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In case you're wondering the reason behind the absence of content in the recent days, it's mostly because we are doing other stuff outside the project, some are busy with school and I could not take the necessary photos for the building instructions for a while. Anyway, this is only temporary and given that there are only 4 sets left to show, I don't think it will take longer than this month to show them all... So, don't worry :smiley:


Sorry for the long wait, here's Poraka, Devastator of the Caverns

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goodness me! That's one rahi I'd never wanna run into.

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this one is meh...
I mean, the gearbox is good and all, and the body build is great, but I just dont really how the "set" looks when it is done

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Alright, Poraka

From what I can see, he looks alright. The initial promotional image really does not work for the model but after looking at what we can see from the instructions. He is better than the first impression. By far the biggest drawback is the LoSS face. I know that you can't make your own face print but I think using a different piece that that chest piece would still have worked batter, it gives the head a very awkward shape. Other than that the next biggest complaint is just he way the back legs are positioned which looks somewhat awkward. After that are just minor nit-picks. The function and custom build are cool and well done. And the color-scheme really looks nice on this one.



I'm going to say, while the rest is pretty good, and better than anything I could do, I'm not a fan of how the head looks in general. I understand the limits there, but it still bothers me a little.

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I really love how the sets look. Props to you guys for coming up with these creative functions as well as designs! :smiley:


@ThatchMac @Asriel @BlackBeltGamer98 @Altair @Kojo @Winterstorm345 @Azani @jayzor17 @Zero @Novashii @Doot.r @TheTDChronicler Cheers for the great feedback guys. Glad you like the sets so far on the whole.

Here's our next set, Alhakri, Devourer of the Deep:

The function in action:

Please give us all your thoughts, the good, the bad and the very bad so that we can improve in the future.

Only two more sets to go!


Oh man I love this thing!
If this was a set I'd buy it in an instant. Time to build it!

even if I don't have all the right pieces

I work on this project.


The bit about feedback was the main point I aimed at you since you do. It was from when you gave some feedback on a set before you came back onto the project

@Altair great, hope you share a picture of it however it may turn out


Nice anglerfish design.


Oh, duh. This makes so much more sense now.


What did you think it was? :joy:


I had no idea. It was a fish of some sort, but I couldn't figure out why it seemed to have two tails.

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A little late but here are my thoughts on Alhakri,

At first I didn't really like him. But after seeing exactly how that function works, he's really grown on me. I like the idea of an angler fish creature, but I feel the "angle tail" isn't well integrated. He shoots straight out of the torso at a 90 degree angle and does not flow well. That and the exposed Technic really tear down the way the figure looks. But the function itself is pretty spectacular. I feel the head of this creature works better than a lot of the others and the function just heightens that.


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Just a poster today:

Poster creator: @DarkHenrik, with credits to @Fanbyl for providing the photo of Axato and text

Leave your thoughts on it below


Gosh this set looks great!
Can you tell me more about that mask? I really like it!


@Altair Its called the Mask of Ire, it posses the ability to enrage others around it


:open_mouth: that seems really interesting.
I can vaguely see an upside down skull spider mask in top.....?
How did you craft it? Is it a 3D model?
Sorry if I'm flooding you with questions but that mask to me looks ridiculously cool.
Also the entire Axato set is strangely almost identical to how I imagined it while reading the book.....