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For future reference (as I found out the hard way with my story serial, Lest We Forget) posts become uneditable after a period of time (about two months).

Don't mind my shameless plug for my story.

good to know...

What does a notification with a pointing finger symbol mean?

It means someone invited you to a topic.


Does anyone know if the Boards have an integrated gallery function?

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To my knowledge, they do not. Imgur galleries used to work well, but they're kinda broken now (and that has to do with Imgur, not us).


Dang. They'd be incredibly useful for MOC topics.

For those who are unsure of how to reply on topics:


For some odd reason, I can't quote users at all; I can't even try using the "q" button (or something). Is there a new method of quoting?

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Try highlighting, an option to quote the reply should come up. Other than that and the basic ways to do it, I don't know.

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If you're not on mobile, you can click on the reply button beneath the post, you wish to quote, and then click the button in the top corner of the post window that looks like a speech bubble. That will quote the whole post (coding and formatting included). Then, if you wish, you can trim it down to only the part you want to quote.
(Also, this is a good way to figure out how to do things you don't know how to do -- find someone who has and see what they typed)

If those three methods don't work, I'd recommend asking a mod. Probably a bug.

it'll look like this!
@Rac how do I get a badge?

That depends on the badge. Most of them should be automatic, though I'm not sure about "Promoter"

And I was never notified of this @ somehow.

I mean like political s!ime has "Midterms suck as his do I have to be master to get one?

Oh no

Those are for Mods/Staff



So, that's a title.

You can use certain badges, like Master and First Flag, as titles.

Only Mods can have custom titles though.

Does that answer your question?


All of the trust level badges can be used as titles, along with a few special ones like "First Flag." I believe there have been times when custom titles have been given out as rewards, but that's an incredible rarity. Otherwise, only staff members and the mod squad have custom titles.


Can any topic be pinned, or is it only certain topics?

As far as I'm aware, any topic can be pinned, but this is an ability only mods and admins possess.

You can unpin pinned topics for yourself, though. This only means that they won't show up at the top for you. They'll still be pinned for everyone else though.


M'kay, time for some of the cool shtuff

So, the moderators and cast and crew have an official group tag, that being @moderators and @Cast_and_Crew. This does not mean you summon the Mods this way. Just flag the post in question.

Also, a kinda sorta hashtag system has been implemented. Only Topic categories and tags work for it, though, such as:



The hashtag only works if you put a space before the number sign. If you don't, your text will become

big, like this


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