The Boards How-To Topic

so apparently this was added in my hiatus

GG Rac, you the real MVP

That is really useful, here's a list of reasons why!

I don’t actually have a list. This is just really cool.

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Reformatted topic post. Added proper headings and re-arranged items in order to better serve the needs of new users. -legomaster


I forgot how to invite someone to a topic, can you guys help me?

Mobile or desktop?
On mobile it’s at the bottom of the topic under “Topic Controls”
On desktop it’s right next to the reply button.

You just type in the name of who you wanna invite.



If you want to ask Eljay a question, edit your original post in the AMA topic and add your question. If it is something a bit more private, you can send him a PM by clicking your little avatar on the top right hand corner and opening the little envelop. There you will find a page that looks like this:

Click on New Message and a box will appear:

All you have to do now is type in Eljay’s name into the Add a user box, fill in a title in the box below it, and add in your question in the large box below that.

The likeliness of him answering the PM question is less than a question asked in the AMA, though.


thank you.

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How do you upload an audio file in a post?

You can link to audio files on Dropbox or SoundCloud. The Boards should automatically embed the audio.


Does anybody know how to onebox?

Are you trying to interface Onebox with the Boards?

No, onebox, as in the badge.

Oh, oneboxing refers to when you post the text form of a link, i.e.

The Boards How-To Topic

And the boards automatically convert it into a small “snapshot” of whatever it is you’re linking to, like this:

It happens anytime you link to another boards topic with no spaces before the link, plus it affects some other sites I think.



YouTube, Amazon, and I think a few others.

Hey there! I recently saw that there exist the exist the reader badge. To take it, I need to read a topic with at least 100 posts. Do you know a topic with at least 100 posts? Can you link me it please? I will be very happy if you do it, and if that post will have tons of images.

I want a new badge too


We actually have search parameters that can help you find topics with over a hundred posts. Here’s how to access them:

1- Open the search bar and click on “options”.

2- Make the “minimum post count” as high as you want and then make a search.



I really need to read them all or just I can see them?

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