The Bronze Villager (painted)

I made this moc a few months ago, when I was thinking into getting Warhammer, I decided to paint up a small Bionicle; piece by piece.

By now he is disassembled, and I’m still trying to get the paint off (acrylic). Five thin layers on each part doesn’t come off so easily!

Criticism isn’t really that useful to me, as I won’t be painting Bionicles again (some parts did break), though I wouldn’t mind some on the painting, the build of it is a joke.

No scores out of ten, or any other number please; they’re not useful. At all. Really.


It’s like the statue of liberty

anyway why

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i never thought of it that way…

I was getting tired of making full on Mocs, and wanted to experiment with painting models. I ended up not liking it, found it soooo tedious. Wax on, wax off.


I think of it as an Okotian Statue, held up high in the Stadiums of old to honor their praised athletes, but that is just my opinion. :smile:


well I mean

the Statue of Liberty is, I think, copper or bronze purely, the green thing is just rust, which is why it reminded me of it


I think the paint job looks really good reminds me of the muaka infected masks


He’s really skinny.

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other than no chest armor, looks really cool



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I think it look more like infected of mutated rater than bronze… but neverless I love it. ^^

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You created an epic mask- it looks like something you would get from an inside tour(?), like the trans blue Gali mask. Or something from an exclusive Lego polybag.

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It looks awesome, though you need to cover up the holes in the middle i feel, just looks odd being able to see through a villager. Could probably use some of those pins and paint those, think it would work :3

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I was thinking that halfway through painting everything, but then I was like “ech I can’t be bothered”


Wow, thanks, never thought of it that way.


Eh, close enough to infected, the brown tearing away at the pure green.



I was thinking of that most of the time I was painting it, but never bothered to close it up…


Thanks, again, I never thought of it being “infected”, though it makes sense now that I think of it that way.


Pfft anorexia


Thinking that, I partly wish I didn’t take it apart and (mostly) scratch the paint off. But ah well whatever.


/s :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Seriously, though. It looks really cool.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be a worn statue in the abandoned city on Okoto. I like the idea.