The Black Hand Cult

This is a bunch of MOCs I created as part of my HF storyline. A majority of them are meh to terrible as I was experimenting with CCBS at the time. The first couple of them are decent, since they were built at a later date. Since the MOCs are lined up from newest to oldest, their descriptions also reflect this. You’ll see what I mean. Oh, the last one is absolute trash, but its pathetic-ness at least works for it being a low ranking member.

The Black Hand Cult, or just the Black Hand, is a group that seemed to spring up out of nowhere in the galaxy. Their members tend to look odd or unusually, standing out from a crowd and deactive bots by unconventional methods.

The Prophetter:

“My children, heed my words! This galaxy shall come to pass! The end is near! Help lessen the suffering of others by creating more chaos! The more chaos, the quicker the end comes, the quicker everyone’s suffering will end! Go my children! Go create chaos!”–The Prophetter

No-one knows who or where the Prophetter comes from. After the initial wave of deactivations and all the notes of black hands left behind, he stepped into the light. He claimed to be behind all of this and that it was necessary to save the universe of prolonged suffering. Hero Factory was just going to dismiss him at first, just thinking him as some random person trying to become famous from a tragedy. But when Decapitator, Constance the Dragon Slayer, Longleg Widower, and others stood with him, Hero Factory knew he wasn’t joking. For they already had proof that many of the ones standing there with him left the notes behind with their victims. There have been many attempts to try and capture him, but because of Tremor and his followers, Heroes and Expendable Heroes alike can’t get near him.

At first, many thought the only threatening thing about Prophetter was his face, with that one red eye and pincer teeth. This proved to be wrong as he is very capable of combat himself. His staff (the Fist of the Black Hand) is his signature weapon. The giant black fist can be launched at opponents or grabs them, which will squeeze them to deactivation.

Springy Leaper:

“Ha! And ‘Jumpman’ Mario thought he was good at jumping on things!”–Springy Leaper

Springy Leaper was a professional gamer, famous throughout the galaxy for his high scores in arcade platformers and FPS tournaments. Hero Factory was completely shocked when they found that everyone, except Springy, was flatten at video game convention. In the main convention hall was a large banner with a black hand on it. Security footage latter revealed that Springy had deactived them all by jumping on them, effectively crushing them like tin cans. Since then, Hero Factory has been trying to catch him, but they have been unsuccessful so far.

Two features about Springy Leaper that leave people confused is the fact that he has no discernable face and head, and whether or not he can be classified as biped. Though it’s undeniable that Springy can jump high and fast. Despite his small, thin body, Springy’s speed and falling height can create some crushing blows upon landing on something. Plus, he can increase his density so that he can fall faster and hit harder.


“Wow, you have big feet.”

There is a quick slashing noise.

“Anyone else want to make a comment? No? Good.”–A random bot and Tremor.

Tremor is a member of the same race as Explosion, hailing from the uninhabitable war torn world he called home. However, unlike Explosion, the war never left Tremor. Perhaps it was a glitch in his programming, or damaged memory cores from a fight that causes him to never stop seeing the war. So he fights, traveling to world upon world, fighting for anyone that would pay him.

Though recently, Tremor has become a much greater concern for Hero Factory. The leader of the Black Hand Cult has been coming out in public, with Tremor by his side at all times. Many say that Tremor is the Prophet’s Shade, because not only can he defend the Prophet from any threat, he can also give shade to the Prophet from the heat because shadow Tremor’s body casts from his large size. Hero Factory is currently advising Hero Teams to not engage Tremor until at least three full teams of six Heroes are available.

Tremor is big and powerful, especially in the legs. He is one of the reasons Scrap Crusher added sonic devices to help him fight, since the old veteran decided to see what it was like in the arena for a time. His weapons of choice are his famous dual scythes, having harvested entire legions with them, and his dual laser rifles.

Longleg Widower:

LDD file location: hand cult&from=0

“'til smashed do you part. Guess what’s going to cause that split.”–Longleg Widower.

The insectoid bot known as Longleg Widower was a notorious space pirate, most famous for capturing three Hero Drop Ships and eliminating any bots with female programming. Though he and his crew were eventually captured by Hero Factory, he escaped during the Break Out. He surprisingly wasn’t recaptured as the tracking device planted him stopped working, in which he vanished from the galaxy at large. Until recently, when a security footage caught him leaving a note with a black hand on it by a deactivated bot. Confirming one of Hero Factory’s fears, the old captain is another member of the Black Hand Cult.

Longleg Widower can see in multiple directions with his seven eyes and with his four arms and six legs he can be very dangerous in an up close battle. The old pirate is noted for his ability to climb most surfaces with ease and battle opponents from walls or ceilings. Over all, a very dangerous villain. Contact Hero Factory immediately if you see this villain.


LDD files location: hand cult&from=0

“The monkey thought it was all for fun and then WHACK! There goes the monkey’s…”-A-I-t-B getting cut off before he could finish.

Axe-in-the-Box is a clown, jack-in-the-box on wheels with a nasty ax. Though he can’t actually fold up into his box. This mad bot is a senior member of the Black Hand Cult and often adds his signature to the notes with the strange black hand that he leaves behind. A-I-t-B can create solid holograms of himself and limited teleportation abilities. This makes it seem like you can never get away from him as everywhere you turn, there he is again. If you see this villain, contact Hero Factory immediately and then run/hide before he sees you.

Constance the Dragon Slayer:

“Want to see my latest addition to my trophies?”–Constance

Constance, or as most call him, “The Dragon Slayer,” is a well known hunter in the universe. Most famous for hunting dragons with nothing but his bare hands or jaw bone/upper jaw of the last dragon he hunted. As you can see, his last hunt was an Electrobolt Dragon, normally a protected species, but he took advantage of the Brain Attack incident and got away with it. He currently has it rigged to where the upper jaw can still fire electricity. Though since then, he has stopped hunting dragons and animals period. Some refuse to believe it, but evidence shows that he is now another twisted member of the Black Hand. Fans beware, he’ll give you a lot more than an autograph and you won’t like the result. Constance’s strength on a scale of 1-10 is 8, very strong, very durable. He can also fly with his cupped wings, which are more repulsor like than actual wings.


“And they say Jawblade has a big mouth.”–Random Hero Recon agent

A notorious criminal, Decapitator got his nickname from his nasty habit of biting peoples’ heads off. He was a long time hit man for the underworld until Hero Factory finally caught the villain. But he escaped during the breakout and is still at large. He seems to be back at his old games, but no longer high profile targets. He’s just smashing random people and leaving strange notes behind with a weird black hand on it. Hero Recon fears that he has either started or joined this new Black Hand cult and it continues to grow in power every day. If you see this villain, contact Hero Factory immediately and look for shelter.

Decapitator has four arms, two small ones in the back and two “average” sized ones in the front. He normally uses his back arms to fight with and are usually armed with energy swords. His front arms have claw hands, which have a powerful grip and so far, only a few people/creatures are capable of getting losing from them. Because of this, Decapitator’s claws where used to help create the new Hero cuffs used during the break out. The spikes coming from his shoulders are razor sharp and provide good protection. Decapitator’s three eyes also allows him to see in several directions at once, making it a bit difficult to sneak up on him. His large mouth, teeth, and powerful jaw allows Decapitator to bit off almost anything that can fit or partially fit in his mouth.


“I’m goanna grill you into a pulp!”

“It’s ‘grind’ Nimrod, get it right.”–Conflagration and some lucky female citizen.

Conflagration is a…uh…um…some type of sentient Techno-Organic flying fire lizard? Hero Factory isn’t sure what to classify this villain as yet other than a pyromaniac. He’s apparently a new, rookie villain, pretty under skilled. Though he can breathe fire, launch fire from his front forelegs, and can glide with those translucent…parts? He’s not too bright either, over all not dangerous and has been captured by Hero Factory. Though he had a note with a strange black hand on it. It would seem he was a new member of the Black Hand Cult and, if Hero Factory hadn’t arrived in time, would have had his first victim.

…And that’s it. I’ll probably revamp most of these one day.


They are okay
But one thing that bugs me is that some of these are done in LDD while others are not

Also The Black Hand was an Actual Gang
That help create one of the biggest reasons why the First World War began

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IMO not the best, the colorschemes aren’t that well done and they come off as bony.

Although I will say the first one is quite good.

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They don’t have black hands, 0/10

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These things are so odd I can’t help but like them. It’s great to see something unusual.

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A lot of these are extremely messy, but I really like the first one.

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@Whaddon Well, I don’t always have the pieces I need or they don’t exist in a certain color. LDD solves a good chunk of those problems. As for the gang thing, I wasn’t aware at the time I named them. Until about a couple months ago, I still didn’t know that several real life organizations had the name Black Hand. There’s no relation between the two, just a strange coincidence.

@SwagMeister Yay, I know. Like I said, they’re decent/average at best.

@Mrblackpants Ha! Jokes on you! The Dragon Slayer has a black hand!

@Zero Thanks. I tend to build a bit more on the odd side of things. They don’t always turn out so well, but, meh, something to break up the norm.

@Dr_Stranos I can see the messiness for all but Axe-in-the-box, Tremor, and the Prophetter. I personally find it hilarious that so far the Prophetter seems to be the one people like most and he also happens to be the plainest of the bunch.

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He is all right… But isn’t really all that interesting to me.

I really dislike this thing. It is just to weird in my opinion (in the bad way)… Sorry.

I really like this one.I really like his big massive feet.

His shoulders could’ve been been done much better, and maybe a bigger head.

i just don’t really like this thing.

I actually kind of like this guy. He does need work on his color scheme though.

This one is alright, But is a bit messy. Work on those legs a bit.

I like the head on this one quite a bit. But he is a bit messy.

This is just the worst.

I really like the concept of Conflagration. Please make a revamp of him.

And if you can’t can I do it?

I pretty much agree with most of your feedback on them. I disagree with Axe-in-the-Box, as I think his color scheme is fine, but I see where you’re coming from.

As for revamping Conflagration, I currently have over twenty other MOCs I want to build before I come back to revamping these guys. So it will be a long time until I revamp them. If you really want to revamp Conflagration, go ahead.

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