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Aldrich’s features softened “What you’ve done, Who you were… That is not the person who stands before me today… whilst I may not be the greatest judge of Character you are one of the few I would have by my side. Leave if you wish, but know I will welcome you with open arms when you return” and with that Aldrich and heads back towards the Inn.

Siansa looks at Will, “I’m a bit of a flirt, don’t take it too personally, although some of my flirts have gotten me in a bit of trouble before…”

Hesitating for a moment he turns around to face Clawripper “Forgive me, yet again I’ve spoken rashly. Why don’t you wish to return?

“Because if i do, I’ll get you all killed, simple as that.”

What makes you think that?

Will nods to that slightly. “I mean that is true.” He agrees. “But you aren’t entirely that bad…” He smirked suddenly. “Only a little bit…” He measures with his fingers, a little bit. “But still, I can see how it could cause you some problems…” He nods. “Especially with the wrong people.”

“But you shouldn’t do me like that.” He mentions. “Perhaps, I may have been a jerk yesterday but I’m sorry for that.” He said with a genuine tone, though he couldn’t bring himself to tell her he liked her…

Meanwhile in the Castle of Dragopia…

“Where are we going, my Lord?” The strong voice of Xaio would be heard. He and Bloodfang were walking down some stairs, deep into the Castle’s underground.

“To see an old friend,” Bloodfang responded with a vague tone.

The Overlord and his Servant made their way into the hallway of the Castle’s Underground, the place was even more spacious than the upper Castle itself. Solid pillars made out of precious stones and rare metals held their shine throughout the ages, never aging, never rusting, forever stellar.

As the two progressed the room got even more spacious and the number of precious pieces of jewelry and stones, with gold and other rare metals, would increase. “I can’t say that I have been this far into the Castle, Lord Bloodfang.” He said.

“Of course,” Bloodfang confirms. “It is for a reason…” He mentions.

The treasures around them increased, it was as if they were into the heart of Dragopia’s fortunes.

“Tell me, Xaio.” Bloodfang begins. “Have you heard about the Dragopian Knights?” He asked, glancing at him for a moment. “It was an Order with selected few, they were Dragons.” He said.

Bloodfang knew about this but Xaio didn’t, also one thing he didn’t know once again, was that they were actually in a chamber, where a Dragon was resting. The body of the dragon was covered into the shadows, because of the underground place, as Xaio was glancing at Bloodfang.

“No, I can’t say I have…” Xaio shakes his head. “I’ve only heard tales about it, but no proof to confirm my suspicions…” He said.

“They were called the Ashen Dragons…” Bloodfang replies. “They are sworn Knights to the Throne, to me. They serve my Name and Dragopia.” He said, raising his hands up. “They were the only Dragon Warriors I have accepted to become my trustworthy servants. But through time, they unfortunately disbanded…one of them was killed by a young man, now known as the Black Raven. After his death, one after another came, either dead or they left but never returned.”

Lord Bloodfang turns around. “But there is one remaining…”

Suddenly from the pile of gold and other fortunes, a large white dragon with green eyes came out. As if he was summoned, he rose on his feet and stood tall, towering above them. The dragon breathed through his nostrils, letting some steam off as it blinked, glancing at them.

“Meet, the Leader of the Ashen Dragons, and Protector of Dragopia…” Bloodfang turned slightly at Xaio. “Geal, the White Dragon…” He raises his hand, turning his palm around as Geal made a few draconic sounds.

Lord Bloodfang turns towards Geal. “It has been a long time, old friend.” He greets him with open arms.

“Indeed, it has,” Geal spoke, his strong voice has gravity to it, his words were powerful. “But if I may ask, why has the Lord of Dragopia come down here?” He asked. “What great request do you have of me?”

Bloodfang grinned widely. “Just only one…” He said. “For good all time’s sake.”

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“A combination of past history, recent events and personal suspicions. In short, I’m cursed.”

If its any consolation I’m cursed as well. Besides, if The Fell Lord of Dragopia couldn’t kill me I’d say the chances of you doing so are fairly slim. I know we don’t look it but we’re tougher than we look, tougher still when we’re together. So would you be willing to help toughen us even more?

Siansa flicks him in the head, “We both were a jerk yesterday.” Her voice was reassuring and still a bit playful.

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Will rubbed the spot she flicked him. “Yeah, I suppose both were…” He said, glancing at her, smiling slightly, once again it looked good on him but he rarely smiled.

“But before the fun part.” He starts. “Our next stop is going to be the Starwalker Tribe…” He said, taking her hand, holding it. “I know how much the place means to you…but I’ve heard only the Starwalkers can find the Thunderstorm bow. So we need you, I need you, to help us find it.”

“And thankfully you are not the only Starwalker here.” He said. “There is Envarus too.”

“I’m not actually cursed, not that I know of anyway. You never know, but I might just be. Every outfit I’ve ever been in has ended in one of two ways, either with the whole group wiped out at once, and me being the sole survivor, or with the group all dying in quick succession, for strange reasons and me being the sole survivor again. Every one of my outfits went this way back in the army, and now it’s beginning to happen to you lot too.” He sighed.

“I never intended to stay with you all very long, as long as I could help. When things started go downhill, I intended to head out and prevent anymore problems. It worked in the last 2 jobs I worked in, and I’m gonna do it with this one. That’s why I worked so hard to keep you lot alive and happy. So I can stay and help as long as I can. But, it’s begun. Fran’s incident was merely the first of several. You are probably the only reason she’s alive. I never would have noticed if you had made so much of a ruckus. So you see, I’m trying to protect you lot.”

“Hopefully I or Envarus will be able to find it for us.”

Aldrich runs over to Clawripper, climbing until he reaches his ridge, and hugs the Dragon’s neck “I don’t want you to go…” he whimpers burying his face deeper into the Dragon’s scales “…I’ve lost too much already… I don’t want to lose you as well.” releasing Clawripper and wiping the tears from his face “As I’ve said before… I would have you by my side regardless of your past, regardless of the danger we face, as long as we have you with us, I will face anything and everything! this I swear!

OOC: Whoah, unexpected emotion.

IC: Clawripper put his front leg around Aldrich, attempting to comfort him.

“Hey, it’s not like you’re losing me. I’ll still be around. We can write, heck, I can even visit! I’m not gonna run off with checking on Fran first. I just can’t stay with you constantly as part of the group.”

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OOC: Aldrich/WK is a deeply lonely person, having one of the few people he can trust leave him (even for a while) is devastating to him

I suppose…” replies Aldrich, saddened and deflated “… If its not too much to ask, may I have one of your scales… Friend?

“Gladly.” Clawripper said, plucking one from his nose, and handing it too him.

“And I’ll come back with you to the strategy meeting, and explain the whole deal. You were right about one thing, just running off was a bad idea.”

Ernesto patiently waited for the meeting to start, unaware of the events that had transpired earlier.

“I hope so too…” Will said, he still held her hand and was slowly nearing himself towards her. “I’ve heard whoever has the bow, gains complete control over the weather.”

He chuckled lightly. “I suppose you know that. You’re a Starwalker after all.” He shrugged.


Geal’s green eyes stared into Bloodfang’s very own soul so to speak before he spoke again. “I’m listening…”

“Unfortunately, the World retaliated against my rule and ideas.” He begins. “So, a group of individuals, with a helping team called the Sapphire Owls, are traveling throughout the World. Having one clear goal and that is to collect all of the World’s most dangerous Artifacts. They already have the Warhammer from the Dwarfs but due to my and Xaio’s success, we currently have Tiara’s Shield in our possession.” He said.

“You want me to take them out?” Geal asked, eventually getting on with what his Lord was requesting.

“Indeed,” Bloodfang confirms. “However, it won’t be as easy as you think.” He said.

Bloodfang’s wording caught Geal’s interest. “Why is that?” He asked.

“Well, you are very loyal to me, Geal but I know how much Siansa means to you…” Bloodfang said, her name, that name, spiked something in Geal.

“What did you say?!” Geal hunched forward, his face close towards Bloodfang’s standing form, normally everyone would be scared to see a dragon so close but not Bloodfang, even Xaio was a little shaken.

Bloodfang glanced at him, despite Geal being in his Dragon form he knew that Michael was the dominant one out of the two, so he wasn’t sure if he overstepped or not, but it has been some time since he heard that name.

“I don’t ask you to kill your daughter, but if she proves to be an enemy to Dragopia…and is out there to kill me.” He said. “I won’t hesitate to kill her, so here is where you come into play. Your daughter’s life is in your hands. You have a few options here, either turn her to our side, make her run away and sit forever in her little shack and village or kill her.”

Geal glanced at Bloodfang, the tension was a bit high now but Bloodfang was very casual and didn’t show any fear.

“I won’t kill my own child,” Geal argued. “She is the only thing I have left on this world, the only thing left fighting for…” He said.

“Then I suggest you come with something up, Geal.” He said. “Time is of the essence, as your Lord, I order you to accompany Xaio with his trip to the Starwalker Tribe, the Thunderstorm Bow is waiting and with no doubt, by now the enemy is planning their next move to get it.”

Lord Bloodfang turned around. “You depart in thirty minutes, half an hour to be exact. Be ready.” He said as he walked away.

Thanks Friend, with this I shall think upon you fondly when you are away. Also, don’t tell anyone but I am capable of scrying… with this scale I can ensure you are well even when we are far apart. Now let us return… we shouldn’t let the others worry needlessly

“True. Climb on.” Clawripper says, lowering his wing.