The Builders Four - Kelt's semi personal team of metal workers

The Builders Four is a group of four assorted, and fairly eccentric Matoran, all dislike for some reason or other by others, who teamed together to form a team of builders for hire.

They are quite literally willing to build anything so long as their client has the widgets, and they are highly skilled in both skill and working in cohesion with their assigned tasks. Which is shown quite well by their current relationship with Kelt, the madman quite literally being their biggest costumer and near proprietor of their business with the amount he’s given them and the light they hold him in.

He practically payed for their entire workshop, gave each unique tools he invented, and quite literally only trusts them with his designs and the task of building them.

#The Team’s members:


Ikuli is not your average Le-Matoran. While he’s not that noticeably different personality wise, besides a tendency for menacing cackles, its when you get into his ‘enjoyments’ that his differences really show themselves.

Ikuli has a love of cutting, especially trees. From carving the to pieces, to just listening to the sound as they crash on the ground he enjoys it all to a degree that only makes an already disturbing like for one of his type even more so.

He was quite literally banned from Le-Metru after his attempts to cut down near every tree (and various other tree like objects) at least once.

Since then he was picked up by the group, becoming their protodermis cutter/shaper once he showed his skill in the task.

Titles/job: Ikuli - The Cutter, Exiled Le-Matoran

Element: Air

Kanohi: Powerless Matatu

Personality: While Ikuli is not much more crazed than the average Le-Matoran he’s very obsessive over what he enjoys. Taking it to limits that can unnerve others and lead to potential consequences of varying degrees of severity.

Tool: Kelt gifted Ikuli with what he calls an Acid-saw, the container hooked to Ikeli’s back holding a venom-mix of unknown properties which is converted into a slightly acidic form as it travels onto the saw, coating the blade in a thin layer that provides a significant increase in cutting ease and smoothness of the cuts.

The blade is more than sharp and sturdy enough to work without the venom.


Gatora has a similar, if lessened, anger issue to Dalu. While not enough to be truly aggressive it was more than enough to darken her personality to a noticeable level of difference to other Ga-Matoran.

After dealing with years of wary looks and a feigned lack of discomfort from others or her kind she left Ga-Metru and later encountered and joined the forming team of The Builders Four once her skill in welding was discovered, having found an interest in such during her time within Ga-Metru

Titles/job: The Welder, Mirrored Ga-Matoran

Element: Water

Kanohi: Powerless Huna

Personality: Gatora’s a grump, while at a lesser level with her teammates and Kelt she still carries a low level of aggression and irritance. In truth the one person she seems to get along with perfectly is Velta and that so far appears to be due to their similar personalities.

Tool: Kelt gifted Gatora with what he calls a heat-beam, an item that can fire a visible beam of heat, its power varies on how long the device is charged for but its base setting is enough to easily weld pieces of protodermis together, albeit taking some time and actually cutting through a piece would take much longer.

The device can also overheat and physically melt down if charged to extreme levels.


Ignite was originally a Ta-Matoran part smelter, one of the workers that melted down the viable failed projects into reusable protodermis.

Ever since the first day of his work Ignite has found himself fascinated by fire and its power. His fascination later evolved into an ever-deepening, and ever disturbing obsession with it. Choosing to forgo the necessary protection so he could be closer to the flames and constantly taking tasks and attempting to change his job to further increase the amount of time and closeness he could spend to the fire.

This lead to his armor becoming so scorched and heated that much of his body was bleached a dirty grayish silver and white. It also later resulted in an attempt to reassign him to a different job, mainly due to both the disturbance he was causing among his fellow workers and the fear for his safety. Which ended up resulting in quite a violent outburst from Ignite before he left Ta-Metru, joining the soon to be named Builders Four group once he discovered the had no qualms with his ‘love’ so long as he didn’t die

Ignite is not actually his name, it’s in truth his own chosen nickname, his actual name long forgotten to all but himself, and he’ll never speak it.

Titles/Job: The carver, Lover of the flames, Scorched Ta-Matoran

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Powerless Mahiki

Personality: Ignite, unlike Ikuli is noticeably crazed. From an obsessive love of fire that’s far past the borderline of disturbing, to his dark and usually threatening jokes and comments, and the manic laugh and grin that he carries.

Tool: Kelt gave Ignite a pair of Extendo-cutters. Two hooks, permanently sharpened to a degree that they can easily carve into hardened protodermis, actually cutting pieces takes significantly more effort, and both connected to a pair of extendable handles, easily allowing them to stretch to a length 2-3 times Ignite’s height.

They’re also nearly impossible to melt, requiring levels even most Toa of Fire would struggle with, or at last significantly drain their power to reach.


Lehine is the founder and ‘face’ of The Builders Four. Since his origins he’s noticed he differs from other Ko-Matoran. Where they are gruff and silent he is cheerful and talkative. Where they are stern and steadfast he is sly and bendable, willing to do many a thing to get what he wants and convince others he’s on their side.

He’s always been bored of their way of life, finding little enjoyment in staring at the stars for any time or reason greater than some basic appreciation, so he left, traveling Metru-Nui and learning as he attempted to figure out what to do with his life.

He eventually settled on the smelting, realizing the importance it carries and discovering an aptitude for hammer work and shaping. He decided to form a business, a small group of selected Matoran, all with the necessary skills to compliment each other, and all ones just different enough that they’d be willing to be part of nigh any deal, no matter the potential shadiness.

He eventually settled on the three he now considers his friends, setting up a small shop. At first they struggled, few wanting to hire such an odd team, or even believing them to have their claimed skill, before they met Kelt. Soon after their first job for him, just a small, uncomplicated device, they found themselves being donated a fully stocked and expensive shop, Kelt informing them he wished for them to be his personal mechanics and that they’d been some of the most skilled individuals he’d met even with their previously crude and unkempt tools and shop.

Since then they have gained a good amount of popularity and reputation, Kelt also helping to spread word of them. He also gave them a long range communication device that allowed him to send them messages and invention plans even when he was islands away from Metru-Nui.

Titles/Job: The Builder, Workshop head/greeter, The ‘people’ Ko-Matoran

Element: Ice

Kanohi: Powerless Mahiki

Personality: Lehine is sly, manipulative with a natural friendliness his type are known to lack. It’s difficult to tell what he’s thinking, and even more so to trust him once you know of the true self of lies he hides behind his smile.

Despite this Kelt and his team trust him to an unbelievable degree.

Tool: Lehine uses a hammer-type tool, aptly named a Flattener by Kelt.

The hammer is designed to, when hit against an object to spread internal tremors throughout it that temporarily elasticize the metal to a minor degree, allowing for it to be bent and flattened to a much easier degree.

If hit against another being it would most likely cause mild disorientation or numbness dependent on if it was the chest or a limb that was hit.

The hammer is sturdy enough that when combined with Lehine’s strength and its tremor ability to shatter, or at least crack a joint if it was directly hit against one.

He also uses a basic detail carver/screw driver, allowing him to carve out/fix minor imperfections.


Also as a bonus, here, have a look at The Builders Four’s mascot, Snippet the proto-worm!


Snippet is a Proto-worm, a small, semi-sentient/intelligent rahi known for eating protodermis and converting it into a purified state.

They’re considered a pest of sorts, generally kept out of the cities and contained to the scrap heaps to convert the failed projects that can’t be ‘naturally’ melted into a usable state.

Snippet was found injured by Ikuli a few days after the finalization of his group, and brought back to be debated over with the other members. They had a unanimous agreement to heal Snippet, who quickly became a sort of unofficial mascot, a title which was further strengthened when Ikuli named him, before they once again unanimously agreed to make him their official mascot.

Job: Mascot of The Builders Four

Personality: Snippet is very nervous around new Matoran and other beings that are larger than him besides the group and Kelt. Not counting Velta who he’s terrified of.

Snippet is usually found with Ikuli, his favorite member of the group, and also the one Snippet has the easiest time relaxing around


Nice story idea! No one really cares about matoran all that much do they? Nice to see them get some spotlight