The Canon Fodder game!

What have you always wanted canonized?


Alternate endings to the serials?

Overtly stupid stuff?

Here you can finally have your wildest dreams approved as canon!*

The game works somewhat like the give superpowers game. You suggest something as cannon, and the next person to reply will say whether or not it is to be canonized*. At the end of the week, it will be announced what is(and by implication, isn’t) canon! So, uh, hurry up and make your dreams come true.

*canon/canonization is not to be taken seriously, so don’t kill me.

As the first proposal, I propose Hewkii X Macku(ta) as canon :3

-Oh, and as the almighty Gerg Fartsheee I can canonize/deny at will, because arbitrary rules FTW.


I would be a monster to deny that canonization.

I propose Voriki be entered into Canon, though his Mask power is toned down a bit.


I propose candle heads into canon


@JMBane I deny candle heads as canon because the wax might melt and get their masks sticky. :frowning:

@Aria_Blaze I approve Voriki as canon because he is clearly Lariska’s uncle.

I propose that Hero Factory is part of the Bionicle universe.

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fine. Thornaxx fruit on Mata Nui and mangosteen?

I deny Thornax on Mata Nui seeing as they already have explosive fruit, but I don’t see why there wouldn’t be Mangosteen.


No to Thornaxx on Mata-Nui (they belong in 2009) but yes to Mangosteen, in every location. It acts as an elemental boost when you drink it.


I would like to have this not become accepted.

But, I would like to propose that BIONICLE is part of the Hero Factory Universe instead.


Exo toa having sentience?

I accept your proposal

I propose that the Brains were Mutant Kraata sent by Mecha-Makuta.

@JMBane I deny your proposal seeing as it’s already weird enough that the Matoran mechs were made out of living things.


I want @EmperorEljay 's rule to become cannon


Ave Imperator Eljay!


I vote for decanonizing Greg Farshtey.

I also propose that we make the Hydros Chronicles, (and subsequent offshoot series’) canon.

I propose that the Red Star explode.

I also propose that Marendar kill everyone involved in the unfinished serials.

Ichiban, Lipstick For Men should be canon in the Bionicle lore.

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I suggest that My Little Pony x Bionicle fan-fics be canonized.

I’m Gregie too, so I canonize as well! Yay!

Cupcakes are canon!!!

The Mata Nui Robot being an Evangelion should be canon.

So should Instrumentality.

All the matoran turn into tang

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The Acolytes of Candle-Head should be canon.

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But it already is…

Marendar should kill everyone on Spherus Magna.