The Cluster Voyage (WIP) [LDD]

Since Lego Digital Designer is finally updated, I have some motivation to build again; however since theirs only afew CCBS parts installed, I wanted to do something "new" :ship: . I'm going to build a giant ship with random crew members.

Current Figures:

Try to guess the Captain. :anchor:
Inner Command:


The inner command is mostly just molded pieces, so not as creative as it should be.
I like the crew though.

I reckon it's six legs....

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The One with the thing in it's hand, it's in front of the Prpl thing.

I don't see how you can say "as it should be", is there some creativity quota mocs must fill? Or do you just think it could be more creative?

Either way, it doesn't use that many large sjapping peices. There are the two orange ones at the back, and those two smaller grey ones at the front, and, the two light grey ones in the center (Although I wouldn't really consider those as the same type of peice). Really not that many...

Also, the center piece.
While I agree it was poorly worded, I say as it should be because that ship looks like it could have been much more visually interesting and full of quirks (as this is a quirky crew), but comes across as an afterthought of sorts when it could be really cool.
I agree that "could" would be a better word, but still.

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Do you mean the bit with four bars?

Right. I get what you saying, and I agree up to a certain point. However, and I can't speak for Square, it may still be a work in progress. I dunno though.

Don't worry, I am just weird about how people say certain things...

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Looks alright, though it is just a WIP at the moment. Can't wait to see the finished product :smile:

Mr. Manta Ray Bill, bring us to warp 8. Ghost King Guy, fire off a burst of photon torpedoes.

Oooooh! Now THIS I gotta see!