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On the other side of the Country, Xaio and Geal were walking on foot. With the Starwalker having the lead and Geal behind him.

Xaio wasn’t much of a talker, so he didn’t think about opening a conversation with Geal. Not that he was rude or disrespectful, he was a being of short but powerful words, that let his action speak even louder than his words did.

Geal, on the other hand, was thinking about the place. He swore he would never come here, not after his wife died, he also swore he would never turn in his human form again…

“This place was once great…” Geal said, with a bit of pain and sympathy.

“Indeed, it was.” Xaio agrees.

Geal glanced at Xaio down. “Why are you doing this?” He asked.

“I beg your pardon?” Xaio glanced at him with a sly look.

“Why do you serve Lord Bloodfang?” He asked. “What did he give or promise to you in return for your servitude?”

Xaio glanced forward. “I was one of the lucky ones to survive the Isotixian Raid.” He spoke. “I call those the Dark Times.” He said.

“So you are one of them too…” Geal looked at the sky, his Wife was also a refuge.

“Mhm.” Xaio hummed. “Lord Bloodfang promised me, he will bring the Starwalker Tribe to justice by killing the High King Versing.” He said. “And to pay me for my servitude, he will help in rebuilding what once was.”

“I see…” Geal said, wondering if that was Siansa’s goal too. He didn’t know why she joined, but he needs to find it out.

Xaio with his Celestial Vision glanced up in the sky and saw the Constellation of the Eagle. “This way.” Xaio motioned for him to follow as he walked towards east-Nord.

“Do these stars tell you a path?” Geal asked.

“Yes, they do,” Xaio confirms.

As our Heroes walked, the place wasn’t much sightseeing. The only beautiful thing about the Tribe was the Forest the Starwalkers once lived in. But anyone could tell that the place was just now a mere shadow of what it once was.

The Eagle Constellation would continue to lead Siansa and Envarus, as it suddenly changed into something else. They would see a Wolf up in the sky, the manifestation of one such Wolf was that of Lightning, as it showed the continuous path towards the Thunderstorm Bow.

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If not for Will, Amelia wouldn’t realize she wasn’t much in her area of expertise so she decided to let Siansa take the lead for once, because she was more likely going to bring them to their goal, faster than Amelia could.

Will silently walked towards Siansa and nudged his elbow against hers. “I knew somehow that Vision could become useful…” He teasingly remarks.

He wouldn’t be entirely ignored. “I can’t hear anything coming towards us,” Leandro said to Ernesto. “Which means that we are more likely walking towards something.”

“That something being the magical crackling lightning summoner and weather controller bow…” Norag remarks.

“I forget sometimes how little you can see,” Ernesto flatly answered.

Reyna sneaks into the bush, seeing what appears to be a deer nearby. She silently draws her arrow back and fires, hitting it square in the neck. She goes to collect her quarry, and sees something in the grass.

It appeared to be a large pawprint, the grass around it and within it singed black. She feels the heat, the pain, and the explosion of energy again.

She blinks, awakening herself from her memories, and starts dragging the animal back to where the rest of the party was, keeping a mental note of the pawprint for later.

Envarus casts his eyes around the sky before landing next to Siansa. “I think we should follow the Wolf for a bit.” He cringes, thinking that the Eagle might be jealous again. “Also, does it seem like someone else was using the stars to you?”


Siansa glances at him with a ‘not now’ look before turning back to the stars.[quote=“TBT_Emerald, post:1636, topic:50836”]
Envarus casts his eyes around the sky before landing next to Siansa. “I think we should follow the Wolf for a bit.” He cringes, thinking that the Eagle might be jealous again. “Also, does it seem like someone else was using the stars to you?”

Siansa nods, “The wolf does appear to be leading us where we need.”

Envarus again heads for the treetops, following along overhead.

"I thought some more about what you said about my plan, " Ernesto started as he approached the leaderly blob shape,“but I still think we should go through with it.”


Ashkey blinked as she woke up.
“What…?” She looked around.

“Where am I?”

Oire followed the group, humming a cheery tune, although it wasn’t as cheerily sung as it was originally intended to be.

Siansa smiles and looks at Ashkey. “Good morning sleeping beauty. You fell asleep and fell from your horse, so you were placed on my steed.”

She gestures at Ashkey’s horse, “As you can see I’ve been keeping your steed with us during our journey. We’ve made it to my people’s home and are now on our way.”

“Oh.” Ashkey peered at Siansa from behind her hood, her eyes shining from the shadow.
“Hey, you’re the one he-” at this, she points at Will. “The one that he likes, aren’t you?”
She hops off Siansa’s horse and mounts her own.
“And thank you, by the way.”

Siansa shrugs, “I guess you could say that… and no problem. I hope the stars are guiding us to where we need to be.”

Amelia turned her head towards Ernesto as she was walking, following Siansa’s lead. “Do you really want to give out your life so easily?” She asked. “I mean…do you think killing Bloodfang is the best idea? What if Candall’s wife is right? What if talking things out may save us a lot of trouble…think about this Ernesto, if Bloodfang falls, so does Dragopia. What happens to them? The innocent people? We are not Bloodfang, we are not Versing or any other edgy Overlord Ruler…we are people.”

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Will nods, as he continued to walk, though he noticed something in the distance. The sun was starting to set down, it wasn’t going to set down quickly but they were far from the Thunderstorm Bow, there was a reason why it is the most hardest Artifact to find…

“Hmm, I think we may need to camp out for today…” Leandro said. “While we were capable of getting to the Dwarf Kingdom fast with our horses, granted it wasn’t that far.” He declares.

“I feel ya…” Norag nods, as he smoked his pipe. “We rely on Siansa’s vision to guide is and any time the Stars can be stubborn and not show anything.”

“But if we camp…isn’t the Enemy going to reach their objective?” Alina asked.

Will shook his head. “No, because they’ll most likely send someone who has a Celestial Vision.” He said.

“How do you know?” Alina asked.

“Well, if you think about it. Bloodfang is smart, very smart. So, of course, he would have someone that cloud read stars. To put it short, they don’t have an advantage over us.” He said.

“I hope you are right about that, fella.” Norag said.

Our heroes would be presented with a choice, would they camp out? Rest a bit? Or would they still continue to walk, even through the dark night? As a few animal growls and howls would be heard in the distance, some were wolves but there was a beast sound, very loud roar that echoed through the forest, it was so strong it scared the birds out of their trees.

“And how many faceless, nameless people will die because of my inaction?”

Marybird strums her fiddle. “If anything attacks, I can put them to sleep. If need be, we can take watches.”

“Well if the Kingdom will fall…there will be chaos.,” Amelia said. “Think about that first. Our actions have consequences.”

“Yeah, that sounds like an idea.” Will agrees with Marybird. “We’ll just need to find a camping place where we could rest.” He said.

“Let me rephrase, how many lives are you willing to trade so you can sleep well knowing that no one died under your watch? If we have the opportunity, it is our duty to take it.”

Reyna comes out of the trees with her deer. He stops dragging it and turned to the group. “So…I’ve got dinner.” She said. “But I’ll need some help. Could someone set up a fire, and I’ll need some help skinning this and cutting up the meat.”

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Aldrich bursts into hysterical laughter, seemingly unable to restrain himself. Wiping a tear from his eyes “Thanks… I needed that” he says smiling warmly.

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Oire turned his head to the roar.
“Hm. I say we sleep, but we should 'ave a guard. A night watch.”

Ashkey raised her hand.
“I can be first.”

Envarus drops from the sky. “I guess we’re making camp then.” He says.