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Hey, he wasn’t the one who handed the Bow and told someone to act naturally and fire a lightning bolt even tho, Siansa knew that her daddy will definitely get hurt. Will has nothing to do with it, but I gotcha.

She’s more in a state of emergency/fear that he might die and is in a panic, not quite thinking clearly.

I know how to deal with those kinds of women.

Ohh goody! We have an overpowered magic astronomer fighting a dragon full of hot-air, some sort of dragon… thing, a porcelain weapon woman, a celt and his fiddle playing wife, a bunch of what essential amounts to terrorists, and the afore mentioned astronomer’s daughter. Oh, and lets throw some protective daddy insticts. What could go wrong!?


Your cockiness might be your downfall, so be careful.

John, Siansa is the dragon’s daughter not Xaio’s daughter.

Why does this sound like the most normal thing here?

Kinda funny isn’t it? Then again, you said you regularly play underpowered characters.

Yeah I do. It makes me real curious how this fight is going to play out.

Meanwhile this is pumping in my ears hard core rn:

Me too. I’m also glad that this is timing out just right so I can do the first CR letter this weekend.

When the big battle times out just right to send a letter.


Well that was a very close call for Candall…thank goodness for his Wife or else, Candall will be kebab.

Had a feeling she’d be the needed element. Thanks for that fight, that was intense and fun.

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Also, I strongly recommend all of you to revisit the character sheets for the Antagonists. Chi can turn someone superhuman or even supernatural, with high resistance as their spirit and soul are beyond our comprehension. His will is past his body’s limitations, so of course, he can bend metal, destroy and shatter swords with his fists and take a few hits while dealing with tremendous damage.

Though Candall was overwhelmed he played good, which I recommend for everyone to do so. And you are most welcome. I certainly do appreciate it that you had some fun in this fight, even though you didn’t know if Candall would come out alive or not.

I had a good feeling he would be beaten. Definitely a fun character moment! I didn’t mean to confuse you earlier with Candall calling out for a proper duel. I just knew he would protect the party first. And out of character, knowing Xaio was a Starwalker, I wanted to see how that fight would play out.

I actually didn’t look at your character sheets, as I don’t like knowing what abilities enemies have. Makes it more intense, I think.

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Hmm, well okay. You certainly did play your cards very well and if you ever want to. They are up on the first page I’ve done, there are a few links which lead you to them. I’ll certainly be taking this feedback and apply them to other fights…which hopefully people would enjoy.

Nice to know I’m not the only one who does this.


Say what you want. I like this moment, respect between two warriors. And honestly, Xaio is really sticking his neck up for y’all.

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Well, I suppose that wraps things up. Now I don’t know if I’ll go to sleep or wait for Flux to recap what happened to Geal but once that is over, Xaio will leave and then we will make our way to Tempus City…finally.

Now, wouldn’t you guys say? It was long worth the wait…we got some cool moments and finally Candall had his moment to shine. Respect.

That was rather enjoyable. Now to see what happens with Xaio, to see if he continues to side with Bloodfang or warns the other nations.

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Well, we shall see, we shall see. Can’t say any spoilers for now.

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Ernesto doesn’t trust anyone does he?