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That's the idea, the thing is that takes more time and the approval of the page, so expect the building instructions first and later the rebrickable page with the part list, like what Tiakro has right now.

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It's a bit boring as a set, to be honest. The build itself seems pretty good, but I would like to see some functions, even if small and simple.

Overall it's an OK set.


I've got to echo what Thatchmac has said already. Unlike the last one, this dude suffers from too little colors. The only blue parts are on the head and torso, with the rest of it being fairly monochromatic. The concept works a lot better because the silver helps to balance the amount of white. I can sorta see what you were going after with the proportions, but it ends up looking silly and exaggerated.

It's also worth noting that neither of these sets include functions of any kind, which is not something any G2 set did. Personally I don't mind, but if the goal is to replicate what an official third year of Bionicle would have been like, functions (even on small sets) are mandatory.


thats something that im trying to work on, so the answer is yes... but its going to take a while...

im actualy watching his tutorial videos when working on the posters.

well Slime, while the project may have started out in creating the final year of G2 as how LEGO would have done it, the project have now shifter gear and is now more about continuing the story of G2. as Drahcir said in our discord chat:

We are a group of fans whose chosen mission is to give something to the Bionicle community that we hope they will enjoy. We are using Lego's ideas as a starting point, a springboard, and adding our own touch to the amazing world that Okoto has the potential to be. We are those who were toutched by Bionicle's legacy and decided to fix the flaws, build the world, and follow the path of creation that Lego themselves told us to when Bionicle was canceled.

if your more into having sets like what LEGO would have made them, then i would recommend that you could check out @dragologer 's project, because his group is more interested in creating the final year of G2 like how LEGO would have done it, than continuing it like our project will try to do.


You should ask Metru Nui Legacy to make a poster with all the sets, that would surely end up looking great.

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Ah. I was not aware of that.


no biggie, i don't think many here were aware of the change we had desited upon.

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I hope you do realize that this project is an interpretation and not part of a competition. While I am hyped to see what your project has to offer, I hope that you haven't based your project on intentions other than to interpret what a continuation would yield, otherwise, I would think that the project would suffer in quality because of people trying to use it to one-up others.

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do you realize how much of a waist of time trying to one up one anothers efforts would be? no. that is not and will never be our intent. we wanted to see a third and final year of bionicle how lego would have done it. legacy went a different rout. there is no competition. a continuation is just not what everyone expected. :slight_smile:

Ok, you say "everyone" but some people have different opinions. However, I'm glad there are no harsh feelings and no misunderstandings. I look forward to when you release your project and wish you guys good luck.


@dragologer could you not promote your project on other advertising topics? It's honestly very rude and won't be tolerated.

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But DarkHenrik allowed it surely? So it should be fine?

Nope. Not how it works. Even if a master allows it it's against policy on promotions.

So you're "selling" him something, which is promotion. Again, not tolerated.


you guys too! :slight_smile:

Glad that this is over with. @TheMoltenKing, you'd think that it would be allowed, wouldn't you?


Hey guys here's the instructions for our third set: Anirra, General of Water

The mask is made by painting a protector mask with 4 layers of acrylic paint, the colour is Primary Blue

And the instructions for our fourth set, Zelkriph, Terror of Skies (@Azani hope was worth looking forward to for ya)

Give us feedback and post what you think of the sets.

More to follow

Also here's the usual concept art:

Follow us on Twitter:

Or subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

Help us by contributing to our project wiki:

As usual, just tell me if any links I used don't work.

Gives us your thoughts, so far your feedback has been great guys!


OK, so THIS is the pay-off I've been waiting for.

First is Anirra:

Best figure so far. Looks FANTASTIC. The color separation is PERFECT, you guys NAILED it. And the build is also TOP NOTCH. My only complaint is that again, the weapons are sorta lacking, but they're better than the previous ones. But seriously this is the best of the Guardians so far. So whoever designed it, PROMOTE THEM!!!


Now onto Zelkriph. I too was REALLY looking forward to this one and yep, it lives up to the hype. This dude, looks stinkin' SICK. The function also looks pretty good if not a little exposed, so some cover for the back would have been nice. The Back legs as well are a little weak. But the rest of it is just amazing, I really want to see how big he is. He is truly a successful Rahi follow up, but had a few issues.


....this is getting good, if I wasn't hooked already.... I sure as heck am now.


Nice. Been waiting all week for this.

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Well I think that was a deliberate design choice since bats have weak back legs and stuff. But still a valid problem if it annoys you and you don't like it.

Thanks for all the feedback, glad you really liked both of them.

Glad you are interested in the project!


Building Zelkriph was the real turning point for me; to be honest, I looked at the instructions and thought "whoa, this guy is a real mess. Then I took about an hour and built the real terror of the skies.

I couldn't get all the colors right, such as the fin segments that I only had in azure, and I actually didn't have the right gunmetal parts to represent the hind legs or a few parts of the right wing, but this set is still gosh darned awesome any way you slice it. Awesome. Awe-inspiring.

The build is complex, entertaining, engaging; the gear function is more laterally compact than we've ever seen it before, and it almost feels as though I'm building one of the 2001 Rahi. The monster has definitive breadth and is filled out well; the armor covers pretty much every technic cluster, and it looks like a bat. It's a tedious build, which is the way I like it. :wink:

The instruction were a bit unclear at times; was that a 4-angled technic connector on the wings, or a 3? Is that a 3M double axle-single-pin connector, or a double-pin-single axle? Some of the colors were a bit hard to decipher, and I was working in a relatively dim room with an iPad on full brightness. There's also a ton of silver; way too much for a Jungle set, IMO. As a side note, and a bit of a nitpick, the Kaiju fins as ears are facing forward on my copy; I think that they look a lot better like that.

Bravo, even more than usual. My reviews of all the generals are still coming up. 8.5/10