The Cost and Dimensions of the Mask of Creation

Yeah. That's right! I figured out the actual dimensions for the Mask of Creation out of sheer boredom! Here's both my reasoning and my evening's work!

Okay! In G1, the Toa were approximately 7 feet tall. Assuming that carries over to G2, the Toa are the same size as Kulta, the Skull Grinder. Ekimu is half his hight, as demonstrated here!

That would make him 3.5 feet tall. In proportion, the mask would be about 1.75 feet tall, as the actual piece is about 2". Upon further measurements, it is also 1" long (deep) and 1.4" wide, with the volume being 2.8 in. squared.

In proportion to the height, the mask would be 10.5" long and 10.92" wide. This makes the volume 200.655. With Lego officially stating the mask is comprised of "pure gold", it would weigh a whopping 1,203.74 pounds! How the dude can hold that on his face is certainly beyond me, and probably Mata Nui himself!

Afterwards, I had a little fun, using this site ( to calculate the price it would be in the US Dollar! It turns out it would cost $21,567,016.92, if the site is correct! That's more than I could ever afford!

Well, that was just me having a little fun! I'm no mathematician! Did I screw up somewhere? Just how insane do you think those numbers are? I'd like to hear in the comments! :smile:

You're welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Superb. I love it when people bring reality to fiction.


This is pretty interesting, you should try and estimate the cost for the mask of control next.


"That's just a theory...a Lego theory?!" XP

Great analysis, definitely something different and refreshing to think about!


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Oh my...

I could buy five LucasFilms with that kind of money.


But the Mask of Creation isn't completely made of gold.

It's also made out of pure magic. :smile:


the volume is off, because you forgot that the mask isn't a cube thank goodness so the volume would be drastically different, as would price and weight. you could find the volume by dipping it in a graduated cylinder filled with water and measuring the change, or by the internet.


Or you could do some really wacky Calculus

Wait, no

The water idea is much better

Go with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


why do people even bother to do this kind of thing XD

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Displacement, bruh. Displacement.


Or about 3 Lego sets. XD

Also, I think that he probably just has the mask attached with steel cables. XD


That'll be a small loan of 21 million dollars

Either way, that is one expensive mask. Also, are you going to try to figure out the cost of the mask of control


I have to imagine the infinite ability to create whatever you want and also make yourself stronkest there is would jack up the price infinitely.


That's pretty neat. A good analysis of the facts and a good conclusion.

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Maybe the magic makes it lighter and gives it power! :smiley:

@Omega_Tahu I've previously looked, and I don't own a graduated cylinder! :confused:

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a measuring cup will probably work as well, a graduated cylinder is just the first thing that came to mind.

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well jeez, that's a lot to say the least

plus as nyran said, plus it's powers it would probably be even more

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Hello internet, and welcome to Biotheory. The topic where Lord_Tuma takes random Bionicle information and applies it to the real world.

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That's what I do best! :laughing:

And yes, GT was a pretty big inspiration for doing this! :smile:

Assuming the same Toa height carries over and by going off set heights instead animation heights this had the potential to be accurate, but the flaw in the measurements is that the mask's volume was measured incorrectly. As said before you would need a graduated cylinder or a measuring cup in order to find the correct volume.

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