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Your field of vision fades into a wooden floor,
with thunder outside. You hear your footsteps against the wooden floor drowned out by rain,and as you examine the rest of the cabin,you accidentally look into a mirror at yourself. And you realize: you are a monster.

Aight lets do this. So you wake up in a strange cabin in a body not of your own,of a humanoid ghost or monster. The objective in this game is to find a way back to home,wherever that is for your’re character. NOTE: These People can be from any where in the world, from as far back in 1920 to the present day.

Standard Gm rules,no bunnyhopping, godmoding, et cetera .

You are to pick a monster. If you are a dragon Which you better not be, your size must be the size of a horse.
Note: This cabin is only 1100-1600 feet,which is why i want restrictions on the size.
This RP will only start once i have 4-to-6 players at least.

Character formula:

Monster type:
Time period:(where they come from)
Life when human:

Note for weapons: you will only start will less lethal ones,no guns.

The max amount of characters per person is one.

Approved characters:


What’s the world of this RP like?


The idea is that its an eldritch horror world. “You have all been called here.” The characters just don’t know it yet.

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hmmm ok
this is based of one of my friends who loves dis sorta stuff

Name: Orla DangerDawg
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Personality: Snarky, confident, calm and collected, overly sarcastic and dry - loves horror and movies
Appearance: Bottom half is completely light blue ghost tail thing (u know da thing) top half is tattered black robes with silver runes. hands have long claws and torn sleeves that end around her elbows. she has long black hair that ends about her waist with silver tips. she has a large black branches on her back.
Monster type: Water ghost with tree branches on her back
Weapons: two knives and a scythe
Time period: 2009
Powers/abilities: the power to control, create and manipulate water and plantlife. she also has the power to read minds.
As a human: quiet and calm, shy and a bit of a loner. still sarcastic and dry and makes a lotta jokes. she is always the light hearted, jokey one in the situation.


whoa whoa whoa…
You have to give me a better desricption than that.
What kind of powers/abilities?
When i mean appearance,i mean what does she look like what she is right now.
Where does she come from?

ah alright - on it

Just give me a better description of her appearance and who she was as a human and then let me see.

EDIT: Perhaps this may do…

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hmmm, it’d be interesting to join this rp but I’m already involved in two active ones and I don’t know how well I’d be able to balance them

Yea,i just was curious if i made an rp and people joined.

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