The Creation Duo/ Self MOC Revamp

The Creation Duo, Magmalga (trans red and black), and Icicalga (White and trans blue), are the two deities of time and space.
Magmalga controls space (hence the black color scheme to represent the void of space)
Icicalga controls time (hence the clock-like shape of the shoulder pads)

Both have custom made large capes, and both their designs, are more than less, the same.

Magmalga is my self moc, and Icicalga is a self moc made to represent my brother.

I have always been a shy person, generally not on stage, always in the shadows, like the color scheme implies, and my brother is an actor and singer always in front of everyone and the spotlight as the color scheme implies on his.

Also, if you didn’t figure it out by now, these two were heavily inspired by Dialga and Palkia from Pokemon.

The black and trans red figure is my revamp of my first self MOC, Sharky Sparky.

Many people have criticized my first MOC so here is a list of problems that I have fixed with my original MOC:

  1. Messiness
    Gone are those tubes and the random spots of trans red that broke up the solidity of the MOC. Also I have created a smooth consistency throughout all of the MOC. All of the legs are black so everything sort of melds together as one thing.
  2. Neck is too far forward
    I have replaced the head with a custom built head that (to me at least), fits the character much better.
  3. Edginess (not sure if that’s a problem but whatever)
    I made it a little more edgy because it kinda went halfway and really it was just stuck in a sad middle ground. Now it has full edge.
    (From here on its problems that I and not the viewers had with it)
  4. Backstory is mediocre
    I just tried to put my MOC into the bionicle universe, but to me it just seemed a bit lame and not well thought out. Now my MOC is a deity of space, (hence the black color scheme to match the void of space). And hence the more Godly appearance.
  5. Weaponry
    I wanted to be able to store weaponry on this back but, on my last MOC it kinda just looked forced, and not very well integrated, so I just did away with that feature altogether.
  6. Head
    Whenever I stick an already molded head onto a figure, I feel it doesn’t become me anymore and more becomes an upgrade to whatever head figure that is. so when I stuck a Jaw blade head onto my Self MOC, it didn’t feel like it was mine anymore and more like an upgraded Jaw blade. So I made a custom head that I am much more happy with.
  7. Leg strength and look
    Before they got their revamp, it was extremely difficult to pose with because they wouldn’t stay put, so I have triple layered them so that they would stay in place. Also, the tubes just looked messy and really didn’t fit in, so they are gone now.

I didn’t want to “fix” the arms and hands because, well, I liked them the way they were even if 2 other people didn’t approve. Just remember we all have our own opinions.

Feedback is appreciated!

Have a good day!


I remember sharky sparky,
Anyway nice mocs, they look pretty good,

Woah, son those guys look muscular! Perfect proportions in my opinion

The head design looks really good! It flows with the rest of the MOC, giving it a nice cartoony look.

As far as criticism goes, I’d try to add more white in the lower legs.

I like these guys, especially with those heads, they look cool.

Nice guns man!