The Burning Experimentist, Agilo

So... I'm back. Even though it's been less than a day or so since my first post, but eh, daily posts are good, right?
Anyways... here's The Burning Experimentist, Agilo



Gender: Male

Race: Artificial Demon

Inspirations: DIO (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Weapon)

Story: The director of the artificial demon experiments, he invented the extraction device, along with seeing all events of the experiments with his own eyes, he knows the entire creation of the artificial demons back to front. After the killing of all the unstable lab rats, he escaped with the files, along with burning the place down. The only other things that survived were some of the equipment, and 1 guard unit, that one being Lambda (who will be posted sometime, it'll be in the replies once it's up). He then gave himself the gene, and obtained an abbadonic weapon (which is explained in my first post, Self moc Xeroni) from the black market demon, Mastema (Again, in a later post). His goal is to find Xeroni as he is the only surviving test subject, along with the fact that he is trying to find him to protect him from the unknown god. Enough anime level plot, lets get to his powers and weapons:

Weapons: Abbadonic weapon, named Checkmate

Agilo's AW is named Checkmate, and it is a set of throwing knives. The knives constantly replenish in bunches of 3, and they can't be seperated.

Powers: Fire setting
Kind've basic, Agilo has the ability to control fire. Kind've. Technically he has the ability to set any part of his body, or Checkmate on fire. Though, the fire is stronger on Checkmate as it is a white fire, and the fire can be blown out by extremely powerful gusts of wind.


Throwing Checkmate

Generic Cool Pose

anyways, that's it for now. next will probably the aforementioned Lambda, or as my official name is for it, Guard unit: Lambda.

see you soon!


He is a Lie
he is not Burning


It's a nickname

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You do not understand
when I call a Moc Burning they say he was not on fire


looks a bit like a standard CCBS skeleton, but the head looks good. also he pics are a bit blurry so that doesn't help

Even after my best tries...

anyways, thanks for your 'pinion!