The Conservator

The owner of the largest library in the city. Rumour has it that said library is also the largest base for criminal activity, though it’s yet to be proven, which could be down to the genius of it’s only member of staff.


That scythe is really cool! I love the peppermint eyes, too!


Death in person!

Holy smokes dude. This is insane. I couldn’t come up with something this good if my life depended on it. The dual-bar design of the limbs is blowing my mind right now.

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My word this is amazing. I was just looking it over, then I realized it has an eye in its rib cage! Great work.

Wow, this looks nice. I love the head.

Dang this is so goofy yet creepy.
Reminds me of soul eater’s death character

Now that’s art.

Those eyes… it looks so crazy I love it

Reminds me of something from Bleach. Why’d they call it that again?

The torso shaping feels weird

The head is the coolest part about him!

He looks like a character from Samurai Jack.