The Brotherhood of Makuta - What About a Community MOC Project?


and no, i wasn’t.

Ok, time for the announcement of the outcome of the “clean up”.

I’ll remove the following people from the list (you can join again as long as there are Makuta left):

@Overlord, @The_Wanderer, @h1vem1nd, @mravacadomonkey, @E44, @LurkingEhlek, @kanohippy, @Whovian41110

If I made a mistake, please tell me!

Updated list is in post 762
Rules can be found in post 762 and additions in post 1

@Gilahu Has anyone requested Whovian’s female MOC yet, because if not I’d like to try it Also, how do I go about submitting my Makuta? Never posted a MOC on the boards before.

You’d just make a regular MOC topic just like any other, and reference this topic either in name or with a hyperlink.

Just poke around and look at some other MOC topics and it’s pretty easy to figure out.

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@Ekorak thanks!

Makuta Vyrdran awaiting acceptance.

Edited for Double Post - Waj

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As soon as Vyrdran is accepted you can go for a female Makuta if you want - as long as the spot is still free until then.
Ask again once Vyrdran is accepted.

Updated list is in post 762
Rules can be found in post 762 and additions in post 1

I’ve revised Vyrdran’s story, but I’m not sure if this version meets criteria either. If not than I’ll go with your suggestion. I’m still looking for a replacement for the Nuva shoulders, so if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.


I might decide to do this. Makuta that have been hampered permanently in their powers/form still allowed?


In general yes, but they have to die before the Matoran return to Metru Nui.
I’m not sure if you read the updated rules, so definitely have a look there, too.

Updated list is in post 762
Rules can be found in post 762 and additions in post 1

Sorry I’ve been taking so long on mine, stuffs been getting in the way and I haven’t had a chance to buy parts.

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If anyone is interested, here’s a quick summary + comments on progress on the Book of the Brotherhood and the drawings:

I finished 43 drawings thus far and am working on the 44th. It’s interesting how much better I’ve gotten since I started. The first couple of drawings where kinda “simple” and got steadily more detailed… heck, by looking only at the drawings you might actually be able to build whole parts of the simpler Makuta MOCs by now…
Also I have somehow developed a tendancy to… “extend” the clothing if the Makuta wears a cape or something or just adding capes and such stuff if I feel like it - recognizing the MOC the drawing is based on gets a little more difficult due to that and I’m not totally sure if Bionicle characters wearing robes is a terribly good idea, but for the moment I think it works…
I still mostly suck at designing non-canon Kanohi designs, though…

The offer still stands that you can design a Kanohi for your MOC if I haven’t already drawn it.

Currently work isn’t coming along very fast - I’m somehow simply lacking the motivation at the moment. Must have been only one text I finished within the last 6 weeks… And unfortunately there’s quite some writing for university ahead, too. Don’t fear, though, I’m definitely going to finish this somewhen… only perhaps not within this year… or next year… or the year after that…
But hey, 30 texts this far which amounts to about… 20-25 pages of text.

Anyways, there are still 37 Makuta missing, so keep up the work yourselves!

Updated list is in post 762
Rules can be found in post 762 and additions in post 1
New backstory added to post 762


Don’t worry, robes are awesome.

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While it’s obviously your choice or what direction to take artistically, I hope you didn’t cloth Marzek too much. I’m rather proud of how I designed his armour. xD

(and they also allow me to “hide” parts of the MOC that I otherwise would have to spent quite some time on to draw in full detail ;))


If I remember correctly I stuck to his cape/cloak as the only piece of clothing - so nothing to fear :stuck_out_tongue:
Even his mask is one of the better designed ones in my opinion… probably mostly due to me sticking to the design of the mask the MOC actually wears…

Updated list is in post 762
Rules can be found in post 762 and additions in post 1


New updated list can be found in post 993!


Would you mind if I made the project trailer public on my channel?

Sure, go ahead.

After all anyone can in theory access it anyways through the link below the Chroniclers’ Convergence video on YouTube…

Updated list is in post 829
Rules can be found in post 829 and additions in post 1

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That’s, right, I’ve forgotten to mention.
Basically, after reading all over the rules and whatnot, I plan to remake my Makuta MOCS.
Though Fenerak and Vulon have been already built, inplant to remake them into there ‘original forms’, since I’ve been struggling with straight up revamping them.
As for Adrion, my original concept for him is very much difficult for me to make in LEGO, so I’ll also do an ‘original form’ for him as well.
From this, I’ll also write down there Biographies as well.
Because I’ve got holidays coming up very soon, I should be able to get them done ASAP.

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Unfortunately, after tinkering with Vyrdran for over two hours, I was unable to find a good-looking replacement for the Nuva shoulders, so I guess if it’s not a deal-breaker then they’re here to stay. I rewrote the biography again, so hopefully it works. If not just let me know and I’ll go back to the drawing board.

Also, I just saw the entry into Chroniclers Convergence and it looks great! Props to everyone involved!

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RIP, no love for Chirox

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