t that crucial, but I still think a TPS/FPS would be good.

Hold on a second

Not saying this invalidates your argument, but that’s pretty inconsistent.

I’ve only played AC, but something tells me they do not have the same ‘feel’ as eachother, or even BIONICLE.

How is that connected to this being a shooter?

Okay, this has turned into a pretty bitter dispute.

What’s our debate again?
: 3

I don’t feel bitter at all. We’re debating what genre a game based on the first year of BIONICLE would be.

Oh yeah that’s another thing. The plot didn’t have much to it unlike later years.

Ah, well, I can’t think of that good of an argument to say that a BIONICLE game with an engaging story and multiplayer should be a TPS/FPS. Other than those are the kinds of games I enjoy and I think it’s easier to put yourselves into the shoes of the character you are playing as and all of the elements in the game become very real; the enemies, height, the surroundings, etc.

The plot being so basic is why a game would work so well. There’s a lot to explore, you know, and the whole “collect the masks” thing would work really well in a free roam game. Do you get it?

I was actually in support of free-roaming, so there’s that.

Oh, good then :smiley:
Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed are both TPS free roam games, and can we both agree that they’re good games?

The AC I played was not a TPS.

Wait a second! Skyrims not a TPS, or even FPS.

Well, it was third person anyway, whether or not “shooting” was involved. I’m not too learned on the definition of it.
Anyway, they were both quite story-driven games with a rich and diverse story and culture.