The Bionicle Legacy 2017 topic

We would like it to be but nothing certain yet, I suppose it would be entirely up to Cyber Hand

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Wow you all did great work! Incredible to see everything accomplished!

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@JordanWill thank you, we appreciate it greatly

Well here's our last Winter Wave set: Axato, The Last Skull Raider

Please give us all your thoughts, the good, the bad and the very bad so that we can improve in the future.

Also provide us with your general thoughts on our Winter Wave as whole if you're willing please

@Asriel there's going to be a Summer Wave released at a similar time to when Lego would. Every set we've done so far is part of the Winter Wave


There is going to be a summer wave? Amazing!

Or is the summer wave the protectors

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Remember that the update or "patch" to the sets will be the next thing we will share in the future... about the summer wave, it will be another group of set/Mocs, at least 5. So all of the previous sets already showed here are part of the winter wave alone.


Wow, The day is finally here.....


So, I will admit I was really hoping you'd be able to get a 3d printed mask for this guy before you did the instructions and it's a bit of a shame to not see him with it. But whatever it's not a big deal.

Seeing as this is the FINAL review for these sets I'll be doing in a while I'mma go all out this time.

So, the set looks like the inner construction is pretty well designed and would be a lot of fun to build. It's easy to tell that the builds are very important for you guys. Function-wise he seems a little disappointingly standard. He has the 2016 waste function and a thornax launcher which is a little disappointing considering how creative the large Rahi styled Monsters functions were. But it's not BAD, just not on the same level as before. Luckily he is just a dude, so you don't really need to many crazy functions. Moving on to a REALLY important feature of the set, the look. Gotta say, I'm not digging this one too much. Don't get me wrong, he looks OK, but nothing jumps out at me about it. The colors are fine, I get what your doing with the larger "powered up" half and half thing. But he is kind off boring. The best LOOKING thing in the set is his sword with is, it's freaking awesome I love that part to death. But the rest is... fine.

Taking into account everything on the set, the good, the bad, and the.... fine...... Axato gets a


BUT WAIT, I'm not done yet.... it's time for the pen-ultamate of my stuipid reviews,
The Winter 2017 BIONICLE Legacy wave

So, a lot to look back on here. We had the Generals. Your take on Protector style sets. They were simple yet decent. Some were mediocre at worst, others great at best. Okala is still absolutely fantastic and Anirra was pretty amazing too. After that, rather during, you showcased the... Monsters? I guess that's what I'll call them. They were pretty note worthy. While some looked better than others, it was obvious so much love and care went into making them have awesome functions. You guys did a great job with these. And I think that mindset applies to the entire winter wave. Clearly you are giving it your all, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone following this and say that it's easy to tell you all put a lot of love and effort into this project. The way you have taken feedback is to be noted by many people as a life lesson. You have never argued or complained when we didn't like a set, rather you took our feedback into consideration, and for that I tip my imaginary hat to you.

Bionicle Legacy Winter 2017 gets a,



Okay, I haven't done a review for a while. Time to take a look.

First off before the review it is important to remember this was engineered as a set not a MOC, thus crazy over the top 500 parts greebling, as much as I love that, is not the objective.

With that all said, moving on, starting with the overall shape and design of the MOC. To begin, the shape of the MOC fits both g2, the skull raider appearance, and the disfigured nature of the body as explained in the story. If I were to pick at anything in the shape, I'd say the ankle extensions being exposed draws a lot of attention, and the knee armor is pretty wide compared to the rest of the leg. Overall, the facets of his character easily attached to his physical shape in a very appealing way.
Moving on to function. Though there is nothing stunning with regards to function, the set still has reasonable ability. The torso can turn, and the limbs seem to have good maneuverability. I'm not sure if the orb is meant to be shot (I'm assuming that is the fragment of the MOUP so no) but if I'm wrong then there is one other function. Despite the lack of function the MOC definitely makes up for it with the stellar physical shape.
On to color. This set's color is probably its weakest area. Though strong colors are used, there may be too many of them. Firstly, there are all three metallics (gold trim, silver armor and gunmetal mask). Generally it is best to stick to one or two (two if you aren't using many other colors). Then there are two neutral colors, black and grey. Though there is nothing wrong with that on its own, or even paired with two metallics, with all the others, it gets to be too much. And then we have two blues. These two blues are tough to mix with even just one other color in the mix (this isn't on you, in fact LEGO barely got it to work with uniter Kopaka). While all these colors are great colors, when they're all on the same set, they clash. This creates a rather unfortunate predicament as the gold is needed for the orb, the dark blue is headed to show is unmutated state while the light blue is needed for his other half, the grey is pretty much the only color for a lot of the necessary pieces (ankle extensions and others of that type), the black seems to be a good fit for his character, the silver is better than gold for armor, and this list can go on why according to the story, most of these colors are must haves.
Anyhow, the solutions I can find have a few possibilities (though I don't think it'd be reasonable to redo it!).
First, I'd simply put more dark blue on the set. On the torso and the lower legs. Swap the black shins out for blue maybe. Meanwhile, take the gold off the body (if like the poster its on the chest, than maybe leave the chest piece gold) and let black be the trimming. This will make the gold on the staff and chest piece (if gold) pop more. Since the staff is also black, you may just do away entirely with black on the body, and rely more on blue and the metallic. Pick either silver or gunmetal to be the metallic. Though gunmetal is harder to come by, I would recommend it (I really wish the main silver armor pieces did come in gunmetal, that would make this set incredible). Silver works just as great too and likely is the better option because of how many pieces are made in silver as opposed to gunmetal, but my personal preference would have been gunmetal. With the blue and silver, you should be able to appropriately cover the body while keeping the same overall vibe (now that I'm thinking a little more, probably keep the black trimming, but only in a couple spots). As for the shape, it's all perfectly fine, and the weapons are on point. These are just my immediate suggestions. I have not constructed an Axato set to experiment with this, so I can't say I believe these suggestions would undoubtedly help. I believe they likely would, but I could be wrong

Going to the more important side of this: what I think of the set as it is. Keeping in mind this is meant to look like a set, I give Axato a solid 8.5 out of 10. The MOC has the right shape, well made weapons, sufficient functions, and an understandable color scheme that all together place it where it is on my score board.

Nice work to everyone who worked on him

On another note relating to the poster. I'm curious as to what mood, if you will, the project is going for with the visual representation of the story. The poster for Axato's instructions tells to me it is very light hearted, or at least not deeply serious. However, from what I know of the story the Bionicle Legacy Project storyline is a bit darker than that. If it was the intent to be less serious with the instructions poster, it looks just fine, but if the poster is meant to be serious, I'd recommend changing a few things such as a different font for letters, less bright highlighting/outlining of the set, and perhaps a bit of smoke/dust to ground things. That aside, like the set, it is a very nice poster.


Didn't Axato have a custom mask?

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Yes, we are just waiting for @Cyber-Hand to share it but given that is totally voluntary from him, I guess is just a matter of time. Having said that, this a "preview" of the mask on better detail.


A sort of split, a little light hearted but with some darker elements of story if that makes sense. So not overly dark and not overly lighht hearted, just somewhere in the middle.

Also thanks @ThatchMac and @JordanWill, both of your reviews were very helpful to us

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I expressed my thoughts on this set before (saying it was really good), and I have to say that without the special mask it loses some of that "cool" factor it had before, but it's still a neat model (aside from the different feet, I don't like that).

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well i think i should just post the other poster i and Fanbyl made:

infact... Fanbyl even made this with the poster:


The shadows shall not touch the trees of my ancestors, because my finesse and agility is a better conduit to strength than the god-like giants who came before. I'm Okala, warrior princess.

This is very well done. I would highly suggest that you guys re-upload these, including the Alhakri demo, with proper titles on the BLP YouTube channel.

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That's the idea but we have a problem with the original youtube channel and we are looking for a new channel where all videos related to the project will be upload.

About the use of dark blue, We changed the gun metal to dark blue (you can see that in the last page of the building instructions, an actually mistake) but then changed back to gun metal to avoid the "too many colors" issue, ironically then it becames in the "too many metal colors" problem and the reason behind this is that I can't change the color in the skull villain armor and chest piece unless you paint those pieces I guess. Still, we will take into account what you said.


Alright, these are really cool! I can't believe I haven't seen these before. Really digging the custom mask


I think this was answered some time ago, but what paint was used for making that purple?


@Asriel It's an acrylic paint called "grape", and you apply 4 layers of it


How's the progress going?

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Quite slow unfortunately, were all quite busy at the minute


Is the summer wave coming?