The Brotherhood of Makuta - What About a Community MOC Project?

Um… Could you please make your own topic for this?

I can now also upload KRIKA!

How does this look?
I call it… Uloki.


Plz post in own topic.


Okay, I now have plans for making 3 Makuta, 2 male and 1 female. Reserve these Makuta :smiley:

I guess I’ll reserve my place and take a female Makuta.

I made a male Makuta.

Well, I’ll (try) to do one. It may or may not get buried in all the other MOCs i’m doing right now :confused:

Sign me up for one of the male giant green gas tanks :tongue:

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Since Gantil is going to be posted in a day or so, I guess I can take another male.

Please update pics just on your MOC’s own topic to don’t clutter this topic overmuch with pictures, thanks.

As there’s no time limit, I’ll leave you on the list for now. Hopefully you will find time somewhen.

Thanks for helping me out a bit here! :grinning:

I’ll note them down.


@Rac (and all those who want to participate)
Again, as we have plenty of Makuta left, that’s no big problem now, but please wait for an OK from me, until you upload your Makuta and imply, that he or she is part of the Brotherhood Project, thanks.
@Rac your Makuta is accepted.



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OK, sorry, I’m an impulsive builder and just randomly built a MOC that day.

Can I reserve one of the Makuta kept alive to make Rahkshi? No one has shown any love for them yet.

Also: 10 down, 90 to go.


Sure you can. Male or female?

I don’t exactly understand this. Are there any Makuta left I could do?


The list above shows the different Makuta and behind them the persons who’re going to build them. If there is a ? behind the name of a Makuta, no one has so far volunteered to build him/her. Also “59” other male Makuta for example meens, that there are 59 male Makuta left to do, for which there is neither a name, nor a story, nor someone who wants to MOC them.

So if you want to do a Makuta you have to choose either one with a “?” behind the name or tell me that you want to do a new male or female Makuta. after that, I’ll put you on the list and when your MOC is finished as a topic on its own I’ll make the name on the list a link to your MOC.

Or, to put it short, yes, there are Makuta left. :wink:

Male. Gorast was the last female Makuta by the events of 2008.

This is the first I’ve heard of such a claim, have you the capability to verify?

It was in a book somewhere, plus it was on the Bionicle wiki. I know, wiki isn’t the most trustworthy, but I used it to prove what I already knew, since I couldn’t find the info on BS01.

Which book?

I’m trying to find it again.

I didn’t know, too, but here’s what I found on the german Chronist Wiki after a bit of research:

  • Gorast was the last female Makuta
  • about the time where the Toa Nuva entered Karda Nui, there were just 15 Makuta still alive:
    1 --> Teridax
    9 --> the 8 that died in Karda Nui, namely Antroz, Chirox, Vamprah, Icarax, Mutran, Gorast, Krika, Bitil
    10 --> the Makuta of Stelt, killed by Miserix
    11 --> Spiriah (no part of the brotherhood anymore by then), killed by Miserix
    12 --> Tridax, killed by Tobduk
    13 --> Miserix (no part of the brotherhood anymore)

and thus:
15 --> two other male Makuta, Teridax used to create Kraata and Rahkshi, before he killed them eventually

So there are two Makuta to assign.

Thanks, that you pointed that out! After all we want to make the Brotherhood project as much canon, as we as mere fans can.

I’ll put you on the list.

OK, so:
I can’t find the info in the three 08 books or Makuta’s guide to the Universe.
It isn’t in the serials.
I can’t get on BS01 at all due to a wiki skin issue, whatever that means.
I’m stuck.

Edit: using the Wayback machine, I confirmed the trivia was not on the BIONICLE site in 08.
Edit 2: I did find the info o Chronist Wiki, so there’s that.
It seems likely Greg said it.