The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

Geal’s perfect, pale white skin was a bit blackened and shady at best, it was expected as he was struck down by a mighty lightning bolt. Though he was living, as she could tell by his heavy breathes, his chest and stomach exhaling and inhaling. “Daughter…” He said weakly.

Will charges towards Geal but eventually slows down, he sees Siansa, with panic and fear for her father’s death. He did promise her not to kill him, but he wasn’t the person who shot the arrow. He wondered who it was, a good shot, maybe Reyna? Could be but Will holstered his swords on his back.

As he approached her he sat on his knees. He didn’t know what to say, probably if he did say something whatever it was, she would get pissed. So he remained quiet for the moment.

Xaio took quick notice of the thorned plants that began to wrap around Candall’s hand which started to enter into Xaio’s fingernails, as they were digging deep. Xaio could feel that Candall was trying to kill him. He couldn’t let that happen, he couldn’t let another cursed Isotixian kill another Starwalker. The Starwalker people suffered so much and no one pointed fingers at the Isotixians, though he knew that Bloodfang was extreme. He was a necessity for this world, he will bring at least some sort of restored balance to this ugly world.

“You’ve fought valiantly…” He said, as the Pure Chi in him would glow and would heal his wounds and get rid of the throned plants that were trying to get inside his body. “But this is the end for you.” He declares as his body glowed even brighter, this wasn’t even a fight. Xaio was stronger than Candall, he was just holding back. And now it took only one blow, one blow to kill Candall. Xaio’s right fist charged with the Pure Chi, as suddenly the Constellation of Orion appeared on Xaio’s fist, it was the Legendary Constellation one could have.

“As I’ve promised, a warrior’s death.” He readies his fist before he was ready to punch Candall right into oblivion. “Orion’s Fist!!!” He yells out as suddenly he hears the cries of a woman. Xaio immediately stopped, his fist inches away from Candall’s face as Xaio got stabbed in the back, once again.

Xaio coughed some blood out. “Candall, even though your wife interfered.” He said. “I have without a doubt won this battle.” He turns around to get the blade out of his back and takes a few steps back.

It would seem this was the moment as the bow charges up with lightning and transformed her arrow into another bolt.

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Valerie looks in fear, seeing that her blow did very little. Now, she was defenseless, and she sees Candall upon the ground, exhausted and beaten. She tries to come to her husband, to scoop up his head.

“You fool,” she says, beginning to weep. “I almost lost ya!”

Candall could feel himself slipping. In his eyes, he saw a raven hovering over himself. Watching, looking to see if he was yet dead. He squinted, realizing the sign of Morrigan was watching over him, to see if he had died valiantly. It was not this day.

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“There’s still me you have to worry about, starwalker.” Ernesto growled from behind Xaio.

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Xaio glanced at them, he had a certain epiphany as he glanced at them. In reality, they were no different than he was at their core. They were people, and certainly, they didn’t play a hand in the decimation of the Starwalkers. Perhaps it was his honor or the obligation to do good and help people those in need that he decided to do this.

He walked towards them but maintaining a certain distance. “Valerie…” He said. “I know, I almost killed your Husband, but at least allow me to heal his wounds.” He suggested.“It is my way to pay my respects, to a warrior of his high caliber.” He respectfully adds.

Amelia rose her hand at Ernesto. “Stop, Ernesto. This battle is over.” She said. “Can’t you see?” She asked. “We have the Bow…”

Valerie looked overhead, seeing the raven fly off. She knew the symbol well from her bardic tales of the Tuatha de Danann. To see it fly away comforted her.

Valerie remains silent. She first removes Candall’s helmet, seeing his face turned red from stress. His eyes were slightly opened, and he was breathing heavily. Then, she took a step away, allowing Xaio to heal him.

“We have to ensure that he doesn’t become a recurring obstacle.”

Xaio slowly walks towards Candall and he kneels before the man. “Today…you did more than just fight with honor, bravery, and courage.” He said taking his hands and placing them on his chest. “You’ve won my respect, as a warrior.” He declares, as suddenly the golden aura that covered Xaio would cover Candall too as he began healing his wounds, as well as his broken, shattered arm. “I’ve won the dual…but you’ve earned the Thunderstorm Bow…” He mentions.

Eventually, Candall would be fully healed, and Xaio stands up and walks away from him. “Though you are healed, I suggest you take it easy for today.” He suggested. “There is certainly no need for battle anymore. Though I will face Lord Bloodfang’s wrath…I will do so with dignity, and so allow me to go.” He bowed down slightly, his hand across his chest.

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Candall takes a deep breath, feeling the healing across himself. “Before you go, arm your people,” Candall requests as his voice croaks, dry from his fight. “And warn the other nations. Bloodfang seeks only power, and he will eventually repeat Versing’s crimes. The people of this continent must be prepared, and united.”

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Xaio glanced at Candall. “I truly hope you are not right…” Xaio said. “There is a lot wrong with this world, which Lord Bloodfang tries to bring balance to. But would he succeed or fail…” He looked down. “If he does prove to be the power-hungry man, you claim him to be before my eyes.” He mentions. “I will warn every nation with haste…” He declares as he bows one more time.

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“Look no farther than the ruins of Cloudia!” the Green Knight announces. “Farewell.”


“I don’t trust him,” Ernesto hissed.

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Do you trust your shadow?” Amelia asked him all of a sudden.

“Terrible things lurk in the dark,” he cryptically replied.

Candall, still exhausted from the fight, turns to Ernesto. “Perhaps not. Yet there was genuine vigor in his eyes for his people. His doom belongs to him alone. As for myself?”

Candall gets up and grabs his fallen sword. “I can thank me wife and others for saving me. Now, I need a new shield…”

“I could not let him kill you,” Valerie notes, picking up her short sword.

Candall places his sword into his sheath. “And you were brave, my Elven Fair. If only those loyal to Versing could have seen us. They would’ve seen true Celtic honor!”


Envarus lands, and the light around him completely disappears. Without the added light, his skin appears sickly pale. “We won.” He manages to say before falling unconscious.

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Candall sees this, and walks slowly over to him, exhausted. He takes out his elm leaves, but looks back to the others. “Would it be better to let him rest?”

Reyna, having waited too long, relaxed the bow, seeing as how the man had began helping her friends. She was conflicted, as this man had just moments before been attacking them, but was now healing them. She sighs, but stays hidden, just in case.

Siansa rests her head on his stomach, “Father… Don’t speak… It’ll agitate your wounds… Let me heal you, I am at least capable of that.”

She feels some relief realizing that this is her own fault. Her magic would begin to work it’s function stitching Geal back together.
“Dad…I want you to know that I love you…so you better not die on me…you better not…”

She removes the arrow and closes the wound, her magic working on repairing his internals. His burn marks would leave a scar, but with her magic they would do no more.

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“But with the current powers at play, I cannot even afford to trust myself,” Ernesto moodily replied.

“Now that’s a problem,” Valerie said, her hands upon her hips. “I still think just a minute of sleep would help ya!”