The BIONICLE Film Trilogy on Blu-Ray?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Web of Shadows, and as a serious Blu-Ray collector, I was wishing that Mirimax would release an anniversary set of the Bionicle trilogy on Blu-Ray, using the art on the european dvd box set…

What do you think?

Also, if any of you know what a Steelbook is, would you like to see one for Mask of Light?


Why yes.

I would but that instantly

I would be all up for buying that

Nathan Furst and I were chatting through his official Twitter page, and I was asking him about his score for the film Need For Speed. It turns out that he is super humble, because when I mentioned Bionicle, he said that that was where he started doing scores for hollywood films. and I asked him if they would ever make CD’s of the scores, and he said that he is working on reorchestrating the score, and that he wants to release it on CD and iTunes. I would love this, but I would really like it to come with this blu-ray set that has never happened, as well as digital copies of the films for iTunes. How about you guys?


One problem
The Films were Direct to DVD
That means there will be a Slim chance of a Direct to DVD converted to a Blu Ray


I really doubt the movies will get blu rays. They’ve got a very niche audience and would be expensive to remaster (which they would almost certainly have to be), so it probably won’t be worth it to the powers that be. That being said, I heard Nathan Furst was working on polishing up the scores a few years back, so I’m glad to hear he’s still working on it! It’ll be awesome to have high-quality versions of that music.


I can’t see it happening, but I’d totally get it.

sad but true

I wouldn’t buy this simply because I have two of the films on DVD already, and I didn’t like Web of Shadows very much.

If they remade the movies with these days visuals I’d buy it in a heartbeat