The Bohrok Va?


Nuhvok Va doesn’t look too bad, but Tahnok Va looks a bit too chunky.

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like G2 Va

I like them


They look pretty interesting, but it is hard to see their backs

The really nothing to see on there back

Nice. Can you make the other four, please?

Shouldn’t they have backpacks?

They look kinda awkward, idk something feels off.

I got to say these look sweet.
Though I wish the chests are colored with the secondary colors instead of the primary.

I recommend getting better quality pictures. Get lots of pictures so you don’t have to upload blurry ones. Also I’d recommend a background. Even just taping a white piece of paper to the wall would work. Clear everything from the place where your taking the picture. Get good lighting too. Natural light is the best, try to take pictures at the brightest point in the day. If it’s late you could turn on a light, but it makes the picture look yellow. Never use flash. Another thing is to get good angles. No one can judge a MOC they can’t fully see. Get an image from the front, side, back, and an action pose.


Sorry can’t make the other ones don’t have them,I do have pahrak but I don’t have br