The bionicle 2015 animations reaction topic

Welcome to the 2015 animation reaction topic

The goal is to get younger siblings/relatives or anyone who has never seen the animations. Sit them down in front of a computer and record their reaction to them using a web cam or audio software if the parents dont want their kids picture on the internet.
Preferably you will use this video or your own compilation

This is supposed to be something along the lines of the Fine Brother react series so if you can try and past the animations in some unused corner of the video so the viewers know which part is currently happening.

Basically sit down a child with in the age range of bionicle, record their reactions with a webcam and audio, then post it on youtube or where ever. When your don post the link/video below.

If enough of these videos happen I will compile them into a larger video and post here.

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so sadly, already showed my little brother the animations, but hey he liked them

Sorry, Westly. Me and the other Moderators agree that this is more of a… Promotional topic, so we’re gonna have to close it until you’re a master. I hope that’s understood.