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Geal chuckled weakly, before coughing. “You’ve grown up so much…yet you’re still are my little girl.” He said, turning his head towards her, as it rested on the lake. His eyes glanced at Will who was sitting beside her or rather behind her, saying nothing because it was best for the moment.

“I’ve certainly lived through a lot, Siansa,” Geal said. “This won’t kill me.” He mentions as he coughed a little once more. “So this Black Raven…is this really the man of whom you truly love?” He asked her, his eyes glancing at her.


Lanmo just transformed and came, picking him up. And walks towards the horses to place him on top of one safely, making sure he won’t fall down.

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“That’s a luxury that I cannot afford at the moment.”

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If Envarus were conscious, he would be greatful.

Lamo might notice that Envarus’s breathing was shallow. Not enough to be close to death, however.

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Oire glanced around the battlefield, searching for wounded.
He spotted Envarus and rushed over, stowing his mace away.
“Ya look like yeh’re in need o’ help, me friend.” He said.
He began to examine Envarus, looking for the root of the injury.

He would find some minor burns on his skin, mostly around the edges of the armor plates.

If his plant-based magic could detect it however, he would see less chi flowing through his meridians, as if they had been partially burned out.

Oire took out some healing salve and applied it to the burns on Envarus’ skin.
“That’s ‘bout much as I can do fer ya right now. Ah’m not sure what ta to with chi an’ all that.”

Siansa blushes, turning her face away when her father says that. She stutters on meaningless sounds for a few moments, trying to catch her thoughts. They are like butterflies and it feels like she’s chasing then with a net.

“…Y-Yes father… He’s the man that I love… He’s the man I would die for… He’s the man whom I see a future in… Father… I want to make a home with him, a cove where my people, Mom’s people can live in peace and harmony… That’s why I’m fighting…a-and I found someone who’s willing to help me every step of the way…”

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As Siansa spoke about the man who she truly loves, he continued to look at her. Geal could tell when someone would be lying or not and he knew, as he glanced deep into her eyes which resembled that of her mothers. She didn’t lie, which was for better or worse, however, he trusted her judgment, though, like any father, he would worry if this Black Raven is truly worthy of his daughter’s hand.

Will slowly glanced at her, his hands turning into fists as they clenched while she spoke about him, with such praising words. It left him more than speechless, and so the mighty Black Raven would find himself to be blushing as well, through his semi pale skin. Though his hair which was shadowing most of his face hid it well but not well enough from Geal.

Geal felt Siansa’s magic do tremendous work on as he slowly stands up on his four legs before resting down again. In a comfortable position, as his dragonic eyes glanced in the distance, Xaio was approaching them and surprisingly enough for Geal himself, he didn’t have any hostile intent. Could it be that this fellow Starwalker was more so like him himself?

Xaio would approach Geal on a notable distance, waiting for him to say his goodbyes for now. Geal would once again glance at his daughter and then at Will. “Well…” He begins. “I thought you liked men with some meat on their bones.” He said in a joking tone, referring to Will’s slim yet muscular figure. “Though looks can be deceiving - as from what I know, the title of the Black Raven is not easily earned, in Ippotismos that is.” He mentions, glancing at Will, who also glanced at Geal back as their eyes locked.

“I mean…I can work out…?” Will managed to say a few words, raising an eyebrow.

Geal chuckled for a brief moment. “It certainly does take a man of high caliber with equally as high swordsmanship to take one of my Ashen Dragons down. Let alone, the Leader of them.” He said, with a light tone. “You knew, you couldn’t defeat me by yourself, so you used everyone accordingly to attack at the same time. It was your plan and it worked.” He glanced at Siansa. “I suppose, he will make a fine leader for your people, daughter.” He said.

The Dragon would glance back at Will. “But, as I assume my daughter has told you. To earn my blessings, you’ll need to impress me.” He said with a fatherly tone. “So keep doing that, so for now you are off to a good start.” Geal knew he didn’t have much time left as he glanced at Xaio. “But promise me this, Black Raven.” He glanced back at Will. “Protect. My. Daughter. At. All. Costs.” He hunched forward as his dragonic snout inches away from Will’s face.

Will glanced at his eyes with determination. “I swear on my life I will.” He crossed his arm against his chest, bowing his head down.

“Good,” Geal said, nodding slightly. “Daughter.” Geal’s gaze reverted back to her. “I don’t have much time, but I can’t betray Lord Bloodfang now.” He said. “You know this very well, but I promise, on your mother that one day I will return.” By saying that, Siansa would know his father was dead serious when he put her mother’s name like that. “So just know that you have an ally within Bloodfang’s inner circle, but when our paths cross again. I will still have to fight you nonetheless.” His tail would gently touch her cheek and then her chin. “I love you, daughter, as much as I loved your mother…make her proud. Because one thing I’m for sure, up in the stars, she is watching…”

With that Geal walked towards Xaio who was patiently waiting for him. Xaio would touch Geal and proceed to heal him even more with some chi energy so that he could fly. “For our flight.” Xaio mentions.

Geal would look back at Will and Siansa. “Farewell…for now.”

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“Geal, if you are truly with us, you must remain with us, lest Bloodfang bend your will to his!” Ernesto pleaded.

“Father… when I next see you I hope I can share something with you… it’s about those stars… I know your word is true… You would never use her name in vain…”

Siansa watches her father and Xaio… She calls out the starwalker’s name, “Xaio… take care of my father will you…I still need him around to be impressed.”

She smiles watching Xaio use her his Chi manipulation. Siansa hopes that the future she sees in her dreams… in those nightmares… she prays silently that they will never become real…

She lays her hand on Will’s shoulder. It tenses for a brief moment, and if Will knows her well enough then he would know that she is extremely worried, likely for her father.

“Will…I think it’s about time that we make this official…and maybe when we next arrive at a proper inn… we could cut down the room costs.”

Siansa blushes. She places her knuckle against her lip and looks away for a moment, “Again, I said maybe.”

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Geal glanced at the Dragon called Ernesto, of whom he called him out to be old. He narrowed his eyes for a moment there. “It isn’t as easy as things seem. I can’t betray him now - and besides, what good of use would I be if you don’t have a man within?” He said, letting Ernesto catch on to his schemes. “I will do my best to try and help you as much as I can. But it is not guaranteed, because now I’m waiting for the opportune moment to betray him.” He declares. “And as of now, this isn’t the right moment, also I can’t promise we won’t fight the next time we meet, depending on the situation.” With that, he ends his monologue with Ernesto.

Geal glances at his daughter for one moment as she spoke about seeing him next time and hopefully, she will get the time to show him something, something about these Stars. How ironic it was, as he didn’t understand them as thoroughly as she did or her mother. “I hope so too, take care, my daughter,” Geal said, with a loving fatherly tone.

Xaio would hop onto Geal’s back as Siansa mentioned his name. “I will do my best.” Xaio declared. “However, I still need to see for myself if Bloodfang is worth betraying for. But that goes for me. I have nothing against your father’s decision - though you have my word, I will keep a close eye on him.” He said.

And with that, Geal spreads his mighty wings and takes off into the sky, little by little his form would turn small as he flew into the distance. “You better have a good excuse for Bloodfang,” Geal told Xaio.

Xaio chuckled. “Bold of you to assume, I don’t have multiple excuses.” He said.

Now our Heroes were left alone with the Thunderstorm Bow in their possession. As Siansa placed her hand on Will’s shoulder, he felt it clench on him for a moment. He saw the worried look on her face, it was most likely because of her father.

Will ran a hand through his hair when she mentioned about making things official, he gives her a nod. “True, you did leave me on a very high note.” He said, smirking lightly.

He pulled on his collar away from his neck, feeling as if it was cocking him when she mentioned about maybe sharing a room together. He blushed slightly, feeling a sudden warmth of emotions running throughout his body. When she synthesized the maybe once again, he smiled slightly as his sudden right hand would touch her chin. “I don’t mind sharing a room.” He said, as now Siansa would feel his other left hand wrap around her waist, she would probably see something was coming.

“I’d share anything with you…” His tone was honeyed as he turned her look back on him. His face was leaning closely towards hers, as he glanced at her lips and then back at her eyes, before closing them. His right hand on her chin, would bring her closer to him as. the other left one, that was wrapped on her waist would press her body against his. And eventually, their lips would meet, thus from it a passionate kiss would be created between the two.

In the distance, the core Sapphire Owls just noticed a sudden moment. Leandro’s mouth dropped as well as Alina’s while Norag simply fell backward, and Amelia well…she was actually smiling.

Siansa feels his lips meet her own. Her eyes close as she is brought closer to Will. Siansa brings her arms around Will, grappling him with all her strength, before pushing away after a moment, “Perhaps we should… get the next artifact?”

“What are we looking at?” Ernesto asked as he squinted at the two blobs.

As they finished their kiss, Will glanced at her in a loving way. He chuckled briefly under his breath. “Perhaps, you should enjoy the moment.” He adds as he gave her right cheek a quick kiss before taking her hand and lead her to her steed.

“Well…how to put this…” Amelia said.

Suddenly Norag rose up like a zombie and he started to cry like a man. “Oh…by Odin’s beard that was beautifull!!!” He exclaims. “It was…it was…”

Leandro sighed, shaking his head. “Norag…” He huffed.

“It was as if Frija and Odin came together, it was GLORIOUS!!” Norag continues on.

Amelia chuckled. “Will and Siansa made it official, that’s all I’m going to say.” She said to Ernesto before glancing at the rest of the group.

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Amelia, Norag, Alina, and Leandro hopped on their steeds and Will would do the same on his black one. He would most likely ride with Siansa closely, he had a promise to keep and he wanted to spend some time off with her once they went to Tempus City.

“Alright fellow Owls,” Amelia calls out, raising her sword. “Our next stop is Tempus City!” She declared. “The City of Liberty awaits us!!” And with that, Amelia took the lead and began riding off away from the lake sight. As slowly but surely our heroes would be making their way towards Tempus City, where they would be taking a bit of a break to relax.

Reyna starts to follow, but starts to slow down. “Hey, I’ll…I’ll catch up with you, if that’s alright. I’ve got something I need to do.” She says.

She also looks around for Fran. Seeing as how she had Reyna holding her estoc for her when not in combat, she wanted to give it back until she returned to the group, so as to not leave her defenseless.

Very well. Candall and Valerie go with them.

“Well can you hand the Thunderstorm Bow over then?” Amelia asked Reyna. “It’s not that I don’t trust you or anything. It is better if we keep them together and safe.” She said.

“Yes.” She said, handing it over. “It’s a very nice piece of work, but I do still prefer my own bow a tad more.” She said. “I’ll catch up soon. Promise.” She says, heading off in a slightly different direction, searching for that track she saw the day prior.

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Has anyone seen Fran?” enquired his face brow furrowing with concern as he looked around for his friend “She was hit rather hard when we fought the Starwalker.

“What does she look like?”