The Brotherhood of Makuta: Zurta

May I present Zurta: the fish Makuta!

Story: when Mata Nui created Zurta, a glitch caused Zurta to have a large fish-like dorsal fin. Mata Nui amped up Zurta’s shapeshifting powers in an attempt to allow him to get rid of the spine, but no matter what form Zurta took the spine remained. Zurta embraced this, taking a fish-like form. He began supervising the creation of all aquatic Rahi, and was responsible for the creation of the first Sea Rahi (the ones from Adventures#5).
During the war between the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta, Zurta took it upon himself to attack Dark Hunter boats from underwater. Using his enhanced shapeshifting abilities, he was able to take the form of boats that led the unsuspecting Dark Hunters to their doom. This tactic only worked a few times before the DH’s learned to check the bottom of their boats for a blue dorsal fin.
565 years after the Great Cataclysm, the Dark Hunters were hired by a Skakdi ruler to eliminate a group of Matoran the Skakdi believed to be thieves. The Matoran had been stranded on a small island, but Zurta offered them a ride to the mainland in his boat form. The boat was attacked by the DH’s and took many blasts from their cannons, barely making it to shore. After dropping off the Matoran, Zurta attacked the Dark Hunters. In the fight that ensued, all of the Dark Hunters were killed and Zurtaaa was mortally wounded. The Matoran went on to tell the tale of the heroic Makuta who saved them.

The MOC: I liked the dark azure on Tahu 2016, but thought he didn’t have enough, so I decided the world needed a dark azure and red MOC. I also gave it waist turning like the 2016 sets have.

Things I tore apart to make this MOC: Ackar, Perditus, Gali Uniter, Gali Master, Akida, Kivoda, Firedracax, rocket Tahu, Rocket Onua, my sister.


Looks… dangly.

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This scares me.

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To be totally honest… I think it look nothing like a makuta…I mean the word “makuta” doesn’t come into my mind when I look at these pictures.

I don#t know exactly what it is about him that bothers me… but something is there… is just doesn’t look right, to me at least but if you make him look like this intentionally is guess I could get used to it… simply by creating my own stories why he looks hte way is does. xD

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Ok … Well, let’s start with the story:

That part about his fin is … interesting and I can live with him being able to turn into a … boat. But to turn himself into an armada of boats? No way. He could use illusions for that, but not this.

As to the MOC, I agree with MakutaKirakh here: He doesn’t really look like a Makuta. I can’t say, that I’m liking the colour scheme overmuch for a start, either, but I can live with it. The torso is actually built quite well, but the arms and legs are far too thin for my liking. I also don’t really get a fishy look here.

I personally would probably shorten the torso a bit and make arms and legs thicker, which should then be easier, because they don’t have to be that long anymore to fit the proportions of a shorter body. A little more azure on the front of him may perhaps also be a good idea, if you want to keep that colour scheme.

So seeing as you already did three other Makuta for the Brotherhood project, I would recommend you to work a little bit more on Zurta.

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The idea here was that he could do this because of his amped-up Shapeshifting abilities. I mean, if a Rahi can look like an empty room, why can’t a Makuta look like a group of boats? But I can change it if need be, it’s just a side detail to show his power.

Yeah, in hindsight maybe starting with a huge fin and tryng to proportion everything else wasn’t the best idea.
Thanks for the critique.


My problem about that armada of boats is, that I can accept that one being can ■■■■■■■■■■ into one thing, but not that one being can split up and ■■■■■■■■■■ into multiple things at once. It just … doesn’t work for me.

His inhanced abilities to ■■■■■■■■■■ would already come to bear when he turns into a boat, I guess. I’m not perfectly sure on this, but can any other Makuta ■■■■■■■■■■ into something that isn’t a living thing normally?

The BS01 page seems to imply that it’s locked so that you can’t go from living to non-living and vice versa. So while the Makuta normally can’t imitate a boat, the Batterra can’t resemble living objects. So I guess Zurta could bypass that?

And I was thinking that the multiple objects would all be connected by an energy link that, while invisible to the naked eye, would be very easy to detect and/or break, which would… I’m guessing it would either kill Zurta or do a significant amount of damage to him. However, since these are boats on the water, it’s unlikely anyone would be in-between them to detect it.
Just a suggestion. If it doesn’t work for you, I’ll just edit that out.

Also, new MOC pics.

  1. added hands and weapons
  2. shortened.
  3. bulked up the arms.

He has a tentacle and a torpedo blaster (water weapons, of course)

(had to lay him down for that shot so light would shine on the weapon)


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Yes, way better. His waist is perhaps a little thin now, but that’s not really a problem for me.

If you already have the Uniter Tahu, you could perhaps add those blue Bohrok eyes to Zurta’s upper arms to spread the blue colour a bit more

As to the boat armada thing - change it so he can just be one thing at a time. A single boat can lead others to their doom as well. Or you go for his illusion powers in that case.

Change that part of his story and he will be accepted. :smile:

There. That works.

Also, Tahu is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I’ll try that!

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