The Brotherhood of Makuta: Xoth and Isthra

Note: outdated backstory:

"Makuta do not have friends." An empty statement. Some Makuta have friends just like any other species. Xoth and Isthra are an an example, Though they are as different as friends can be. They were also an example of how light and Dark aren't as clear as they seem.
Isthra was a a fierce Makuta who rarely showed kindness or mercy, and she enjoyed inspiring fear in her enemies. Xoth, on the other hand, was a a timid Makuta who was even afraid to kill. When Teridax rebelled against Mata Nui, Isthra refused to betray Miserix. Xoth had always hated Teridax, but he was afraid to go against Teridax. As a cruel joke, Teridax assigned Xoth the task of eliminating Isthra. Xoth was unable to do so, and Isthra implored him to join her. Instead, he ran away from her. Gorast hunted and killed Isthra. Upon hearing of this, Xoth vowed to stop the Makuta. He tried to kill Gorast. Instead, Gorast killed him. Ha ha.

Name: Xoth
Assigned region: none
Kanohi: Rau, Mask of Translation
Status: Dead

Lost his hands before the Makuta evolved, never replaced them.

Name: Isthra
Assigned region: none
Kanohi: Othla, Great Mask of Fear
Status: Dead

She wields a staff and a claw weapon.


Both look like toa. I dunno how to explain why, but they look a lot like... good people.

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They look nice, but I think they could IMO use different masks.
I don't know why but the story reminds my of macbeth


They're ok, I guess.

I think they look a bit cluttered on legs and arms and perhaps you could have added a bit to Xoth's colour scheme, but I like the scale of them and their tosos.

I'm happy, you participated!

Good use of the Ben 10 leg piece on the one, but my only gripe is they're too bright...they don't look like creatures of Shadow. Otherwise, good builds!

They're no brighter than a bright yellow Bitil.

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They look pretty good, and I really like the blue one's color scheme.