The Blade of The Ocean (W.I.P???)

I've been working on a sword called the blade of the ocean
here are the photos

please give your opinion on this and thank you


It seems like a cool drawing, I would like to see more added one. The colors are ok..

It looks alright so far, but there's too much space between the guard for the handle and the blade.

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A bit generic for a sword.

It has an owner?

yes the blade of the ocean has a owner I forgot to put that in

I want to see him!

not done yet I'm still building him all I got are simple legs and a right arm give me some time and I will finish off the character and before you think anything no this sword belongs to a separate owner from the Magma Blade

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I never thought this.

I am working on a trio of characters each one have their unique weapons and personalities

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Can't wait to see them!

Looks a bit generic, and it has so few pieces this seems like a coming soon topic too me. I'd like to see what the owner looks like though.

I'm still unsure if its done or still a work in progress hence the ??? I will work on the blade more