The Concept of a Self-MOC?

So, I've been on this board for two years now but I still don't understand the concept of a Self-MOC. I would like to make one but I want to make sure that if I do make one, it is done "correct" per say. If someone could explain what a self-MOC is supposed to be, that would great. I would like to make one and post it here.


A self-MOC is just a MOC that you're making to represent you.
To make a MOC your self-MOC, all you have to do is say "you're my self-MOC" and BOOM! Now you have your own SM.


Its the moc that represents you. Pretty much your oc.

Pretty much what Plural said.. build something that represents you or you want to be.. Self-MOC can be any MOC that you want to be represented by.

I'll define this with a dictionary entry I just made up.
A Self-MOC is a MOC created to represent someone, usually the creator of the MOC, and much like normal MOCs, they can be anything.

It's you. But a MOC.

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A self-representative character you have created in physical MOC form. Example: I created Ekorak (and more recently, Entropy) as a way of representing myself as a character without need of physically appearing in photos myself.

Additionally, a lot of people have stories surrounding their Self-MOC.

Also just a way of showing off your skill on a MOC you designate as "you." Typically Self-MOCs are the epitome of a MOCist's skill.


I'm not sure how you could make it incorrectly; it's not like you have to fill out a Self Moc Authentication Form.

Self mocs are typically self-inserts into whatever Bionicle story you're trying to make. It's like taking your personality and plugging it into the body of a Bionicle character of some kind. I don't know that there's much else I could add to what everyone else has said. Just build a character that represents you, and there's your self moc.


A self MOC is just a MOC made to represent you, like a character in an RPG. It's the MOC you see yourself as being.

It's just what everyone here has said. A self-MOC is a MOC that you create to represent you in the community and/or Bionicle universe. I know a lot of people put tons of effort into perfecting and making their self-MOC a unique character, while others just make a single build and say "BOOM! This is my SM!" and forget about it. Most people also give their SM's a dynamic personality, which may or may not be based on your own. I tried to make Drahcir (My SM) as close to my current personality as I could while still keeping him a hero, though some people choose to make an idealized or completely different version of themselves. Just don't make a Mary Sue and you'll be fine.

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You know how people make OCs based around themselves?
That's a Self-MOC.
Difference being that one's built in Lego.

are sigfigs self mocs?

No. Self-MOC is the term used to refer to your constraction identity. A sig-fig is a minifigure.

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There wasn't a topic on this already?...

That's surprising.

But I don't really need to add anything, everyone else has said the same thing.

My self moc is one of my simpler builds actually :stuck_out_tongue:

It also isn't exactly a direct representation of me, it represents who I would like to become (in the bionicle universe)

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So, if you want to do a cool self-moc, look at my list:
1) Think at you. A self-Moc represents you and your personality.
2) Think at you again! But this time, think how cool everybody wants to see you!
3) Build using techniques you use most of the time.
4) Make it how cool as possible!
5) Be happy :joy:

Hope you like my list! :relieved:

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