The 'Chemical Commando", Jetlyn...

After coming back from a break from building anything I’ve built Jetlyn. This moc is a heavy revamp of a moc from a year or two ago which I always felt needed to be redone. Jetlyn is a Toa who was damaged during a small outbreak of a metal eating bacteria, she however slowly replaced everything with enhancements she received from a shady character. This same person recruited her into a ring of mercenaries who had an interest in broken Toa. Anyways the moc itself was built to have an industrial theme with blocky shapes and greebly details.



I like the combination of system and CCBS used in the moc
The weapon looks really cool
Great moc :+1:


Needs more neon green in the front for me

Very unusual, but cool nevertheless. The gun is really cool as well.

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Well this moc is absolutely amazing.

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this is sickk

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I am always a sucker for CCBS/Systems fusion. Good job!

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Really cool moc overall, some really interesting connections you’ve made between parts here, like those fins on the forearms, I love the way that’s done. 2 things bug me though; the weird cape things between the legs, a good concept but i feel like the execution could be better. And second, I feel like the hips should be just slightly lower down, because with where they stand now it makes them look too short for the body. Also the weapon looks rad. Hope this helps :ok_hand:

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So thats how a trans clear glow in the dark piece looks like.

It looks very cool, but I don’t like the legs…

The lower part of the legs, they feel too skiny to me for a figure thats bulky at top.

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Very nice. Always good to see HF parts used well, and I love all the little details on her. I’m very interested as to how the arms go together.