The Chronicles of Fa (Revised)

One of my favorite stories I have been writing on the Custom BIONICLE Wiki. I thought since some of you arn’t members of that wiki, I should excerpt some of my stories onto here, so you guys can enjoy them.

It takes place in the Splinters Alternate Universe, a universe where the Makuta have an huge empire that consists of many islands in Mata Nui. This is the tales of a Matoran Chronicler named Fatorak (or Fa), in whom writes down the stories of Karhi Nui. So without further ado, here it goes:

The Chronicles of Fa
By Chronicler


The events of Fatorak, the Matoran Chronicler of Karhi Nui, has recorded for the history of Karhi Nui, as placed in the Po-Karhi archives.

I great you, reader, to the stories I have recorded in the newest volume of this book. Many previous records have been lost, and, as such, I have had to start new records. However, that is not to say that the previous information is lost forever, being remembered in the hearts of the Matoran and Turaga forever as old stories are told throughout the years.

However, new stories must be recorded, and that is what my duty is as the Chronicler. As such, here is the first volume of my new chronicles, telling the tales of the empire, and many of my adventures. A few documents may be missing in here, as well, or certain events may not be added. But the important things are here, and will stay here unless lost again.

Now, may you read these things in hope for a good story, or for learning things, or maybe perhaps even just to find some information. Either way, these Chronicles are here to last, and you may use them at your disposal.

May you go in peace, reader. May Mata Nui protect you.



Tagah sat along with the rest of the Matoran as Unity Day arrived in Karhi Nui for the Festival of Virtues. We all settled down in Le-Karhi’s grand theater, and the Turaga came upon the stage. In the middle of the stage, a fire surrounded by carved stones and mud was the center of attention as Turaga Tolunga came near it.

“In a time before time,” the Turaga of Fire started off, having concentration on the fire to make it into images, “the Great Spirit Mata Nui descended from the heavens, carrying us, the ones he called The Matoran.”

Komatri took his turn to tell the story while Tolunga focused on the fire. “We were seperate, and without purpose. So Mata Nui gave us the gift of the three virtues: Unity, Duty, and Destiny. Today we celebrate one of those virtues, Unity, by mass celebration.”

The Matoran applauded in mass celebration. Tagah had his arms crossed and his chin up as he listened. I recorded the words of the wise Turaga as they spoke on the great Festival Theater’s stage. As my arm steadily moved across the paper, the Turaga continued their presentation.

Turaga Letagh, Turaga of Air, came up to center stage. Suddenly, he brought a burst of wind to the audience, while Tolunga added heat and Gitu added water. It made a odd mist come toward our way, and Komatri smiled. “Today, as you sit in the audience with us, we will tell the tale of the Makuta, a specialty for our very own Makuta, Tagah.”

Tagah leaned back and made no expression as other Matoran looked at him with smiles. I guessed he didn’t like to be the center of attention. He just looked onward to the stage, seeing what the Turaga would do next.

“In the beginning of time,” Komatri began, “the Makuta were made from a strange mist which their bodies are made of. They were created especially to aid Mata Nui as he studied the stars. They connected with the Matoran, acting like a parent to them. They led them into prosperity and guided them with wisdom.”

The fire soon started to grow as Tolunga controlled it. Letagh and Gitu stopped adding as the story simply didn’t call for it. “However, a great evil arose in our universe. The great Barraki began to conquer many nieghboring islands in our world. Matoran cried for help, as the evils of the Dark Hunters, allied with the Barraki, massacred Toa and Matoran alike.” Tolunga made shapes of hunched creatures attacking Matoran. Some of the Matoran behind me shuddered, remembering those harsh times.

“It was the Makuta who came to aid us. Using their intellect, the Makuta brought down the treachery of the Barraki and their allies. Among the fighting Makuta was Tagah, who helped lead to a final victory by capturing the Barraki Pridak. The Makuta established an Empire, uniting all of us Matoran. And here we enjoy ourselves today, united once more.” Komatri now stood at the center of the stage, leaning on his staff for support. “And as Mata Nui lives, we must remind ourselves of our unity. For that is the way of the BIONICLE.”

More chapters coming along, guys. The story will start to get very good when we hit chapter 3!


So, guys. Do you have any comments so far? I love to hear feedback!

Wait, are the Makuta good guys?!?!?

Well, according to BIONICLE canon, initially they were. However, after Teridax defeated the Barraki, he became corrupted by the Mask of Shadows and encouraged the other Makuta to help out with his plan (as the Makuta barely got any praise from the Matoran).

However, in this alternate universe, Teridax makes an empire to further protect the Matoran in the universe from the League of Six Kingdoms (the Barraki) after Teridax defeats the barraki. Tagah happens to have been made a governor for Karhi Nui.

Tagah also has a noble version of the Mask of Shadows, as in this universe there are three: 2 noble ones and a great one.

But don’t worry. You’ll see more on the Makuta as the story progresses. :slight_smile:

But if the Makuta are good than why are there still Toa?

Because Toa protect each of the islands, while Makuta govern (and also have some special missions). Besides, in this universe, many of the Makuta are significantly weaker. I’ll talk about that later.

Hmm. I might upload my storyline too. It seems to be similar to yours, but mine is more dystopian.A Shade (top tier Makuta) named Arax has banded with his other elemental Shades and killed off nearly all of the Toa except for the Toa Knicron and a couple Turaga.

I need to mention that just because the Makuta seem good now doesn’t mean they truly are. So far in the series, we’ve barely scratched the surface on how the Makuta are.

Anyways, now for the first chapter:

Chapter 1

The cool breeze feels good when you walk in the desert of Po-Karhi, under the hot, beating sun against your armor, heating your armor so that your muscles burn underneath. The cool breeze provides a essence of equality of temperature on your body, making it a soothing sensation.

I thought about this when walking out in the hot desert, traveling back home to Po-Karhi on a dusty road. Unlike other trade islands, Karhi Nui is the most primitive. We still use roads, unlike places like Xia or Metru Nui, who just has chutes to transport everything, and buildings hog up the ground. I sometimes wonder how Matoran live in those cramped up living spaces, but then I realize they get no time to relax.

The easy life on Karhi Nui is what makes this place so attractive to visitors; Sure, the islands is not that big, or doesn’t have fancy gadgets and industries like the other islands, but the easy living makes this place different. The brilliant minds of Makuta Tagah and the Turaga allow these easy living conditions, with Tagah asking permission from Emperor Teridax to allow us to keep our own laws. We keep some of our traditions, allowing us to live more peaceful lives.

But this doesn’t stop some of my fellowmen from revolting against the Empire, wanting independence again. These rebellious Matoran were known as the Ballaka, known for their extremist ideals. Although some happen to only do small things, like annoying the guards, some do more major things, like burning buildings. Every major city in the Makuta Empire has a group of Ballaka to terrorize the towns. It’s likely to see these extremists doing something to disrupt the peace at least once a month. But most of the time, that does not happen in Karhi Nui. Unfortunately, today was one of those days.

The Ballaka had set a base for the guards on fire to show they’re thoughts on the empire. Fools, I thought to myself, you’re lucky that you have the safety of the empire to keep you from a torturous living style. The guards taught them a lesson, and most of them were arrested for their attempts. Of course, I chronicled this down.


On the 5th day of 67 ABD, the extremist group known as the Ballaka made an attack on the Po-Karhi guard base by setting it aflame. The small group of five were captured by the guards outside of the building and were arrested. Only one guard, Halknah, was killed. The Ballaka captured will go into questioning on the 7th.

Such is the recordings of a chronicler. The Turaga of Stone, Nupui, tells me this is the most important job of all Matoran, which I can agree with. He dresses me with golden armor at my feet, arms, and body, and gives me an honorary gold mask as a way to show my importance to Matoran at events and activities. I don’t think the amount of glory the turaga give me is necessary, but there is nothing I can do about it. It’s law that I have to wear the gold armor.

I do have popularity as chronicler, and some view me as their friend, but my true friends I put my trust to. Hollerak, a Le-Matoran who, although he likes playing pranks, I can trust after he saved my life. Imacku, a Ta-Karhi guardsman who is my personal security guard whenever I travel in Ta-Karhi. Juc, my Po-Matoran friend who likes to repair things. He was a rebuilt Matoran in the realm of Karzahni before he made it back to his homeland. Then there’s Jumai, a Ga-Matoran seaweed (and just about any other crop) farmer, who likes to give me free food whenever I visit, because before I was chronicler, me and her used to work together. Nihmu and Caluka are also great friends, but I hardly see them due to me rarely being able to visit with them when I visit their territories.

Of course, I also have befriended all the Toa and Turaga. Although, I always get a strange feeling when I’m around Nuhi, the Toa of Ice. His selfish banters always make Komatri, the humble and wise Toa of Ice, look bad when around him, especially since he gave his Toa Power to Nuhi. But overall, being a chronicler isn’t a boring job, especially with all the places I explore.

But what am I doing? I’m going off a rabbit’s trail again. Anyways, after the whole attack at my hometown and everything was settled, I came back home to come and copy my writing in a book I had.

On… The… 5th… Day… Of… 67… ADB… Copying takes up so much time, unlike in Metru Nui, where they use computers to copy and paste things on filed documents on computers. The Chronicler of Metru Nui must have his job easy, I wonder to myself, being able to just copy things down on a computer as I have to re-write the recordings every day. But I got the job done, anyways.

I stayed up for a while, copying about 5 days worth of things I had recorded (which is a lot, if you didn’t know). Then Nupui walks into my hut as I am doing my job. He overlooks all the chronicles I had previously listed in the previous volume that is now lost forever.

“Starting a new volume, I presume?” asks Nupui.

I nod my head, focusing on my work.

“Very well. You don’t mind if I take this and put it in the Po-Karhi Library then?”

“No, I don’t mind.” I murmur. A… Small… Group… Of… Five…

“Alright, then,” Nupui says, picking up the book, “I’ll leave you back to your work.”

“Uh-huh,” I say, agreeing as I copy. Were… Captured… By… The… Guards…

Nupui exits my hut, and goes toward the library down the road I live near. There he will put Volume XI next to Volume X, while I work on Volume XII at the moment.

Outside… Of… The… Building… And… Where… Arrested… Period. That sentence is done. On with the next. The next two will be the last for today. Afterwards, I will get to go back to exploring the island, learning about the important events. I begin. Only… One… Guard… Comma. Halknah… Comma. Was… Killed… Period. On with the next sentence. I jot it down fast, and then hop into bed (after turning off the lights, of course), and fall asleep.

As I lay there in the dark room and try falling asleep, I think about the things I witnessed. Toa Kylerak, Toa Viatra, and Toa Mikeku making a stone wall to prevent lava from destroying parts of Le-Karhi and starting a forest fire, Tagah giving a speech about how important the new law Emperor Teridax had instated was, and secretly spending time with Jumai, the seaweed farmer I was friends with. The blessings help me fall asleep, and soon I black out.


Uh-Oh. EMPEROR Teridax. Emperor’s are never a good thing unless they’re ceremonial.

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Chapter 2

The cold ice melted a bit because of my very warm body, as I stepped in the snow, getting ever closer to the destination Turaga Komatri was taking me to.

“Okay, where exactlly are we going, Komatri?” I finally asked, a bit impatient of walking in the snow and not knowing where we where going.

Komatri just looked forward as he spoke and walked. “It is a sacred place, Fatorak. A place I have shown no other matoran. Not even my best interpreter knows where this is.”

Komatri’s Hau was the most serious part of his person. It was a gray Noble Hau, which looked odd on his white-and-yellow patterns on his body. And yet, the Hau looked fitting, as if it was a sign of his wisdom and age. The Hau signifies the importance of Mata Nui, he once told me, as he protects the Matoran like the shielding powers of a Hau does for it’s user. But most Matoran like me shrugged off this symbolism Komatri tried to show us.

Komatri finally stopped at a icy wall in the mountain, looking up at it. He signaled me to come to it, and I ran as fast as I could.

“This is where I wanted to take you,” Komatri said, “This wall. It signifies the creation of Mata Nui. Not our industrial machinery or tools, but what Mata Nui made. It’s a beautiful sight.”

It reminded me of a story Komatri once told me, about the early days of our island. When the Great Spirit was injured when landing on a planet, some of the plant life came into our island, and spread throughout. As such, our island formed to be more life-indulged than others. The Turaga have made rules so that we keep the island’s plants and life. It makes our island different from others.

“So we traveled just to see this wall and it’s symbolism?”

Komatri continued. “It’s not just the wall I wanted you to see. I put this wall here to protect it from others trying to get into the cave. As such, one who does not know it’s secret can just simply stand here and acknowledge the wall.” Komatri isn’t well known for his humor.

Komatri put his staff on the wall, and focused hard. Finally, the ice it touched shifted to make a doorway, and revealed a long, narrow cave, with symbols on the walls. The cave was filled with artifacts. Masks, weapons, tools, jewelry, you name it. It was in here.

We both stepped inside, with Komatri closing us in. “This, Fatorak, is the hall of Chronicles. It is where we hide power artifacts and keep them out of reach of enemies.”

I could see many artifacts. Golden and rare Kanohi which had been stored for centuries. The Mask of Wisdom, the Mask of Change, the Mask of Resurgance, and other powerful masks. The Birunkal, an ancient staff that’s been missing for centuries, the Staff of Fusion, which the Makuta have been looking for, and the Great Disk Launcher that Turaga Tolunga had once used in his Toa days which contained the power not only to launch Kanoka disks, but also use the elemental power of the wielder to be used on the disk, all where in this corridor. I was amazed on how much stuff was in this hallway.

“Now, Fatorak, I must lead you to our most secret chamber.” The Turaga walked to another wall, which he pressed a button, and revealed a staircase.

All the way down, in the center of a deep, lava-filled cave, was the Kanohi Karhi, the Mask of Power. It was in a spherical ball over the lava. The mask glistened as it shone in the dark cave. It was beautiful.

“This, Fatorak, is where we keep the Kanohi Karhi,” said Komatri, filled with awe, even though he knew about this sight for such a long time. “It powers our island, keeping the resources stable. It allows us to do little work and keep our part of the Great Spirit running. It is our island’s greatest gift.”


There are a few legends that are told of the Kanohi Karhi, most of which are dismissed as pure fiction. However, as chronicler, I find it important to list the most accurate telling of our legend of this mysterious mask. So here is the narrative I give to you.

In a time before time, the Great Being Viluu created the Kanohi Karhi against the orders of the other great beings. Knowing his Mask would be discovered, he hid it in the southern part of the Matoran Universe, on Karhi Nui. Viluu’s action was eventually discovered, and he was banished to stay inside the Matoran Universe, only being able to watch the mask, but not touch it or interact with it.

Soon, a species of dragon-like creatures, known as Draxtians, found the mask, and watched it constantly. They had to do little work for their island, and lived a wonderful life.

However, tales of the mask spread throughout the universe, and other creatures seeked to have it in their possession. Vortixx, Steltians, Makuta, and eventually Matoran all went to war with the Draxtians, but the Draxtians power was improved by the powers of the Mask. All their opponents where defeated.

Then one day came a worthy Toa, who retrieved the mask from the Draxtians in order to stop a creature known as the Valhkii, who almost destroyed an entire island. This Toa, soon dubbed Karhi, defeated Valhkii and sent him into an unbreakable prison, which was guarded by Draxtians.

However, the Draxtians soon desired to have the mask back. They tried to take it from Karhi, but Karhi fought off armies and armies of them to make sure he could still use the mask. Karhi, however, disapeared after a final blast with the Kanohi Karhi.

The Mask traveled across the universe, but soon all those who where exposed to it gained extra elemental powers, or devastating mutations. Finally, a lone Toa set it on the island of Karhi Nui, hiding it in a hidden cave. This allowed the island to keep it’s plant-life and have the inhabitants have little work. As such, the mask remained hidden on the island to this day, with many searching, but none who found it.


We finally exited, and Komatri made the entrance to the cave back into an icy wall. We traveled back to Ko-Karhi, where Komatri had a small talk with me about what I saw.

“Listen, Fatorak, and listen well,” he said with caution. “You cannot let anyone know what you saw in there. I only let you know because I was told in a vision to do so.”

“A vision?” I asked. Visions where always a big deal to Matoran.

“Yes,” he said. “I have been getting them more frequently. It’s quite odd, as I have been lacking them for the past decade. But it seems Mata Nui wants me to know something, and execute it for the right path to be taken. As such, it is important that you know this, Chronicler, but not disclose it to anyone.”

Komatri took a written piece of paper and gave it to me. "Here, take it. It’s a chronicle for you on Ko-Karhi’s major events for the day. I had another Matoran write it for you. While he missed a little work, you still got the work you needed. "

I took the paper, folded it, and put it in pack, along with the other papers I had. I got up, said goodbye to Komatri, and headed to the door.

“May Mata Nui be with you, Chronicler,” said Komatri. “And be safe.”

And with that, I was out the door.

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Chapter 3

I am guessing it’s time I get past these details. The last few chapters gave you enough background on some important things, at least at the time I am writing this. If anything else comes up, I will mention it. But I must warn you that these accounts I write may not have to do with other events in Karhi Nui. However, I feel they are as equally important, as these tales have long been hidden, and they need to be told in order for people to understand the truth.

It was on the 34th day of the year 67 ABD. It was a scheduled on this day for the Xian government to make negotiations with the people of Karhi Nui and the Makuta Empire in order to succeed from the League of Six Kingdoms and begin trading with us matoran. You see, Xians thrive on trade and giving materials. If they can only provide for dark hunters and skakdi, they can’t nearly get enough money. Matoran were a bigger market. Thus, it made economic sense for them to focus their trade on the Matoran again.

Makuta Tagah assigned me to go to the docks in the city of Pura-Wahi, named after a Matoran named Pura who once made great business there and made it the economic center in Ga-Karhi. As any Karhi-Nui Matoran would expect, it was at the economically-booming Pilak Bay.

I appreciate Pilak Bay as much as any other Matoran, but one thing I cannot stand is the noise of travelers. In Po-Karhi, we never hear so much noise. We dont get a lot of visitors, so besides construction noises, we usually live in peace and quite.

I had to go anyways, Tagah stood right next to me so I wouldn’t get lost with all the rest of the travelers heading over to the docks in Pura-Wahi. It was a big deal when visitors from afar came to Karhi Nui, so it was expected to see such a huge crowd.

The ships came soon came into the docks slowly. They were much more advanced than any ship I have seen before. The bottom half was well-rounded and sleek protosteel, and the top half consisted of glass and other metals, and with a good amount of weapons. It also had a medium-sixed deck, were sailors and boxes were on. But from the crowd’s chatter, I learned this wasn’t a government ship; this was just a cargo ship. As such, much confusion came upon the crowd.

However, as the ship came to a stop in the docks, some male Vortixx with royal armor jumped on the docks with ropes, and tied them to the pegs on the dock. Then a wide plank was set down by some other sailors, and from a room stepped three fair-looking female Vortixx. The two Vortixx on the sides looked similar in the way they made themselves look with the armor and the way they made their hair. These were adviser Vortixx. However, the one in the middle was dressed casually, put had some pretty bizarre ways to prepare her hair.

The one in the middle I soon learned was Carika, the queen of Xia. She stepped down the board with her advisers and walked toward Tagah. Tagah had stepped up to the platform were the Xian queen was standing, and gave her a good handshake. I stood pretty close to the side.

“It’s been quite some time,” whispered Tagah.

“Indeed it has,” the queen silently muttered in responce. “I’m only here to discuss negotiations and joining the empire, if you were thinking something else.”

“I’m perfectly aware of that,” Tagah answered with a whisper, “but I believe it would also be appropriate to fix anything I’ve done in the past to ruin my reputation. Besides, you’ve given me letters of forgiveness. We need to do this on political terms.”

“Of course,” nodded the queen. “Now, if you excuse me and your snooping little friend there, I need to announce my presence here.” The queen lightly pushed Tagah to the side, while he gave me a nasty look and quietly chastised me for my over-hearing of their short conversation.

“You brought me to chronicle things,” I replied, “I figured everything should be chronicled.”

“It’s an invasion of privacy and it is none of your business,” Tagah told me with a stern face while Carika began. “Now, start your writing. My past shouldn’t be of importance here. It’s in the past. Besides, she’s beginning her speech.”

Carika stood in the middle of the crowd of Matoran, held back by Ga-Matoran guards. Carika stood out pretty well, considering Vortixx like her are tall, especially to Matoran. She gave a motion to her guards to come and stand by her, and they obeyed. Then she began her speech.

I recorded it at the spot, but it has since been lost by a later event I will tell of. All I truly remember was that she talked about how she needed to come in some disguise in order to get past the radar of the League of Six Kingdoms, and that she had come to make negotiations in order to allow Xia to trade with Karhi Nui and become part of the Empire. The rest has left my memory, but I’m sure others remember it.

Carika was lead to a government building in Pura-Wahi by Tagah and her guards, while the crowds broke away and continued onto their daily life. I figured I didn’t need to follow Tagah, since each government building has a scribe, and I only chronicle events outside of government, kinda like a reporter. Thus, I took the opportunity to visit a friend of mine: Jumai.

Jumai lived outside the city near the beach and some marshy grasslands. There she raised crops that she would sell onto the market and keep some for herself for food. It was a simple life for her, but she always had to stay at home.

Jumai’s house wasn’t much; it was hand-made from stones, and the roof was made from wood she found on the beaches. It also was one story high and had a door and a few windows. It was the ideal living place for someone who lived alone on the beach. And she had a good view of the ocean, too, since her house was a little uphill.

I knocked on the wooden door, and she immediatly let me come in. “Oh! It’s so nice to see you, Fa!” she exclaims.

“Good to see you, too, Jumai,” I reply. “How long has it been since I last saw you? I’ve been so busy running around the place and recording stories for the Library of Chronicles in Po-Karhi. Tell me, what have you been up to?”

“Simple living, I guess,” said Jumai with a light shrug, “don’t do much around here, really. I usually just work, but since it’s getting late, I’m done for the day. How about you come inside.”

I step inside, and it’s nice and warm. She has a fire in a small furnace, and she pulls out a chair and offers me to sit down. As I sat down, I began to talk to Jumai about some of the stuff I do and some of the crazy adventures I go on. She laughs at all the funny stuff I talk about. Although, I never let her in on the secrets. She can’t keep secrets.

Then Jumai begins to speak. She tells some pretty funny jokes she hears around the market, and then tells me a story about how she got caught by a tidal wave one time and Toa Viatra had to rescue her. She told me of how thankful she was of that.

Then the talking went on until very late at night. She then offered a bed for me, and I gladly took it. I hadn’t been sleeping for a while because of all my work. It was nice to take a nap in a warm house by the ocean. The flickering of the orange light from the fire led my eyes to become heavy, and the warmth led me to become quite cozy. In no time I drifted into a state of sleep.


It was the next morning when I heard some news about the destruction of the cargo ship Carika had arrived on undercover. I left Jumai’s house (not without a good bye, first) and headed on over to the docks to see the damage. Many Matoran and Xian guards made sure no Matoran came toward the wreckage, including me. I tried to get through, but the huge Vortixx guards pushed me away.

“But I’m the chronicler here,” I exclaimed to the gaurd, “I need to record what happened!”

I tried many times to push through, but the strength of the force held me back. I eventually gave up on that approach. I needed some way to get inside. I look around my surroundings. I could always swim, but there might be guards on the boat. I needed some authority.

That’s when I thanked my lucky stars that Toa Viatra (the Toa of Water) was nearby. She was stopping a fight between some Le-Matoran and Po-Matoran vendors, who were arguing if the Le-Matoran stole some of the Po-Matoran’s special fruit. Viatra had to use both of her arms to keep the Matoran away from eachother before they killed themselves.

I called upon Viatra, and she turned her head around, struggling to keep the Matoran in their positions with her arms. “Hello, Fatorak. Can’t help at the moment. I’m in kind of a predicament.” She says this as she give a nasty look to the Matoran. Finally, she decides to use her Komau in order to control the Matoran from hurting eachother.

As her mask began to glow, so did the Matoran. As they charged once she let go of them, they froze, and went back to their stands. “Make peace,” said the Toa of Water, “and don’t cause anymore trouble.” This seemed to solve the problem, as the Matoran didn’t bother each other anymore.

“Now, what do you need Chronicler?” asked the Toa of Water.

“It’s the vortixx guards,” I tell her as I point my thumb back to the damaged ship, “they won’t let me pass, even though I’m the chronicler.”

“It’s probably for the better.”

“Viatra, I’m the chronicler. This is my duty.”

Viatra gave out a reluctant sigh. She doesn’t like to cause trouble. But she knew my duty came before her status. She walked over to the vortixx and scolded them a bit. When they didn’t budge, she simply used her Komau again to let us in.

I thanked the Toa of Water, but she didn’t leave me. “I need to make sure you’re not hurt when you go on the boat. Therefore, I’m coming on there with you.”

So we stepped on the damaged xian cargo ship. It made a few creaks as we stepped on board, and it wobbled a bit. This made the Toa of Water anxious about my saftey.

“I’ll be fine, Viatra,” I said as I watched my next step, “I’ve been in more dangerous situations. I once fell into a Nui-Jaga nest. I’m made it out alive. This is nothing.”

“Okay,” Viatra said softly, a sign of averse approval.

I looked around the ship. The top deck’s cargo was a bit burnt, with some of the metal railing melted completely. Me and Viatra stepped into the lower deck, which was ankle-deep with water (at least to the average matoran like me). There I found huge cavities in the metal walls. Some kind of dispute happened. Some of the cargo was ripped open, and some of the extra boxes had signs of burning, and then someone trying to extinguish them.

Then my foot hit something under the water. I picked it up, with all the po-matoran strength I had. It was a protosteel scythe, no doubt the tool of a Toa. It was almost completely protosteel, and some of the bumps on the metal showed it was the result of extreme tempuratures melting it. Could this have belonged to a Toa of Fire? I didn’t know. No Toa of Fire I knew had a scythe as a weapon.

Viatra was curious about the weapon, and I let her have a look at it. “This is not a normal Toa tool,” she stated as she gave it a good look. “If it were, it would be resistant to so much use of the Toa’s element. No, this is a replacement or something, and a Toa of Fire or some type of Toa that uses heat has used it a lot. I recommend showing this to Po-Matoran carvers, though. They may know more of the origin.”

I thanked Viatra for the information, and I jotted down some of the notes. There had to be some kind of arguement or dispute with a Toa of Fire and a Toa of Water. I asked Viatra if she had been in there, and she gave me an honest no. So I figured this must’ve been the result of stowaway Toa. But who these Toa were, I would have to find out.

Hmmm, that mysterious scythe though.IT’S EK’S!

You’ll see what it leads to. :slight_smile:

Chapter 4

I began to investigate. I go out of the barriers of town with the Toa Viatra as we begin our search. There are few obstacles as we tarry through the beach, besides the occasional small stream of water or hopping across rocks. But besides those things, it was a fairly easy trek. We arrive at a section of the beach, about 2 Kilobios away from the city, that is very rocky and has towering caves, with drooping stalactites. Water filled open holes in the masses of earth that stood out in the sand.

As I admire these features of the great creation created by Mata Nui, Viatra alerts me of a discovery of her’s. I rush on over to her in the cold sand.

“Look, Chronicler,” Viatra says with her finger pointing at the shiny parts of the sand, “it’s glass. Pure glass. Someone who has intense amounts of heat on them must have been here.”

I put the former evidence with the new in my mind. “It has to be a Toa, then. A Toa of fire or something. Question now is this: where did he go?”

Viatra turned around to look at the ocean, when grew alerted by something in the distance. Quickly she stood in front of me, and took her twin Water Spikes together to make a burst of water at her opponent. My head turns around to see her bring her blast at the opponent. However, she is soon blasted by a hot, orange energy and is knocked over. Then an orange and white flash sped in front of me and knocked me out cold.


I begin to regain consciousness on a cold, stone slab. My finger twitches.

“Is he still alive?”

“Not sure. We should wait.”

“I have no time to wait.” I hear foot steps coming my way. Suddenly, a figure of great strength shakes me with great force. Then he drops me back on the slab, my head falling painfully on it. “Wake up, Matoran. We have no time for this.”

I lift myself up and open my eyes. I was in a dark cave, littered with weapons and supplies that seemed to be stolen from the Xians. My awaker stood before me, wearing orange and white armor with a Kakama. I rubbed my head as I looked around to see the other Toa. One was a disfigured female Toa with a mixture of white and blue armor, as well as a Kaukau. The third one, who was also a female, had a unique armor of green, yellow, and silver, and wore a Kiril, quite an odd mix for a Toa.

“Where am I?” I asked the female Toa, ignoring my awaker.

“We cannot disclose that,” said the Toa with green, yellow, and silver, “all you need to know is that you’re gonna be sticking with us for a while.”

“What happened to Viatra?” I asked with a raspy voice.

“I left her on the beach,” the Toa of Plasma said with an annoyed voice, “there’s no way she’ll be able to find you, anyways, We’re hidden quite well, so even if you escape, you will not know you’re way back home.”

I became a bit angered about what happened to Viatra. “You just left her there? All alone? With no medical attention? She’ll die!”

“Yeah, I don’t see why not,” the Toa of Plasma said, “it would be a whole lot easier for us Toa to allow our enemies to die than just leave them to cause more destruction.”

I sighed by this declaration. These Toa must be rogue, I thought to myself.

“I ought to know your guy’s names if I’m going to be your prisoner,” I say after a moment of brief silence.

The Toa of Plasma speaks up first. “Salis.”

The Toa with white and blue armor speaks next. “Nakina”

The somewhat beefy Toa with green, silver, and yellow armor ended this name-saying. “Husli.”

I nodded my head at the conclusion of the Toa testifying their names. Then I looked at the Toa of Plasma. “You must be the leader of this band.”

Salis nodded. “Yes, I’m the leader. I’m the only one here who-” Salis was cut short by a purple energy engulfing his body. His body began to look crippled, with his hands clenched and his back stiff, and he fell onto his knees. He yells in pain as his mask slowly becomes gray. He looks off into the shadows, and my eyes follow his direction.

Fiery orange eyes glow in the darkness, as well as a globe of fiery orange energy stuck into a rib-cage. The armor of this being is cluttered, just as in order as a cabinet of fine ornaments after being rammed into by a Kane-Ra. In the crevices in his armor the fiery orange antidermis leaked, but didn’t fully escape his body. The being’s back was straight, but his legs bent as he walked. As the light showed his mask, it revealed a bat-like shape. A Kanohi Avsa, no doubt. As he stood over Salis’s weakened figure, I became quite perturbed by his presence. He was a Makuta.

The Makuta’s mask stopped glowing the purple essence, so Salis was freed from the mask’s influence. Salis tried to get up, but his arms he used to lift him up collapsed and he was back to the ground. Furtaan grinned under his Avsa.

Nakina made a comment about this under her raspy voice. “Looks like you took away too much of his elemental energy… Again.”

“He’ll be fine,” Furtaan remarked, “He’ll regenerate his powers soon enough.” The Makuta looked at me and stepped forward. He inspected by golden armor, mask, and my chronicling pack. “You seem to be a chronicler of this island. It’s fortunate we came across you, chronicler. You know the histories of this island… You could possibly lead me to what I want.”

I still was shocked by his brutality with his Avsa. “W-what would that be?”

“The Mask of Power, Matoran. Fatorak, is it?”

“How do you know my name?” I asked out of suspicion and terror at the same time.

Furtaan stood still while answering. “All Makuta are designed to know. Mata Nui created us to know how Matoran feel, to understand them. We were programmed to know every Matoran’s name. But I can understand Matoran not knowing such things. We Makuta are often ignored by Matoran.”

I looked around at the other Toa. They were helping Salis up while he portrayed a sickly look. Furtaan caught my eyes. “Don’t worry about him,” Furtaan said, “he’ll be fine. But I must tell you how important it is now that I have you here.”

I just looked at him as he explained his plan. He had come from Xia to capture the Kanohi Karhi so the League of Six Kingdoms doesn’t get it’s hands on it, and that he needed to know the location. “That’s when you come in, Chronicler. Thankfully, I know that you would know the location of such a mask, since you are the chronicler and you record all things.”

I finally spoke up. “What makes you think I’m going to show you where it is?”

“Oh, you will, Matoran.” Furtaan points to Salis. “Otherwise that will come upon to you.”

I shudder as I looked at Salis. He was still weak, but he was managing to regain his strength. Furtaan looked onward with a smirk. I shook my head out of disagreement.

“I won’t do it. I will not betray Karhi Nui to let you have such a mask. Besides, you’re a Makuta. You can defeat those idiots anyday. The people of Karhi Nui are suitable to keep the mask in good hands.”

Furtaan nods his head and rubs his chin. “So this is a matter of national loyalty. What is so special about this place, Matoran?”

“I’ll tell you,” I said, and pulled out the Legends of Karhi Nui, one of my uncompleted works. I read it off. “Karhi Nui’s beautiful plantlife is retained by the power of the Kanohi Karhi. The culture of Karhi Nui is based on the simplicity of such life.” I finish reading. “If you take the mask away from us, we loose our distinction. We will no longer be the Karhi Nui the Matoran here love. Even if it be the will of Mata Nui, I will not lead you to the mask.”

Furtaan quietly laughs to himself and continues his words of twisted wisdom. “So you would rather be lazy as Matoran to retain all this pointless plantlife? One of the virtues is duty, Matoran, and from what I’ve seen, the Matoran indulging themselves here is the opposite of that philosophy. You are only united because of your stupid mask keeping the island habitable with life. If that was gone, you’d all turn against each other. The Ballacka group of Matoran already show such things. And your destiny is ignored, as you all only depend on what comes to you at the moment. You don’t work up to it. In truth, your Kanohi Karhi removes the good virtues your Turaga teach. And it sickens even me as a Makuta.”

I thought about what Furtaan said for a few minutes. Everything he said was right. The longer I thought, the longer Furtaan’s smile grew. But I still felt that it wouldn’t be right to lead him to the mask. It wasn’t exactlly him that made me uncomfortable with doing it. It was the outcome. I felt if someone else saw where the mask was, or if they stole it, chaos would riegn in the universe. It was safer here on Karhi Nui then in the hands of the Makuta.

I told Furtaan exactly what I felt with these thoughts, and he seemed amused. He nodded during each good point, but after my rebuttal was done, he simply closed his eyes and thought. “Well, Matoran. If I cannot have you do it on your own will, i’ll simply make you. Nakina, Husli. Take him away. I’ll see what I can do with him.”

Nakina and Husli grab my arms with considerable strength and haul me into a room where Salis was resting. Furtaan looks at me for a couple of seconds, but then turns around and looks into my stuff. Energy cuffs are put on my hands, restricting me from getting up.

Salis faces the ceiling as he lays on a bed-shaped rock. Furtaan locks us in the room. Salis laughs a bit to himself as Furtaan walks away.

“Makuta, Makuta,” Salis says to me as he stares at the drooping rocks from above him, “they always have to get their way. Unfair. Unjust. Cruel creatures that force things to go their way. All because they’re jealous of the great Mata Nui.”

“You’re one to talk,” I say to Salis in a sarcastic tone, “you don’t even live up to the Toa code.”

“Have you ever thought about the restrictions given to Toa by that code, Matoran?” Salis asks me. “I’ve saves plenty of Matoran lives by killing a dark hunter or a skakdi. The Toa who don’t often live in guilt or pain. You thank your Toa for saving your life, but you don’t consider what pain and agony they have to go through once they realize evil is still out there.”

“So what’s your point?” I ask Salis.

“My point is this, Matoran: Toa live in constant anxiety about evil still being out there, but I don’t. Because I kill my threats. And as of right now, I want to kill Furtaan. But I can’t. I am enslaved by that tyrant. But you’re the only one who can help me, Fatorak. Help him find the mask, and I’ll make sure to frame him as a tyrant and your Toa and I on this island can stop him. Therefore, you can keep the mask.”

I thought about the deal, but I was suspicious of Salis. Still, I knew Furtaan needed to be stopped so he doesn’t make the terrible mistake of letting others get the mask. Even if it did involve killing, it was only letting an outlaw continue to be an outlaw.

“How will you escape from him?” I ask.

“You’ll need to distract him. Once I regain enough elemental energy, I’ll blast myself out of here and escape. You just need Furtaan’s trust and guide him to the mask, and then I’ll take over everything.”

I nodded. “How will I get Furtaan to become distracted?” I ask.

“He’ll give you the talk soon enough,” Salis said with a grin.

Hmmm, so we start to see the manipulative/evil side of the Makuta…

The funny part is, Furtaan is 100% right with his accusations. >:)

He’s trying to worm his way into everyones head and be tricky as Makuta Generally are.

You sure he’s trying to get into their heads? Not all Makuta are deceptive and wicked. Some are just… Misunderstood.

Hmmmm. Interesting perspective there. I’m actually not aware of any non-wicked canon Makuta.

Take Krika for instance. He tried to warn the other Makuta in Karda Nui of their impending doom, and he tried to warn the Toa Nuva about the consequences of reviving Mata Nui.