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I mean, technically you could just scroll through all of them. The Boards' software can't tell the difference.

That being said, you'd probably be better off reading through a topic that actually interests you. You're bound to find something if you use that advanced search picture.


Thank you very much!

What are the specifics of how the polls work? As in, are folks able to vote and the only way to end the voting is to close it?

How do I delete my account?

@dewson12 Ask a mod to deactivate it

How do i post images on mobile?

When you create a new post, there should be blue text that says "Upload". Press that, and you can either take a live picture to upload, or choose from your phone's current library.

For example, I'm on mobile right now. If I press upload...

...I can upload this screenshot!


Thanks! Now i know :slight_smile:


Hey, so I'm sure someone has asked this before, but how do you do the strikethrough text?

[ s ] [ / s ]

No spaces tho

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Thanks man. Now lets just hope that I can remember this time

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Question: how do you make tiny text?


You put 6 "#" before the text, there's probably a better way though

Thank you.

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But how can i post pictures? (Im so noob)

On mobile there should be an upload button in the bottom right hand corner. On desktop in the upper bar, there should be an arrow pointing upward, just click on that

It doesnt work

How can I make a link in form of a word of a sentence?

You can also try dragging and dropping the picture into your post (on Desktop)

Easy enough. Simply have the text you want to be a link in brackets, and the link immediately afterward in parentheses, like so:

[TTV Channel]-(
Remove the hyphen in between, you get
TTV Channel


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Let me try.
[TTV Channel]-(
I can't.