The Bohrok Buster

Well he can easily crush the bohrok.

Also I see I’m not the only one who noticed how much this looks like Emmitt’s Mech.


It big and a little busy, but it’s sheer size and good construction make this a fantastic mech. Well done.

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This seems like a bit overkill for dealing with Bohrok

This looks really impressive and solid for such a big build!

Great job man!

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This is one of if not the best mech Moc I’ve ever seen. Nice work!

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I got to admit this looks really freakin’ great!
The name fits it very well.

While is it kind of messy, HOLY JES-

this is nice
electronic weapons of doom
combined with a really big hand


Oh…ohmygawd…I’m blown away

this is what Nuparu is going to sound like to me from now on:


Wow… This is impressive… 10/10.

I think the only nitpick I can make is that it more looks like something you would see in a Technic or robotics line rather than Bionicle.

Certainly blows away my crappy Matoran mech…

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Most impressive. (I’ll leave this here, seeing as it’s what I immediately thought of when seeing it.)

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I am getting some very strong Aliens vibes from this. I love it.

Definitely has some resemblance to a Dreadnought in the torso area.

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Very impressive build! Looking awesome!

That things huge

Apparently building construction mech suits…wait, is it just me or does Nya share this trait with Nuparu? They both build stuff in their spare time. Especially mech suits.

NyaXNuparu confirmed.


This relationship is getting pretty serious…

“I thought you said robots couldn’t love…”

The references r reelz


Ha! You make it seem like the worlds are connected in some way, almost like realms…oh spoiler alert

wow, this is really good, but could you give a tutorial on how to make Nuparu because I am intrigued by the build.

I fell in love with this doc and its whole idea, on top for my natural appreciation for nuparu as a character! take this as a token of my appreciation!