The CCBS Improvement topic

Gathered friends, welcome, once more, to a topic discussing improvements on CCBS, similar to Aanchir’s Eurobricks thread.
Before we begin, I’d like you to read these rules addressed below.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Keep the discussion long.
    When an idea is submitted, talk about it for at least 10 posts. No off topic discussions allowed!
  2. NO flaming!
    Do not hate on each other. This will lead to chaos in this topic.
  3. No off-topic discussions allowed!
    Please keep the discussion on-topic. If you want to discuss another issue, please create our own other topics.
  4. Submit part pictures.
    If your post is to include a picture, do NOT post a meme or unnecessary photo. Only include pictures of CCBS parts.

…and that is all! Please consider these terms in use:

Module: typical LEGO measurement. 8 cm.

Ball/cup Beam style “A”: Lower arm beams. Used in trans-bright blue prominently in Protector of Ice
Smallest variations: 3 modules

Ball/cup Beam style “B”: Upper arm beams. Used in dark stone grey with Tahu.
Smallest variations: 5 modules

“Shells” 4M variation used on Lewa in Bright Green.
Smallest variations: 3M

Now, I shall call @Chronicler over to moderate this topic, and look over it.
Also included will be @pot8o, as I know he is an avid fan of the CCBS system.
That’s all! Enjoy!


Oh fun, I get to moderate this topic without you consulting me. FUN! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, CCBS is a interesting system. I find one of the flaws is some of the bareness it has in the backside, but if you use the system right (like the new BIONICLE has), this isn’t always a problem.

More covering is something needed to be improved.


If this is talking about ways you think you can make it better, then I personally am not a fan of the smoothness of CCBS’s look. I miss the really detailed designs of the older BIONICLE pieces. I have no experience, and thus, no opinion, in actually building with the system, but I hate the look.


I agree with this. I don’t mind the idea of the shells, but I would like more texture in the future. It makes them more interesting to look at. I’m sure many people can agree with this.


I personally feel that the potential for the CCBS system is very compelling, but it currently isn’t being utilized to it’s full extent. Most of the armor pieces with the system are very bland at this point, but I feel with some technic-like textures it can be really good.

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Its that time when we need new armor pieces as oppose to the ones that we have had since Hero Factory 2.0 series.


Just give texture to the pieces, not prints (those make them look cartoony) and NO STICKERS! (coz i can’t put them on correctly) :smiley:


I am indeed a fan of the system, and I will agree that they need more texture, the smoothness only works on certain types of mocs, and I would love to see more texture

Now as for new parts
recolours of this part in black

Recolours for this part in black too, and more sets with the part
And also, something similar to this part, but with balljoints on either side

thats really about it…
I will write some more later.

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Most here are agreeing that they should make textured shells, it sounds like a good idea but it might be costly

I actually think textured shells (or ones that have a bionicly feel to them, like the original system but as the shells) are already in the pipeline for next year and BIONICLE is only using the smooth ones to keep the HF fanbase.

Yes it would be costly and yes it would be worth it.


I would be willing to pay an extra 5 bucks for more piece detail; it would make the sets all the more worthwhile.

They should keep connections but rework shells in more BIONICLE-ish style… like the newly featured add-ons(inspired by Vahki legs) on them.


The armor should feel like they’re biomechanical. And if they can capture that feel, the sets will be more succesful.

I think the thing that CCBS needs most of all right now is a new waist piece. The Toa’s torsos, which have to attach to the standard torso piece, are gappy, have the shoulders placed awkwardly back, and expose a lot of pieces. I’d like to see LEGO make a dedicated waist element, with some TECHNIC holes and a balljoint to attach a chest plate (or a waist joint) but that leaves room for the gearbox to look more natural.


I actually kinda like the smoother look…
@Hawkflight Yeah, a new waist piece would be great.

But what if new BIONICLE isn’t “biomechanical” :open_mouth:
I should make topic about this…

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Bionicle never stood for Bio-mechanical.
It’s always stood for Biological Chronicle.
(I used to think the same thing for a long time)
It’d be funny if it was Bio-Mechanical, but it’d end up being, BIONICAL.

But, on the subject of an improvement for the CCBS system, I believe that they should start creating more diverse ways of creating a body piece. I feel it’s to simple.

What if they were to cut it into 2 parts?
That could open up the same possibilities the Inika build brought us.
It’d be more customizable,
They could even include, Ab Movement.
What do you guys think?


I thought you meant the name, not the species… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, those pieces are great. I though they resembled the Mata torso more than anything else.


Well, they were INITIALLY designed to be like a Vaki leg…

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