The Bionicle Legacy 2017 topic

Well, gonna miss see your guys' stories. Loved them all.

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No I wasn't :stuck_out_tongue:.

I just followed the progress of the project on this topic and gave some feedback, but that's about it. I wasn't involved in any story or set design.

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So I now have the time to dedicate towards writing the story for the project, since my life has settled down now. However, I won't be able to design new sets or anything as I don't have the skill for that.

So would anyone be interested in seeing the story completed? Please give your thoughts in the poll below (just tell me if it doesn't work):

If this gets sufficient support I will get on writing the story straight away, just want to make sure the interest is there first.

Thanks everyone.


Ok, I think this gained enough interest, with 8/9 people voting yes. Will have the story going again by Oct 3rd, keep an eye out



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The #5 story serial, Fire and Ice will be up within the next 12 hours, I'm just doing some extensive editing

@azani haha sorry about that, at least the name is mostly the same

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Awesome, man - I'm wondering where this will go. By the way, it's still weird getting notifications from "TheStormKing" in this topic - got to get used to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @TheStormKing And yeah, it's no big deal; just thought that I'd mention it as a humorous aside real quick.

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BLP Story Serial #5: Ice and Fire can be found here:

Please give any and all feedback. Thanks


Hey Guys, I'm not sure if you remember me, but... I might be back. I loved this Bionicle Legacy and I hope it's not dead. This was such a fun project (when I worked on it.) I hope I'll be able to be accepted back into this community. I'd like to ask @TheStormKing if I could rejoin this project? I hope this will continue! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to break it to you bud but this died out a while ago, sadly. I'm pretty sure someone even deleted our discord server. I think one of us was trying to keep working on the story serials but I don't think anything came of that.


Ah, well never mind then. I'm out. Good luck on the boards!

so wait, you're telling me that this amazing project, died a horrible death!

I feel depress now:(

Well, it had a bit of a solid run, but the most important takeaway is this: we're at a point, collectively, wherein we've become capable of incredible, astronomically high-quality work. We need to stay organized, of course, but heck, there's not much that we really can't do as a collective when we are. In retrospect, as far as I'd say, the project suffered from a few major, incapacitating issues:

  • Legitimately cool, yet high-strung and overworked team members. As it is, there's not much that can topple a project like this, but it's beyond crucial to maintain a consistent pace when working on a fan project such as Bionicle Legacy, and it's inherently tough to do that when you're simply doing something because you love it - we're industrious creatures, and we like to treat these like sprints, rather than marathon races.

  • You can't pay folks to work on fanfiction or other derivative works, because you can't really pull income from them in a forward-thinking, sustainable way. Illimitable and unavoidable as this is, you can incentivize team members or "employees" in other ways that help them to stay focused while keeping that focus creative and workable/passionate. I feel as though, despite the nature of the medium, that Bionicle Legacy could have mildly incentivized team members in a like-minded fashion.

  • Too much fan pressure is an issue; likewise, a wildly excited team that wants to make sure that they can get their product out ASAP is also a recipe for tough times ahead. It's not immediately troublesome or catastrophic, but I know that the original project began in August of 2017, and there didn't seem to be much lead time to quell the concerns around a short beginning, which, while inherently morale-boosting and camaraderie-boosting, can endanger the long-term stability of the team and it's real, lofty qoals.

There are more fun times ahead. Well, it's out there now; I've said what I'll say. :slight_smile:

Au revoir, Bionicle Legacy. You're not the end.


Gosh it’s been a while since I saw this name anywhere. Bummer it didn’t work out. I’d set up all those google accounts and documents to help organize everything too! Sadly, I remember I had to leave due to personal crap irl, but I really hoped the folks working on it would keep going when I couldn’t. When I lost access to the discord, I assumed I was kicked cuz I wasn’t contributing or anything, I never imagined it got deleted!

Farewell Bionicle Legacy, you will be missed!


The discord was deleted after the project completely fell apart.

Well, this post will be a long one, so I warn you that the english language is not my main one and forgive me for the grammatical errors that I may have...

Hi, I'm back after a long time just to clarify some things and share my experience. Some are a direct consequence of my personal life but I don't mind some people knowing about it.

I dropped out of college in late 2015 and the first thing I wanted to do was to publish my own comic. I was working in it When G2 ended and I knew about the project, so logically I really wanted to help with my art and I even suggested a comic for the story, I draw some characters and several mask to apply for the position (yeah, when we were like over 50 members).

I was working on my comic, the time passed and I realize the actual thing I was passionate about in life was videogames and board games, so I purposely stopped talking about the comic and we ended up simply writing the stories without thinking too much about it. To me it seemed easier to make an adventure game like MNOG than a comic (yeah, of course silly me from two years ago). I will show at the end of the post something about this. There were also a moment when we thought about making a card game, which I think is right at my alley but it wasn't a priority.

credit to DarkHenrik

Before I sketch a single page, I draw a turn-around of each character. This was the start of one for Kulta. I also made one for the generals and Axato but I could find it and I only upload those to discord, which means that I can't show those right now :confused:

A few weeks later we got down to work and make polls to decide who will be in charge of what. Although the mask of ultimate power modeled by Cyber-hand was probably made by popular demand more than anything else, I was technically the first bionicle fan with the mask in their hands and that was a big deal for me. He couldn’t print his own mask and I printed the first prototype to see what was wrong and give him some feedback. He also agree to help us by making the 3d model for the mutated mask in Axato and maybe future pieces or masks.

After the release of the “sets” with pictures and building instructions, I was overwhelmed when I saw someone (Azani) build a Moc I made… You guys can’t imagine the excitement I had in that moment. It encourage me to improve the sets, Zelkriph (the bat) have my favorite function and we decided after some talk that all sets will have one, even the small generals, something I didn’t do because of the schedule and because they were “cool enough” to us.

Without realizing it, I ended up giving many responsibilities to myself. We were basically 6 people, and that’s stretching it a bit. I was the set designer (remember I never intended to have that responsibility) and the main artist, TheStormKing and Drahcir were writing some chapters of the story. Stormking was also in charge of the topic and when to publish new stuff related to the project and DarkHenrik was focus in the lore and future of the story. Azani helped a little bit in the wiki. And Joe was important too, he was the admi/mod and he was more of an observer, but that wasn’t bad because he actually did an outstanding job stopping pointless arguments in the discord channel. There was more people like JordanWill, but we were the active users.

I decided to focus in my board games (one of which I will release to the public in about two months) and I also worked in a family business for a while, so I forgot the project until I remember it a few months later. I wanted to discuss a way to bring attention to the project by doing something, anything. It was the summer break after all and therefore, the school wasn’t in the middle and we didn’t have any excuse… I was surprised because the discord channel no longer existed. It is a fan project so I just said to myself “ok, this is it I guess”...

At the time TTV also began the Brickonicle contest and I personally felt this initiative was a better answer to bionicle cancellation, so I stopped considering legacy as something the fans actually want. Yeah, is a fan project but fan appreciation is important and is probably the main reason why we stopped the publication of the stories.

Nevertheless, a week ago I turned 24 years old and for some reason it makes me realize I probably lost valuable time by doing stuff that wasn't important for my life... To be fair It wasn't really a waste of time, I improved my skills in photoshop and illustrator and I'm noticeably faster thanks to everything I learned by being part of this wonderful project. I’m grateful for that. In fact I wrote some rules to avoid not being on schedule and actually made something Bionicle fans will be happy about it and do it on time. Some members didn’t like it but I think it worked in the end.

Yesterday I looked the topic to see if something was made in my absence, just out of curiosity.

Finally, I will share some concepts that were thrown out in the process. I found it really hard to make a gear function (we wanted to have a person dedicated exclusively to it, but nobody wanted to do just that). So my first approach to a function was the “unleash” function: transform a pretty normal animal into a monster. I think it was for lore reasons but the idea was dropped. Also, as you can see by the notes, we thought at the early phases of design that we will make a custom piece for every single monster head but that was too much for cyber-hand, especially when everything was free and not an actual commission.

I will also like to share a short animation test I did for the potencial adventure game. Btw I made 2d models for each of the general as well.

Anyway, I hope you liked this look into the project and I can’t wait for the surprises that this community will bring us in the future.
I'm probably going to do something with the Mocs if I find time for my youtube channel :smiley:


I miss this project, I really do.

as someone that likes G2, this project was amazing with the mocs and story it had.

and it sad that it ended so quickly. and sometimes I do wish someone would bring the project back.

but anyways, I will always remember this project