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I had some plans but ultimately I’ve decided that I don’t want to drag anyone around doing errands for my characters, so she’s taking a break from it all

You wouldn’t be dragging them if they wanted to go

I appreciate the optimism but it would just be a big derailment without any payoff

As I said, Clawripper still needs that relationship advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I think we all know that asking a broken doll of a woman is hardly the best idea

Eh. She has about as much experience as he does, besides, she’s a woman, she knows what she would want someone to do in that situation.

laughter and wheezing

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Unfortunately, Ruh. I cannot accept a character that has magic invulnerability. Though, I have accepted Fran with the use of her Anti-Magic vision, if it was a mistake or not. That is still up in the air. But I’ve concluded that overall anything that can nullify magic is too op. Because most of the Antagonists, but not all, use magic as their so-called shtick.

We will need to have a compromise here, I’m willing to allow her to have the ability to resist a few magical attacks. But her “powers” can’t withstand extremely powerful magical attacks from Lord Bloodfang and Lee. While she has a certain resistance to it, she is not invulnerable or immune to magic. If you accept this, we will move on and we’ll see how it proceeds throughout the RP, should it become a problem, then we will need to find another compromise.

Also, I’m getting a vibe of Stahl Mädchen that she isn’t a team player. I won’t accept that, because like stated in the rules.

Whilst, Lone Wolf characters are accepted, with the only exception that their plot throughout the RP changes them into becoming team players. If I accept this and throughout the RP I don’t see significant change, such as character development that this character, is more than just a mercenary and is a team player. There will be problems. So to you and anyone who has “Lone Wolf” characters in a Group RP. Don’t back on your word, I see all, I know all. And if you don’t hold up to your agreement, I won’t either.

Also about Fran, if you lost the will to play this character, then you will need to let me know what is going to happen with her. Also, I don’t want you to end up filling your character slots, with characters that you don’t want to play, so I advise rational and good thinking with a bit of inspiration slapped onto it, to make characters that will last. As of now, you have two characters and one still waiting to be accepted.

A friendly advise, as a fellow Friend and GM. I suggest making Stahl Mädchen more unique with a personality that only can be hers, so far I don’t see mildly differences between her and Fran.

So, do the changes I’ve asked you with the abilities and then let me know what kind of character archetype she would be.

Changes made, review at your earliest convenience

She’s accepted.

Also, @Chronicler I don’t mean to sound rude, but I feel like your posts are starting to lack a bit…like you don’t give me much to work with. I would appreciate it if you’d change that…

Just for clarification they won’t be showing up for a bit

Alright, just let me know when.

Well, I did warn you I have school. I’m trying my hardest to get these things done.

Well yeah, I have school too but I still have the time to write at least decent amount of posts. But I understand, just they can be confusing at times.

You’re in public school, yes? You definitely would have more free time than me if that’s the case.

I’m writing my thesis this semester. I’ve been focusing on getting the research for that done. I’m trying to give effort into this as much as I can. However, Candall is doing a simple task at the moment so I don’t see the point if writing even more fluff to it.

I still have to learn for my exams, so it’s not like I have it any easier. Remember, Germany School system is much different than the American system.

Also what I meant is this.

That doesn’t give me a lot to work on, and they feel like they lack. Though I understand you are busy with school. I was just pointing this out. Is all.

Oh, there I was trying to be concise. I can expand later on that when classes are out.

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So I wanted to apologize for my lack of activity. I was busy with school in general and then I didn’t have any mood left in doing anything RP related. But that will change as I currently want to get things moving as I don’t want for this RP to die out.

@meepinater, @Runa, @Traykar, @Chronicler, @Ruh , @TBT_Emerald, @Flux, @Bramsley, @Toa_Radrix

So it has come to my attention that our RP simply took a very definite curve downwards in the spiral of inactivity. Now, from now I promise I’ll be more active. I just had to do somethings IRL but I will be moving the story, I don’t care how, I’ll simply do it. Because I don’t want for this RP to die out. I’m sorry, but I’ve put too much effort into this, spent so much time in it. Only to have it go to waste and if anything I hate is when I waste my time, because it was useless and futile.

I don’t want to be the guy that asks you to post and forces you, but I ask you for common sense. You joined this RP at least be so nice and help me end it, because I don’t know about you but I don’t like when an RP ends on a bad note. We’ve started out so greatly and we’ve actually came quite far than I originally anticipated which is good but I need that now.

Now, I don’t know if we should end this RP quickly and leave it at that or continue the plan like I originally had and that was to explore all of the nations, get nice items, give more gravitude, magnitude, meaning and icing on the top to the lore around everyone. However, I don’t see other options instead of simply wing it I suppose, like guys let me know, you’ve been so inactive and yeah…it really hurts the RP, like it does.

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I got lost with what was happening so I didn’t know how to respond.