The Bone Knight

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This is bone knight he is a bounty hunter from a unknown planet his origins are unknown and his name is unknown the one thing that people know about him is that he speaks in hands .

he collects heads from different types of creatures
he hunts for sport
he is older then the earth its self
he is watching
he is here
and he is dangerous
He collects the bones of his enemies giving him the name bone knight
no one has lived to tell the tail apart from me
if you are reading this then you are on his list


The legs are pretty short for that massive body, the red pins are way too exposed, and he’s just cluttered.
Also I gotta say that he doesn’t scream “bone-themed” to me.

Not very “boney”, however he is a very creative build from what I see, however the legs are a little short, but that just might be the little HF piece below his waist.

Not all skeletons have to look like sans or papyrus from undertale

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How is that relevant…? :stuck_out_tongue: I agree, but if his name has “bone” in it, you’d expect some bones. It’s not really a problem, exactly, just a nitpick tbh.

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he’ll have to get in line

he doesn’t really feel like a skeleton to me, but i do see the knight aspect

Please read the info about his name

I did, and I suppose that does cover for the name (I do suggest adding some bone pieces as a necklace or such, that would be really cool).

true that

Ok… I think I must prepare the bunker…

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So wait, like, sign language? The have that in ayylmao land?


I’m seeing the Knight, but where’s the bone?

Really cool style to the charater.

The bones…The bones…

(Vine sauce reference)