The Brotherhood of Makuta - Kindrix

Name: Kindrix
Assigned region: none
Kanohi: Sayin, Great Mask of Negation
Status: Active


When it came to creating Rahi, Kindrix stood out even among her fellow Makuta. She was known to work nonstop on one Rahi after the next, hardly ever leaving her laboratory. While most other Makuta sooner or later started with creating ever more dangerous predators, Kindrix stayed true to the original task of the brotherhood and filled the Matoran Universe with life, both useful to the Matoran or indifferent to them. Especially small Rahi, like the Kereta, were Kindrix' favorite subjects.

Kindrix never thought of the brotherhood as an organization, that should intervene in the ongoings of the Matoran Universe more than necessary, thus not approving Miserix' plans of the Makuta watching out over the universe after the Matoran civil war in Metru Nui. However, much less she approved Teridax' notion of actually taking Mata Nui's place, so she took Miserix' side over the question, who should lead the brotherhood. But when Kindrix noticed, how few supporters Miserix had, she reluctantly went over to Teridax, so she could at least from time to time continue to make Rahi, as there was no question, what would happen to Miserix once Teridax was leader.

Kindrix, though, had no idea, that even her initial support for Miserix would be enough to get her in serious trouble. She was somewhat surprised, when Makutas Gorast and Icarax showed up in her lab to "discuss" her position in the brotherhood. Being no fighter, Kindrix was quickly defeated, but before anyone had a chance to actually kill her, Chirox showed up and managed to convince Gorast and Icarax, that experimenting with a Makuta could yield some interesting information and surely Kindrix would be in no shape to give anyone much trouble. So the only thing Icarax and Gorast took with them was Kindrix' mask, to mount in the meeting hall, while Chirox brought her unconcious body to one of his secret labs on some remote island.

In the following years, Chirox kept her nearly constantly in a coma while exposing her to one mutagenic substance after another, sapping away most of her powers in the process, as well as making her organic again.

Main Universe:
She finally died during the Great Cataclysm, when teh vat she was in was shattered.

Alternate Universe:
Finally a white armored mercenary named Scordan, working for the Order of Mata Nui infiltrated the lab and found her. He freed her and took Kindrix back to Daxia, where no one believed her being a Makuta. However Helryx finally trusted her enough to offer her a place within the Order, but Kindrix refused. Instead she declared, she would pay back her debt towards Scordan by accompanying him on his missions and search for Chirox along the way.

It was some time later, that she learned about the fate, not just Chirox, but also Gorast and Icarax had met in Karda Nui. After that Kindrix stayed with Scordan.

When Teridax was killed and the Matoran Universe was being evacuated, Kindrix followed Scordan back into the Great Spirit Robot in search of artifacts and survivors.

Kindrix's mask, the Kanohi Sayin, Great Mask of Negation allowed her to nullify all kinds of non-physical effects targeted at her or around her (for example she could nullify psionik powers like telepathy, but couldn't stop a flame blast).
As she never was a warrior, nor wanted to be one, she carried no weapons and relied on her powers, if needed.

Kindrix controlled the 42 Kraata powers, could create Kraata and absorb other living things into her substance. She was very skilled at creating Rahi.
For her mutated form, see here.

So, about this MOC ... I started building as soon as I announced the Brotherhood Project. It started with the legs and the arms, the torso and head were a bit difficult, and finally the wings.
I tried to make both, this form and the mutated one resemble one another somewhat and if you take a close look, I think I succeeded.
I chose this colour scheme, because it was, what I had and surprisingly those white parts work pretty well with the black and silver.
Oh, and if you want a closer look at that Rahi in pic 1, here you go.

Anyways, I hope you like Kindrix and if you want to participate in the Brotherhood project, then have a look here.


Very solid build, and good color scheme for a Makuta. I love him!

Read the description; it's a she.

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Even better then! :smiley:

Im sorry to be that guy but...


She is one of the better entries to the collaboration.
Now I feel really bad about mine.

She's got a very intimidating appearance and the foot and leg designs are great. The only thing I could say is that her mutated form could resemble this form more (or vice versa)


Well, the black pins were all used on Makuta Jarnat. :wink:


Thanks a lot!
Well, I think at least the torso and the arms of the mutated version resemble this version quiet a lot (or rather the other way around, as I built the mutated version first). As for the head, the mutated version isn't supposed to wear a mask, so naturally it looks different.
With the legs, of course, you're right. I think I said on the topic of the mutated version, that I ran a bit out of parts, when I came to the legs. However, I tried to resemble the shin guards of the mutated version somewhat here.
And those golden tubes on the back of the mutated version are what remained of the wings, I guess.

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