The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

Envarus gets up, finally able to move with limited difficulty. He goes down to the common area of the inn.

Siansa leans her head on his shoulder. Her hands are playing with his sleeve. “I was just a bit curious… I wanted to know how much you knew, just in case I needed to tell you anything…”

Her arms slowly reach around grasping at his opposite shoulder, near his neck, “However let’s not worry about that~” her tone becomes a bit more seductive, before she abruptly stops, “instead… we should be worrying with what we’re going to do!”

She turns her head, grinning and giggling, “So what do we have in store for our date?”

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Ernesto flew above the city, lost in his thoughts.

Another wheeze came from the “fur” covered warrior.
“Well 'spose it’s hard to argue with your attitude, just save me some alright? I don’t want to get rusty.”

The Storekeeper said that five large coins are fifty gold coins.

As the two lovebirds walked, Will could tell she was playing with his sleeve, was she nervous at his question? Perhaps there was something she was too embarrassed to talk about so upfront with him.

Will looked at her as she spoke, that she was just curious and when the time needed it, she would talk with him about something she needed to tell him. “Oh, well alright.” He said with a soft tone. “Just know, you can talk with me about anything.” He sounded genuine.

Siansa’s seductive tone and her whisper near his neck made the fellow Black Raven shiver down his spine. He glanced at her for a moment, she would see something else in his eyes, something she might enjoy.

He brought his hand and his palm held her chin with his fingers pressing against her cheeks. “Well…” He smirked slightly. “I have something special for you on this date of ours…so why don’t you let your beloved surprise you. Hmm…?~” He’d return her seductive tone with a tint of tease in it before he briefly kissed her on the lips.

While the two returned to their walking down their path, the more they went away from the City they would find themselves on another pathway. The pathway lead towards an area with very few people, those people were the ones who enjoyed nature and wanted to eat, drink or just relax under a tree.

They would see a large river lake, it was circular and at the end of the lake, there was a big wooden tavern. It was like a restaurant though not as big as one, it served mostly sweets and drinks.

Besides that, there were a few other buildings, such as a small jewelry shop and a grill place for people to grill their stakes or food they brought with. The place was quite silent, the only hearable noise was that of mother nature, birds chirping and the wind breezing the leaves.

As the two traversed the beautiful lake, they would notice how clear it was, sadly it didn’t have any crystals that bright it up and made it warm like a spa. The water was quite cold but it was a sight to behold nonetheless.

Will brought his hand around her waist, pulling Siansa closely as he took her hand, his fingers intertwining with hers and grasping it tightly. “Hey, Siansa…” He talked softly to her. “How about we get some refreshing desserts or sweets from that tavern, and sit on a bench and enjoy the beautiful view before us for a few moments?” He suggested to her. “I’ve heard they have some of their finest.” His tone proceeded in persuading her. (@Flux)

“Hmph” Candall replies. “Don’t have that kinda money right now. I’ll return later.”

Candall goes back to the inn, looking for his wife.

Envarus goes to the tavern part of the inn. He orders some soup and goat’s milk. As he waits, he stares off into space. That was stupid. He thinks to himself, This happened last time I tapped starlight like that. I almost died then too.

Ulfr grins ear to ear and drinks another tankard of ale. He gets the tankard half empty before he sets it down.

“So when do we want to find these travelling warriors? I’ve been looking forward to see these odds for myself. A small group of warriors fight against one empire? I like those odds.”

Siansa grasps his hands tightly, “Food sounds nice and a beautiful view would be pleasant.”

Will would hold her hands back as well with a tight grip. He smiled slightly as he nods. “Okay, then how about you go and order us any desert you want.” He said. “While I get to do something really quick.” He suggested.

“You are going to allow me out of your sight for a few minutes, are you?” He teasingly asked, as he smirked at her. (@Flux)

“Can’t say the feeling’s mutual, empire’s are big, even a mighty whale can be brought down with enough spears, and in this case a small group of elite warriors are the whale.”

Ulfr nods, “Even a hunting ship can be sunk by that whale, if the whale overturns in. I’ve seen people have their ships flipped over by a whale underneath before, and a wooden hull against a strong enough whale can be broken.”

He takes a large gulp from his tankard, “Honestly speaking your metaphor is too kind for this group. It’s an easier comparison to say that they are a lone wolf against three lions… however they will soon be joined by a bear.”

He smiles looking at his companion.

“If I must” She teases him. Siansa lets go of his hand and heads off to order that desert. She really didn’t have that much in mind, something simple would really be all she wants.

“A bear and a boar, well I suppose when you phrase it like that, we may just have a chance.”

The young Waiter would swiftly come with Envarus’ request, which was soup and goat’s milk. The Waiter placed it down in front of him. “Enjoy your meal, sir.” The Waiter said, bowing down politely before going back to serving other people.

Oire would see that the rest of the group, fellows such as Amelia, Leandro, Alina, and Norag were having a toast and were talking about stories of their past, heroic stories, to be exact, or well what seemed heroic to them.

In the Tavern Siansa went to order the deserts, she would be greeted by a young lady. There were multiple offers one could choose, from crushed berries mixed with a proto slushie or other exotic fruits that were delicious and captivating to the eye. There were some fruit juices mixed with honey and underneath they had a tart, there were also a few cakes and various deserts, it was no wonder as some of the sweets were made with recipes outside of Tempus City.

The Young Lady would hand her two plates with two works, on the plates, there was a pair of tarts or cakes with multi fruits covered in a delicious white cream, as well as various other traits. The Young Lady would then ask her for ten golden coins, which was reasonable, five each, it was in small coin and not in large coin.

While Siansa was busy with getting some sweets for them. Will made full use of his advantage and went into the jewelry store, his eyes would gaze at the multiple expensive pieces of jewelry that were around, from gold necklaces, in bracelets with little sapphire diamonds that were being held by a silver lace that was covered in the white gold, or chrome. The store had from expensive to affordable but Will didn’t have a problem with spending the money, he was just wondering what Siansa would like…

He rubbed the back of his head thinking, perhaps he was overthinking things, perhaps she’d love whatever he buys her because she knew it would be out of his heart. The Black Raven took a deep breath before sighing. But suddenly a lady, who was the keeper of the store noticed him. “Need any help?” She asked, her red hair rested on her shoulder with her pale complexion almost similar to that of Wills.

The Swordsman turned towards the Lady, before realizing he actually needed some help. “Well…I’m on a date and I want to give something very special to my beloved…” He mentions, rubbing the back of his head. “Though, I just don’t know what.” He said.

“Aaah.” The Lady’s eyes seemed to glow as she thought about multiple pieces of jewelry this fellow handsome man could give his supposed beloved. “I think I have something for you.” She mentioned as she brought a box and laid it on the table as Will walked towards her.

Will glanced at it for a few moments, before nodding. “Alright.” He said, looking at her. “Can you wrap it up so it looks like a present?” He asked. “I’ll pay you double the price.”

The Lady shook her head. “No, no it’s okay.” She said, giggling before handing Will the freshly packed present and he took it while paying her the price.

“Thank you, have a nice day,” Will said.

“Have a nice one too.” She waved at him as Will walked out of the store.

After that little errand, Will walked towards a wooden bench that was under a big tree with a strong trunk and a large branch and leaves span. It provided as a comfortable shade while the sun was warm enough while the fresh breeze air would be like an air conditioner from mother nature itself. The fellow sat down on that bench and rested his hand, while crossing his leg, while hiding the present, now waiting for his beloved with the deserts. (@Flux)

Candall comes to Marybird, and inquires if he can have some gold to pay for a new shield. Though Marybird is reluctant at first, since they need money for a long trip, she understands the concern and gives him about 20 gold.

Candall hurries back to the blacksmith with enough gold, to buy himself a new shield.

Oire sat down and took a sip of his drink, listening in on the stories.

Aldrich set out into the many Markets of Tempus, looking to find a menagerie or purveyor of rare animals.

Reyna reached the edge of the woods, and looked to see more burns in the lands. These, however, were older than the others. Older by quite a while. Looking around, she realizes.

She remembers.

She’s been here before.

She looks down. She sees blood in the snow. She sees rocks and stones and malformed earth all around her, and in front of her, she sees a pair of paws, steam rising up from where they rest in the snow. She looks up, and staring back at her, she sees…

A beast. Standing on four legs, taller foot to back than the height of a man, with a giant lupine maw, fire and smoke rising out of it. Much of its fur seemed scorched, with red hot teeth filling its mouth and blazing orange eyes staring right back at her. The tips of much of its fur were still flaming. However, it had many areas matted down with boiling hot blood, with many large gashes in its body, and large bits of stone stabbed into it in many locations, specifically near the front. A Dire Hellhound.

It growls at her as her vision starts to fade again, but she stands anyways. The beast starts slowly backing away and turns, leaving, as she finally collapses, blacking out.

She draws her bow, knowing what she’ll find here. It has to be close. She keeps her eyes peeled, looking for the large beast.

When suddenly, she hears a growl behind her.

Envarus eats his food. Afterword he goes out to find someone to engrave the Eagle on his new blade.

Ulfr grins, “There’s always a chance my companion. For after all it is better to fight and fall than to live a life without hope. If you live in that fear that we may never be victorious then you let fear rule your own actions, which produces an ill result. If we are to take up a great revolution against this empire then we shall not lay this revolution. Such actions only end in dishonor!”

He finishes his second tankard, “I do not fear my death, for I know it’s time is already set and that I shall not escape it, therefore I live and fight to my strongest extent and challenge my death to bare its fangs at me! Let it come, let’s see who is the mightiest! That’s what I say!”

Siansa picks out two tarts, pays for them, and heads back outside, after spending a few minutes in there.

After that little errand, Will walked towards a wooden bench that was under a big tree with a strong trunk and a large branch and leaves span. It provided as a comfortable shade while the sun was warm enough while the fresh breeze air would be like an air conditioner from mother nature itself. The fellow sat down on that bench and rested his hand, while crossing his leg, while hiding the present, now waiting for his beloved with the deserts. (@Flux)